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Been interested in AP for quite some time, but never sat down and dedicated myself to it. Something within tells me though that AP is where the answers lie to the myriad of questions that I have about past/present/future, my purpose and why things are the way that they are on this earth. It also obviously will help confirm that which I already know in that I AM infinite spirit having a temporary corporeal experience in this 3rd dimension. All the philosophical and metaphysical gibberish aside, I have finally decided to move forward with a daily practice in AP. I was inspired to use some of the techniques that William Buhlman speak about in "Adventures Beyond the Body". I highly recommend this book if you are just getting into AP.

The problem with AP is that there are not a lot of people around that you can really talk to about your experiences without getting strange looks. My 7 year old son seems to be my best audience since his mind is not yet fully clouded and locked in the material world. This is the main impetus for me writing here. To connect with others that have a similar interest in hopes that we can help each other achieve what we can not do alone.

That being said, I've been hitting this pretty hard for the last week and have already had 2 significant experiences that I can share, but will limit it to my last one that I had last night.

11/12 ~12:00am

Had another adventure last night. Used affirmations as I went to sleep to become lucid in my dreams in order to attempt an OBE.

This worked well and I was able to recognize that I was dreaming. Once I did that, I could feel the vibratory state throughout my body (much stronger than in previous instances). I commanded myself to my office as I understand we want to try and get away from our physical bodies as quickly as possible, but this didn't seem to work, so I exclaimed "To the office now" with more emphasis/urgency. At this point the upper torso of my astral body was able to raise out, but I still could not seem to get fully OOB.

I had read in Buhlman's book that you could ask for help in times of trouble, so figured that I would go ahead an try that to see if it worked. I mentally projected the thought "Can someone help me please?" and then saw 2 arms stretch out from the adjacent wall, grab my shoulders and pull me out the rest of the way towards the floor at the foot of my bed! It was crazy!

Once that happened, I felt really groggy, low-energy and vision was clouded/fuzzy. I commanded "clarity now" and my vision snapped into place, but my energy level was still way down, so asked for further assistance from my helper at which point "she" came through the wall.

She was short, of Asian descent and seemed to be wearing futuristic clothes. Her hair was short; silver/platinum with highlights of pink. Across her left eye was a painted pink horizontal rectangle. She looked like one of those cosplay girls.

At this point, I also noticed that my wife's astral body was in the room with us and she was freaking out wondering why I was on the ground when I should be floating blissfully through the air. Things get muddy here, but I do recall that my helper then picked me up and moved me through the hall to my office floor and was leaning over "working on me". As she was doing this she stated " This happens sometimes." and seemed to be attending to my upper spine area that I had recently injured.

Next thing I know...boom...I'm back in my body, a bit shaken, wondering wth just happened and what I did wrong.

There is still a small part of me that wonders whether or not I am supposed to be attempting OBE's or not. I think this hesitation is limiting my experiences. I was totally unharmed in the physical though, so have reaffirmed that these stumbles are lessons along the way and that I am going to continue my efforts to claim my birthright of going OOB and exploring the spiritual realms.

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