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The Anatomy of a Projection

The Magnetic Body Range

Often we go along with what is told to us because it's popular, hard to prove, or a general public consensus. The term 'cord range activity area' (which is what I believe is really the Magnetic Body Range) is commonly described as the area near your physical body that, when first projecting, pulls our astral bodies to and fro because of the astral cord. The cord supposedly acts as a link from our astral form to our physical body (like an umbilical cord), and when we die, it dissolves, or breaks, and separation is final. When we initially separate from our physical, we experience the sensation of a magnetic pull (likened to being drunk), astral blindness, auditory signals from radio and tv frequencies, and vibrationally low entities.

I believe that the astral cord has nothing to do with the symptoms experienced when too close to the physical body during initial projection. If the cord remains attached to us throughout our excursion, then moving 10 feet away from the physical body does nothing to remove us from the "cord range" as it follows us everywhere. I believe it is being in the etheric field (or as I call it, the Magnetic Body Range) that creates these symptoms, not the astral cord.

The human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field (this is science, not any paranormal theory). Kalen Craig, author of the "The Kalen Universe" and retired Naval Researcher ( states that "Our primary postulate is that space (ether) exists as a super fluid of electric and gravitational fields composed of quantum action particles ..." This to me explains why when we first project, and are near the "etheric" body, we experience the magnetic pull (as magnetism is created from moving electrical particles). As soon as we leave the magnetic body range then all of these symptoms vanish.

Some extraordinary people have exhibited certain magnetic and electrical properties. For instance, a 14-year old Soviet student, Inga Gaiduchenko, has been likened to a human magnet. Not long ago, she demonstrated to specialists at the Moscow Technological Institute that pens, china, spoons, books and other objects can adhere to her hands, just as if she was a magnet for non-metallic items. Pauline Shaw, a housewife of Manchester, England, has so much electrostatic energy in her that she routinely blows out home appliances with a single touch!

It is proposed that 'ether' accommodates electromagnetic and gravitational waves. Our etheric body is also electromagnetic in nature which is why when I used neodymium earth magnets, my etheric activity greatly increased (but not so much my astral projections). If the cord does exist, it is only to keep us connected to our physical body, yet does not possess any electromagnetic properties.

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