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Dimension Travel Instructions?


Last year, I lived through a series of horrible events so I found myself sleeping a lot more than usual, especially since I wasn't in class anymore. After New Year's Eve 2018, before I travelled to Punta Cana with my best friend from Vancouver, I lied in my parent's bed unable to sleep (I've had insomnia for years). When I finally did, I had the weirdest dream or I guess you could say dreams as I'd wake up and go back to sleep. So I've always been able to realize I'm in a dream and wake up when I wanted. I've also been able to act like I want inside the dream making my own choices consciously. I have always been able wake up and then continue my dream on demand. But this time it was different, unlike any of those times.

Here's what happened: I realize I'm awake in my dream, seems dark around me, a woman and some candles. There I am, I'm meeting with someone. She looks like a friend from my childhood, even has the same name. We start to talk. She explains to me how to travel through different dimensions. "Close your eyes, think, feel..." I can't put the instructions into words but I somehow knew what she meant. I wake up from my dream. Odd. I go back to sleep and do as she said. I'm back to where I was but without the girl. Her voice becomes a voice in my head, no one around. It's dark and suddenly, I'm somewhere else. It felt and looked like I'd jumped some hoops if that makes sense at all. It didn't look like anywhere I've been. To be honest it didn't really look like anything I've seen, it seemed like under a bridge street looking. But when I was going from one location to the orher it was space looking. I was moving and somehow, flying... Dark, then lights. I kept hearing her voice and doing as I was told. I remember feeling happiness, curiosity and wonder, something rare as I'd been very depressed. It was unreal. There was no real meaning I find, or any realistic aspect to it. I had a flight to catch so I had to start my day but I'll never forget how unique it was and didn't think it was astral projection until someone who I told this dream to brought it up so I wanted an opinion.

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