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The Entity


I was playing kick ball and all of a sudden my Soul, Mind and Entity was Outside my human host body, Seeing, and moveing triangularly to apex and at the peak the mountain shaped triangle the Sun Light Shards came too the Entity like S shapes as if the Entity is from the Sun, a Eye In the Triangle Entity Experience Out of the human body like an Astral Projection.

There have been 29 Entity Experiences since then.

The first is the Transmigration of the Soul and Entity, I remember Seeing me dead, and Appeared too Animate this new body when the Mind was born age 5.

The next Entity Experience is the same Eye In the Triangle.

The next Entity Experience is actually a Soul Expansion Marking the human head with a Red Light, and the human body with a Red Presence.

The next is another Entity Experience when the Entity Looked at the body and determined with Understanding IS same body BY FACE like totem poles!

The next Experiences are 4 Soul Expansions, the same in essence in between each Marked with a Black State and increased concentration the first only.

The next Entity Experience the Sight Moves Inside head and Sees White Transparent Sphere Soul with so called taint IS Understanding really.

The Souls is eventually Marked with a White Light, and next the Soul In the Void is Seen, the Void has Space, and nature is like Painted from the human Mind upon that Space, we Cause our own Reality and in fact havnt been anywhere because nothing exists, yet the Void is still Something, and ALL SOULS ARE THE SAME OVERSOUL.

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