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Being Escorted Back To My Bedroom


In my 64 years, I have only been fully present on the astral plane once. However, there have been occasions when I knew that I had been travelling, because a newly deceased person escorted me back to my bed, waited until my body surfaced from sleep and I became aware of their presence, then they left. I believe, they did this so that I would know I'd been with them during the night, although I had no conscious memory of it.

On one occasion, in about 2008, I was living on the island of Tenerife. One morning, as my body surfaced from sleep, I looked up at the wall next to my bed (the external wall of the building), through which I and my escort had just entered, swooping in, like birds.

Although I had never met my escort while alive, and I didn't know her name, I knew that she was my daughter's partner's mother, who had just died.

As she said goodbye, she told me that her name was Ángeles.

However, I dismissed this, because her son's name is José Ángel, known as Ángel, so I thought I was pinning her son's name onto her by mistake.

I thought no more about her name, until I attended her funeral service, and the priest said prayers for María de los Ángeles (her full first name).

So, I had heard her name correctly, after all.

I found out that her son, José Ángel, had been called José after his father and Ángel after his mother. Mystery solved.

I haven't seen Ángeles again, and I don't think it was necessary; I know that, because her death was sudden, and her son now had no family except my daughter and I, she only wanted to make sure that both I, and my daughter, would take good care of him.

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