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Science and Astral Projection

Why should we care about vibrations?

Since all matter has a vibrational pattern, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the collections of particles that make up humans, the planet, the universe, and all that there is, it seems important! A vibration is measured by its frequency, or cycles. Depending on how many times it vibrates in a given time is its frequency.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (a fancy term for different types of radiation) is a band of measured waves, beginning at the radio waves, infra red waves, the visible "light" waves, ultra violet waves, x-ray waves and gamma ray waves. Cosmic rays aren't included in the ES because they are not radiation, but instead are high-energy charged particles that travel through space at nearly the speed of light. Their extremely high energies are comparable to those of gamma rays at the upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The highest-energy cosmic rays originate outside our galaxy and provide information on distant objects such as quasars. Cosmic rays are detected when they hit the upper atmosphere, creating showers of particles in their interaction with atoms. These secondary particles can then be detected by instruments on the ground.

Towards the center of the ES band, is a tiny segment known as "light" waves, which are still electromagnetic in form, and these light waves are the only visible light that the human eye can "see". The human eye can perceive a range of 3,600 to 7,600 angstrom units. Above or below that, the electromagnetic waves can not be seen. It is this very small segment of wave frequencies that we can see and hear, that makes other non-seen worlds plausible. We could quite possible be overlapping other worlds where we could not see them, or they us. If another world existed at a higher or lower vibrational rate (dimension) then this would be possible.


Sound has vibration as well and since sound has a near infinite range of vibrations, it is indeed connected with all matter. It is my opinion that when our inner sound matches that of our astral mass, it causes the atoms to dissociate at the weaker bonds of the whole mass and separation can occur. Scientists aren't the only ones who acknowledge that sound is related to all matter; ancient wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma states that the medium of creation is "conscious sound vibration." According to the Vedas, the universe was sung into being.

Magnetic Field

Anytime there is a flow of electrons, there is a magnetic field created around that flow, an aura as it were (my hypothesized magnetic body range), and anytime there is magnetism, it creates a flow of electricity. It is the reduction of that electricity that allows the inner sounds to begin resonating with the astral form which causes the breakdown in the bonds that keep us attached.

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