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Test Structure

The objective is to test human reaction to neodymium earth magnets (starting dimensions of 1" diameter, .25" thick). This is a super strong nickel-plated neodymium disc. Though this doesn't sound very large, it is. A similar 7" magnet could lift 50 pounds of metal. And if this size fails, then we will add an additional disc on top of it (since magnets increase in magnetization when stacked) until results can be detected. Neodymium magnets are the strongest in the world.

Michael, one of the test subjects, found that 1/4" thick "super" neodymium magnets are 12,300 gauss. If the magnetic fields are linearly additive, then six of them together would be 73,800 gauss or 7.38 Tesla!

This will also be used in conjunction with the rocking technique and the Focus 12 state of awareness.

There will be multiple subjects that will be monitored, all using the same type of magnet (size, composition and quantity). Feedback will be placed under the Test Results link in mid March.

NOTE! I was kindly warned by Biomagnetics International, Inc. that placing the south pole of a magnet near the brain is very dangerous! If you ever want to take part in these experimentations, make sure you get a device that lets you know which direction is pointed towards you, and ensure that it is the north side, not the south.

Picture of neodymium magnet used in test

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