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Strange Sequence Of Dreams


While on a holiday camping trip my husband and I and two of our friends were sharing a 2 room tent. Sometime after midnight I was having a nightmare that someone, or something, was trying to get me. It's like I was half asleep in the dream but still unable to fight what was going on. I remember seeing a creepy hand grabbing at my arms from behind the separating wall. All I could do in the dream was scream. I must have been trying to scream for real because my husband could tell I was in trouble and woke me up immediately. He's always been able to sense when I have a nightmare anyway and he puts his arms around me everytime to make the nightmares stop. He did the same thing this time and asked if I knew what the dream was this time. I told him not really. He fell back asleep still holding me in his arms. It was a while before I could go back to sleep.

Not long after this our friend, who was sleeping in the other room less than 4 feet away next to his wife, began softly screaming my husband's name. He said it at least 3 times before his wife was able to wake him from his nightmare. He went back to sleep without saying a word about his dream as well.

When we woke up the next morning I jokingly asked our friend if he was dreaming about my husband the night before. My husband had slept through the friends dream and was shocked to hear about it. When the friend began telling the events of the nightmare I got goosebumps. He said he dreamt he was sleeping in the tent just like we were and something was trying to get him. The only thing that was different was it was grabbing him by the feet, instead the arms. But it was the same creepy hand with long yellowing fingernails coming from through the tent wall. And the same person who saved me in my dream is the same person saving our friend in his.

But the creepy doesn't stop there because my husband shared his dream from the night as well. He had been dreaming about someone trying to kill him but it was with a gun. He couldn't see the person's face, but the hand holding the gun had creepy long yellowing fingernails. In his dream my husband was yelling at whoever was holding the gun to pull the trigger. He went so far as to put his mouth on the barrel of the pistol. When the assailant pulled the trigger my husband described how the bullet had went. He said it was like the scene in the movie "fight club" when Ed Norton's character shot himself. He felt the heat from the round going through his mouth and out the back of his neck to the right side of his spinal cord. The would-be killer unwitting dropped the pistol just as my husband fell to the floor. My husband said it fell right into his hand. He pulled the trigger hitting the guy right between the eyes, killing him. Then as my husband looked up he saw our daughter standing there. He stood up said something to her and walked to our car where I was waiting for him and we drove away.

Throughout the night of our horrible dreams, my husband was excessively thirsty and woke up with a severely sore throat and his voice was raspy. It was the strangest string of events for 3 people to share in their sleep

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