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Thinking out loud about vibrations, resonance and mass

Today I ordered the 'Nikola Tesla Returns' book and am looking forward to reading it. I was reading some of the book excerpts on Amazon and I found it interesting that part of the message for man was to start "focusing his mind to tap into a wealth of multi-dimensional ideas". That made me think more about my jet engine dreams and how I could work with them. Initially, I was taking the physical level angle by using sub woofers, hemi-sync tapes and magnets, but after reading the words "multi-dimensional" it made me think of another perspective, and that is, "multi-dimensional!" The dream showed me the effects of the resonance of the jet engine and just listening to it made me vibrate in the dream (this shows that sound on a physical level isn't the only means of inducing subtle plane vibrations). This effectiveness was not demonstrated to me at a physical level, but at a subtle (astral) level. So, is it correct that I'm solely trying to work this out on a physical level? Perhaps not. I thought that maybe I should be working to reproduce this sound on an internal level, not a physical one. How does a person create this sound internally? This led me to the common advise that I give to others about listening to the random internal ringing in one's head which does lead to some AP success. So instead of listening to a "random" sound in my head of which I'm not controlling, I should instead create/control the same internal reverberating tone that simulates the jet. I tried this last night with no success because I soon realized we have little memory to draw from of sitting around listening to jets! This is not a sound that a person can easily regurgitate from memory from a few trips to the airport. So off to the trusty internet I went today looking for downloadable jet wave files. After much searching, I came across a site that offers these files (for flight simulators and such) but I had trouble downloading them at work. What I'll do is download these at home this weekend and then perhaps record 30 minutes worth using a cd burner. I can then listen to them for awhile to get the memory imprinted in my head as to what they sound and feel like.

I don't know about everyone else, but I don't just want to know that "vibrations cause separation," but instead, WHY vibrations cause separation, HOW this works and WHEN. I pretty much know that when the body starts to drift into deep alpha, or theta, chemicals are released and a "switch" occurs (possibly the amygdala switch as Neil Slade has postulated). The body naturally starts to vibrate and the subtle body disengages itself for replenishment and other purposes (by the way, is this separation, as is pointed out in the vibrations article from yesterday, because the naturally generated sound is matching the mass of the astral which causes the break down of the astral attachment?) If you think about it, there is that extremely faint internal sound all the time, but only when we've slowed the mind's electrical pulses down (in sleep) do we allow it to become strong enough to hypothetically equal astral mass (or technically: it causes the atoms to literally dissociate at the weaker bonds of the whole mass.) This is no different than when glass shatters because sound resonance is achieved. This disassociation generally happens without our conscious awareness during sleep, but when we are trying to do this at a conscious level it may account for the popping, crashing and other noises that could be indicating a "shattering of bonds".

Resonance is when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion. So I would assume it is a good goal to reproduce the natural frequency of the vibrating astral form. Another important point for me is, is that when I suddenly become conscious and return to my sleeping body (but leave it sleeping) I am vibrating and "roaring" just like the jet, not like the far off internal ringing sound I usually recommend people to listen to.

Finally, another clue to this particular vibration is another experience I had not too long ago. I had entered the astral and decided to activate all of my charkas including ones outside of myself that connected me to my higher self. When I did this, I experienced something unprecedented. I started to roar and vibrate well beyond anything I had ever thought possible. In my usual separations, I have often experienced vibrations that were like an 8.0 earthquake, but these were something that made me feel like I would explode into oblivion. Here again, these roars and vibrations were much more like standing behind a full blasting jet.

The mystery continues...

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