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Need Avice From An Experienced Ober Please?


My husband has just passed away unexpectedly and I'm riddled with pain, we had a very special soul relationship and I'm lost without him. I want to ask him if he's ok.

So I want to have an OBE with the hope of seeing him. Yesterday I was reading advice on the internet for inducing and OBE. About an hour later, I fell asleep, slept deeply for 3 hours but I got woken up and needed to deal with something. 20 minutes later I laid down to try get back to sleep, I was physically exhausted but wide awake mentally. I tried to calm my mind down then all of a sudden I felt a vibration/buzzing feeling all over my body (almost like a non-painful full body electrocution). Instinctively I thought I was about to have an OBE (because of what I read), I wasn't scared, so I tried to roll out of my body but this is when I started to panic because my body wouldn't move. I kept trying to get up, I used all of my force (it felt as though I had the weight of a plane on me), eventually I broke out of it and jumped up out of bed. I felt I had no energy at all but still wide awake, I looked at my bed, my body wasn't there so I knew I was still in my body. I literally fell back on my bed and passed out, I was SO exhausted.

What happened to me? I definitely didn't imagine it.

All day today I've felt really unsettled. Nauseous, vertigo, trippy feelings. Will these feelings go away?

I want an OBE for the reasons I mentioned above but to be honest, I feel really scared to go out there alone because I'm so fragile at the moment and don't really know what to expect.

Can anyone help me?

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IAM (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-30)
First and foremost, know that your husband is perfectly well!:)

When you accept the offer to go, you cannot return to your existing physical life. I know because I was told as much when the offer was extended to me.

One of my experiences were very similar to what you described. A conscious alert state without the ability to move a muscle. And screaming loudly cannot be heard by anyone but yourself.

Nonetheless, in the future, relax! Just let things take its course and refrain from trying to physically interact! What you're seeing is not through your eyes so relax and pay attention!:)

Nothing is wrong:)
AnneV (80 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-02-14)
I'm very sorry for your loss.

You can see your husband in your dreams. We are in the astral when we dream. The whole point of sites like this is for people to develop "conscious" astral projection but that's not necessary to see and talk to your husband. He already can see you and hear your thoughts but to see and hear his, just ask to see him (do this before going to bed) and it will happen.
As for your experience, it's all classic out of body symptoms. You can read about it under the Articles section (in the Beginner's Guide and other articles).
Thanks for sharing.

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