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Today, I'm going to talk about my lucid dream. I had it, what, half a year ago? Something like that.

Anyway, in the dream I was a ghost buster, weird, I know. But it was different. There the was this vile of green liquid, and whenever it spilled a ghost spawned. I realized I was dreaming near the end of the dream when a ghost was chasing me out of her garden. I gave myself a jetpack and flew up. I was looking down at her and remember her looking up at me, scowling. Then I woke up, and never considered it as more than a nightmare to this day.

However, now I'm a wondering if it meant something. The thing is, it was more of a semi-lucid dream because I wasn't exactly fully aware. I just realized in the dream that I had enough willpower to give myself whatever I wanted.

I had another dream, probably a couple years ago. It was where I was flying, but not outside in the sky. I was flying in a contained area, but it was still awesome.

I was in this pink and orange area where I was flying through hoops, holes, and other fun things. This is really all I remember of it was flying, and being happy. It was my first (and only) dream of truly flying.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated! I would like to know if the dreams mean anything because I'm trying hard to have an astral projection. Does anyone know if they mean anything. Please comment on the post if you could help, I would really appreciate it, as well as any astral projection help.

Thank you for your time, I hope you liked my story!

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