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Childhood Experiences


I have been having astral traveling experiences since I was a child, the first one I can remember with clarity was when I was 4, first I remember falling very slowly out of my body and onto the cold floor. I don't remember any ties or cords that connected me to my sleeping body but I remember seeing my little body sleeping, I rose slowly through the parlor window and I felt everything the coldness of the air, the brightness of the outside street lights a humming sound and flashes. I had no fear at all. As I rose up to the lights there were children my age some in pajamas and some in medical scrubs (I guess they were patients) they were there just floating by the streetlamps. When I joined them we played games and mostly I remember feeling really happy, but very sad also because I understood somehow the children in medical gowns were very sick. I don't remember how I got back into my body I just remember waking up the next morning, late. I hope you have better experiences, my mother always had a hard time dealing with my experiences, my father was much more supportive as we are a spiritual family I used to like to think of my little friends as angels although I knew that they were just children like me. My culture has its own understanding of astral travel although I was raised in the catholic faith and strongly believe in God. I believe that gifts of a spiritual nature are from God, and I think these gifts are more common then people might have thought.

I still remember it like it was yesterday.


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