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Neon Colors


It began 4 years ago and I had couple experiences but they only last few minutes. But last year I was lucid dreaming then I opened my eyes in astral way, some source dragged me like I'm floating through my living room window. Then I stopped in front of the window. I thought I am going somewhere outside. But I was just watching the beautiful sky. It was really peaceful moment. But then I fall to me bed. I love that falling feeling by the way:) . Then months later same thing happened. I floated to my bedroom's door and I realized that now I can control myself then I went to the living rooms windows again and I tried to go outside on purpose. But I couldn't. Then I fell again to my bed. Just 2 days ago I woke up but I couldn't raise my body, I only raised my arm and then I saw my arm was shining in neon colors like pure energy. I tried harder to raise my body but I only felt the feeling that surrounds my body, my body got warmer and warmer but I couldn't raise. I am curious about has anybody seen their body like I saw in neon colors?

When I success to raise my body in my early experiences I only raise like I am sitting on my bed. I always feel relieved but I can not make myself float. I only sit and look to the environment when I try to look my sleeping body I fell. I feel the connection between body and my astral body is loosened. I feel spiritually charged. I hope someday I am going to be able to the astral in a right way. But now I don't know how to make astral vogaye, I only realized the right time when I am in a lucid dream. When I catch the right moment I open my eyes. I hope I am going to be better.

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