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The Time I Unknowingly Saved My Mom


It was Monday and I was up early teaching classes online, when I received a frantic phone call from my mom. She apologized for calling so early but stated there was something she must tell me. I paused before she began by tell me how she was sitting inside of her car outside of her apartment. She stated that she had something scary happen to her a few hours earlier.

I asked her to continue, and she stated that she was sleeping when all of sudden she was awoken by me coming into her room telling her "Mommy, the gas is on". She stated she saw my face clear as day and that what she heard was indeed my voice. In stunned belief, I asked her was she sure of this because I was at home in my bed with my husband sound asleep. My mom continued to repeat that she was not crazy, she didn't imagine it wrong, and knew that I came in and told her the gas was on.

My mom then explained that when she got up, she went to the kitchen and saw that her gas burner was turned slightly to the "on" position. The whole house smelled of gas and she was light headed. She indicated that she was confused because she always tripled checked everything. To quote, "I literally have OCD, I have to check all windows, the burners, and front door before I can go to sleep".

I advised my mom to call the fire department to have them check the house. Not long, the fire department showed up and confirmed that the gas leaked overnight. My mom was told she was lucky because she could have died from exposure to gas or an explosion could have occurred. My mom thanked me for saving her life. I couldn't respond with "your welcome". How could I? I couldn't wrap my mind around how I could have saved my mom and not physically be present...

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