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Experience #1


My most intriguing and exciting projection, was one in which I went to multiple planets in one night. The first was what I assume to be Mars, or a Mars like planet or star. It was very reddish in color. The entire atmosphere had a red haze to it. And I could feel the heat and the dusty particles in the air. I took a quick look around. I noticed what appeared to be a very small "tree" like structure with very few leaves, and beside it was a Rover type object. Unfortunately I couldn't make out any information written on the object so I'm not aware if it was of US property or from another country. Not long after, I told myself it was time to go. I snapped into my body and then immediately took myself to yet another planet. This time, the planet appeared to be what I felt was a "twin planet" to Earth. I began to walk and right away noticed there were people. HOWEVER, the people were walking "up" the planet like it was a hill but instead of standing upright, they were horizontal while walking, and gravity still managed to keep them steady and they didn't fall unlike the gravity on Earth which would not allow us to walk up with our backs facing downwards like that. Another curious thing was that in the crowd I noticed several people with faces that registered as being familiar to me, but upon waking I couldn't remember who they had been. I became convinced that these were the same people who occupied our Earth, just parallel. At one point, a very strong wind storm occurred that surely would have knocked people down on Earth. And in the dream I was affected unlike the other occupants. I could barely stand but they walked freely in the midst of the storm. I soon returned to my body and woke up and was extremely excited, as this was the first time I felt I had experienced something close to possible remote viewing or projection onto another plane!

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