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My story starts when I was 16 years I was walking home next to canal in England city called Coventry.

As I was walking I got attacked by big group of people, as I got hit in my head I saw a big flash of white light as I was falling to the ground. I started feeling very light like I never weighed anything as I some how woke up I saw myself on ground 2 meters from me getting kicked.

And everything was black and white their were no colors it was like colors never existed, strangest feeling was I some how knew I didn't breath as I tried to breath it felt like I was trying to choke my self so I stopped and I tried to shout at them to stop. I felt like I couldn't shout as I didn't had no voice.

Then I looked around to see if anyone can help me, I saw a boat and an old man standing on the boat with a big old hat on his head and old candle light in a glass as he reached for me he said its time to go zdenek there's nothing you can do.

As he said that he tried to give me his hand to come over to his boat. I got on his boat and he said it will take a minute stay calm.

I was trying to shout to him help me he keep telling me there's nothing you can do now as I jumped out and I keep saying some one help me all this time I knew my voice won't get heard by anyone weird feeling.

I started running towards my body as I was running I saw myself on the floor not moving then I saw a flash of light, hard to explain somehow I saw people's faces telling me to get up. Then I woke up as they were kicking me. I didn't feel any pain. I some how saw flashes of my family and started laughing like I knew I survived.

After I recovered somehow I feel like my soul is old strange feeling like I was there for years but in our time it feels seconds.

Since that day I am trying to see if anyone else has seen the same old man, long beard and old hat.

Thank you.

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