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Got Shot With A Dart


This was my first time remote viewing and I am looking for help on this because I don't know if I should worry or if I need to do something to help my astral body as things went down like this.

I was tuning into a youtube video called remote viewing with some white noise and it worked to relax you and then off you went. I went through and immediately saw a plastic looking monkey, like a live toy, a brown monkey, miniature, right in my face it seemed, so I had no idea what was really happening.

I continued to get through the pictures and on the video there were coordinates but I have not checked them to see if what I saw was right but after a few minutes I couldn't get the Giza pyramids out of my head. There were other landmarks but I ended up going on to long in this session and it was like I was sleepily barely noticing anymore what I was seeing but I'm sure I was having fun. What happened was I was what I feel like going down, into an area that was bluish and there was something there and when I got there, POW! I got shot with a dart directly in my left eye! It knocked me right out of my session and I felt it so vividly that it was very real to me. I wanted to know if anyone else has been hit by something like a dart in these places. It had a popping air on my face sensation and irritated me for hours after I was back to my normal self.

Could this video have been a trap. Will this harm me? I have questions like, Do I need to pull it out of my eye. I tried to go back and see if I could get help but here I am the next day thinking I might have a dart still sticking out of my left eye. I'd love to hear back about this experience if possible.

Thanks, Jan

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