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Out Of Body Experience At Church


I found myself at church same as every week, I hadn't slept at all the night before, but all in all I felt fine walking in and sitting down. A few minutes pass, I drink my coffee and I wait for the music to start. The band begins playing and I relax back into my chair a bit, with this strange feeling starting to overwhelm me.

The best way I can describe it, is that I was 'distancing' from everything and everyone around me, and there was this extreme pain growing centered in between my eyebrows along with this extreme warmth. I felt shaky and weak, and this pull was growing. I knew that I could resist it if I had wanted, but I chose not to, for the sake of seeing what would happen.

It was almost as if I was being pulled to my left and forward, not physically but mentally. The pain in between my eyebrows split and started to move to slightly above my temples on each side of my head. As the mental pull got stronger the pain from my temples began to grow.

Everything around me felt far off, I was watching from a third person perspective as I stood over my body which was still lounging in the chair. The area around me and my body was an expanse of grey and I could see the silhouettes of the people who were sitting beside me off in the horizon. I was alone in this expanse of grey floating beside my physical body, just watching myself. I watched/felt horns start to tear out of my physical body's skin. The pain was intense and overwhelming throughout this entire process, the horns continued to slowly grow.

As I watched solemnly an orb appeared about 6 feet in front of my physical body. The orb itself was translucent with this slight golden sheen, but it held in it a liquid of yellow and white that I can only describe as liquid light. The orb slowly floated over to me until it was about 3 feet above my physical body. It floated stilly there for a moment before the liquid inside the orb was released to flow down onto my face.

As soon as the liquid light came in contact with the horns growing on my head, the horns melted as if they were made of metal. The liquid light relinquished the pain I had been experiencing as soon as it touched my face. The metal that used to be my horns fused with the liquid light and they slowly moved down my back together and pooling as one at my shoulder blades. Extreme warmth followed by excruciating pain as the metal liquid launched off my back forming jagged metal bones like those of bird wings. I felt hurt but confused and also enlightened at the same time.

I slowly felt myself drifting back into my body and I felt physically ill and weak. I felt like I just went 3 rounds in a ring with a professional boxer.

I haven't ever really been a religious person before, this was my 3rd time going to church and I don't know what to take from this.

(I know this last bit isn't astral projection related but I feel it is relevant to the story.)

The day after this happened I was meditating and I had this image of a masculine figure with the metal wing bones I had, I knew he was me, but he looked hurt. He was sitting up and there was dirt all over the metal bones, then there was a flicker of blue light and there were these tendrils of light extending down from the bones where feathers would have been on normal wings. The tendrils of light slowly undulated as if they were seaweed floating underwater.

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person (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Well you were in church... Maybe the light orb was an angel protecting you from the devil trying to turn you into a falling angel. Maybe your spirit self has fallen from the glory of God and He was trying to show you that you need to change or else you'll go through unbearable pain that only He can deliver you from. Just a thought.
AnneV (80 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-01-19)
It's interesting you'd have pain around the third eye. In all my projections I've not had any pain at all. Maybe you have a block that was being worked on by the liquid light?

I remember one time out on one of my astral journeys on a different planet, suddenly and to my surprise, I sprouted wings! I did not feel human at all. It was like a past live was forming. So who knows, you may have a recent past or parallel life where wings were or are part of your dimensional self.

Thanks for sharing.

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