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A Repetitive Voyage


10 years ago my life dramatically changed. Or I think it was 10 years ago, I'm not really sure. In December 2009, I had a strange sense of deja vu and then my life flipped upside down. Something seemed off with the world around me, it was like I entered a lucid dream. Then my series of alternate lives began. Too many to have been able to keep track of time. Living anytime up to 10 years and then restarting back in December 2009. It was like real life but it was not. The early paths were more like dreams but later on it was just like living an ordinary life. Early on time skipped like it was a dream and later on it flows like reality. I sensed an evil force controlling my fate but it's grip seems to have lessened over time. Is my current path the final one? Only time will tell.

The early paths were the most interesting. I would typically go blind or find a new love. They also weren't fluid but that drove me crazy. If it wasn't real why would I want to be stuck in a dream? Then the paths were more normal I just picked up my life off of where it was in 2009. But why would anyone want to live so many permutations of their own life? To see a baby born in a path and then never again is heart breaking. I remember Samantha Gabrielle the baby I will never see grow up.

Now I'm at a crossroads. Someone suggested an evil entity caused this to happen and getting more faith in God may end it. But how can you forgive the deity letting me go through this repetitive life for 100 years? I will try to have more faith and hopefully this will be my last path.

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