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Time Travel in the Astral

"The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one."
- Albert Einstein

"You can go anywhere in any time, past, present, or future, via OBEs."
- Robert Monroe, Ultimate Journey

"Eventually someone will remember that telepathy is an instantaneous form of telecommunications, clairvoyance as instantaneous form of perceiving. And, pre-cognition and retire-cognition (as parapsychologists call them) are forms of time travel. So, somewhere among its many mysteries, human consciousness possesses a "machine" that can do all of the above."
- Ingo Swann

"It's a poor kind of memory that only works backwards."
- The White Queen, in Through the Looking-Glass

Right from the start I have to tell you that this is real. There have been so many occasions where I've seen things in the astral prior to them happening in the physical. These include the moment of my step mothers death, the daily lottery numbers that I specifically asked for, weather events, job situations, and so on. Transcending time is real and this is where I think more attention needs to be paid.


For people interested in winning the lottery: First of all, it's possible, but this is no easy feat! I am still discovering what is real information and what is not. It seems to me that "dream" quality visions (dreaming or meditating) are less frequently real. If a floating image comes through my mind, it is usually only imagery. We have different vehicles for our consciousness, and the dream vehicle is typically symbolic, while the astral and mental vehicles are fairly accurate. Information received from levels higher than the mental plane can come in forms such as a blinding white light and are very accurate (but beyond the scope of this document).

I've seen the lottery during dreaming, lucid dreaming, and astral projection and only experiences while astral projecting have provided accurate results. Dreaming, both lucid and otherwise, has only provided sporadic accurate information. When I find myself "dreaming" and then take control of the dream (which is lucid dreaming) I can quite lucidly seek and see very clear lottery numbers, but they are usually not real, and when they have been real, I can only seem to remember the last digit. What I do find true, however, for "seeing the future" while dreaming is that what I see of the future is "symbolic" or very close to the fact. When I say symbolic, I mean, for example, I asked to see the Sunday paper for the next day, and what I saw was a men's football sports team, wearing blue. But on the actual Sunday paper the next day, it was a women's soccer team (and they were wearing blue). While not exact, symbolically, it was accurate (sports team wearing blue). This probably would work for horse races because you could ask for the winning colors. I also once dreamed that my boss was packing up a truck at our work and I cried because I knew he was leaving and I would miss him dearly. The next day his credit card and entry card keys were in his out basket and he had been fired. Dreams can be both symbolic and actual. Sometimes dreams can be confused with astral projection. I once saw with absolute clarity snow on our backyard tree, but I didn't know it was going to snow that night. When I got up the next morning, the same tree, bare the night before, was laden with a few inches of white fluffy snow the next morning. This was probably an involuntary astral projection and not a dream.

Lottery Observation

  • Where did the lottery viewing take place? It appeared to take place in the astral. It wasn't the etheric because that is near earth plane and this was different. It wasn't in the mental, because from what I've seen and read, it did not fit the description of the mental plane. The astral has many planes within itself, and I'm not sure which one I was on. It appeared to be in the middle (no brilliant colors of the higher, nor murky atmosphere of the lower).
  • The numbers popped up on three balls, why? I'm wondering if this is because that is how the lottery is done in the physical. I was seeing a real lottery drawing (which comes up in balls). I just didn't see the machine that pops them up, just the actual balls. This goes to show that the experience of viewing the lottery does not need to be yours personally. What I mean by that is, I never watched on television the actual drawing of the balls. It appears you can request what will not necessarily be your future. Instead of watching it on TV, I just waited until the next day and checked my numbers off of a piece of paper at the grocery store.
  • I went looking for the numbers in astral news papers but had no luck. It wasn't until I just "demanded" the lottery numbers that they suddenly appeared. Does the direct focusing of the conscious will/attention work better than the passive looking around?
  • At a later time, I left my body and went into the sky and asked for the numbers again, but none popped up. Was the plane different (higher/lower than before?) There were no astral objects so this may have been an etheric projection (it was just black so it literally could have been very near to the earth's vibrational rate and was just the night sky). The astral is rarely dark (except maybe on the lower levels).


I've been looking high and low for information about studies conducted on precognition while out of body and have only been able to find a few resources. Dr. Slate wrote in his book, "Astral Projection and Psychic Empowerment, "A study conducted in our laboratory to investigate ESP during the out-of-body state found significant improvements in telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyance when compared to previous ESP performance. On average, the accuracy of ALL forms of ESP improved around 50% during the out-of-body state.

I also found several pages on the topic of time travel in Dr. Bruce Goldberg's book, Astral Voyages. He states, "It is relatively simple to traverse time while on the astral plane. All one needs to do is focus on a specified period of time in the "past" or "future", and he or she will be instantaneously transported there." One technique he recommends for shorter trips is to imagine a clock face with its hands rapidly turning forward or backward.


The whole time travel concept can drive a person buggy. Questions like, "well, if my future is already determined, why do I have to do anything now?", or "If I go into the future and see myself with a different person, should I break up with the one I'm with now?" We can debate endlessly about time. Some say it's 70 per fate, 30% choice, whereas I think it is 70% choice, 30% fate.

I read an interesting comment from a remote viewing e-groups that I wanted to include that pertained to time travel:

From the RV group:

"Can someone direct me to any research on experiments targeting places or events for the next year? i remember the snow and waumbaugh book but that material was not really controlled in any way so although it was interesting it was not verifiable or statistically significant in the general sense of the word. thanks in advance." - stuart

"Dear Stuart, There have been lots of future event targets done including a book by Joseph McMoneagel of which the name escapes me right now (something with millennium in it). He speaks to the problem of front loading (knowing what the target is). I've done some targets, one of which saw Tucson with a lot of water and people heading for the mountains. I didn't know what the target was, and I didn't have a time frame. (This could be 10,000 years in the future.) Ed Dames is pretty famous for his future gloomy predictions. (I think his accuracy rate is pretty low.) I think one of the problems with viewing or predicting the future is the idea that the future is fixed. I don't believe that this is true. I feel that those of us in this great theater that we call life, change the future with our thoughts, beliefs and intentions. If we really see ourselves involved in cataclysmic earth changes, or suffering great losses with y2k, we will probably set that stage for great changes or losses in our personal lives. A number of years ago, Dr. Chet Snow wrote a book called Mass Dreams of the Future in which many people were hypnotized and projected into their future. Depending on the belief system of the people, their future took on this belief. Those that were survivalists, went to a mad max type place, those that were techno-types went to techy futures, those who liked nature went back to it and so on. I've seen some very accurate predictions, like astrologist Dr. Louie Turi and some really lame predictions. This is a very unpredictable science." - Peggy

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