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Science and Astral Projection

Time Dilation

One theory that always interested me in reference to astral projection was a portion of Einstein's Theory of Relativity called Time Dilation. Time Dilation states that if someone were able to travel at the speed of light, time would stop. Since no one can actually travel that fast, the rule has been explained as time dilation: the faster one travels, the slower time moves. This means that if someone is moving quickly through space, time compensates for that motion--for according to the Special Theory of Relativity, the laws of physics are the same no matter what a person's speed.

Jets flying at high velocities for extended periods of time have proved time dilation in the Special Theory. Using extremely accurate atomic clocks, physicists found that time actually moved slower on fast moving airplanes. The slowing of time does not become humanly noticeable until speeds close to the speed of light are obtained.

It has been my belief that I was able to travel, after becoming experienced in astral projection, at the speed of thought (or I term it my Will as I could think of a place but I wouldn't necessarily be projected there until I willed it to happen). If I am now traveling in excess of the speed of light, would this explain why time seems so different (slower) in the astral? Robert Monroe talked about how it would seem he was gone for hours, in far off places (worlds that did not exist in our solar system) and he would come back and only an hour or so had gone by. In fact, if you went far enough into space, you would actually be going "backwards" in time! For if time stands still at the speed of light, then any speed to exceed that (thought) would reverse it.

What are the effects of distant time travel on the physical shell when a "younger" astral body returns? Can the aging effects of the human body be slowed, or even reversed? If there were no physical side effects from astral projection, then Robert Monroe, after years of projection, would not have had problems digest drugs (medication) or alcohol of any kind. While this isn't age reversal, it shows that the physical body is indeed affected by astral travel. Robert Monroe didn't start projecting until the later part of his life, but what if he had started this in his teenage years or even his twenties?

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