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Kristina's Report

Date: 4/28

Just a quick report today. I stayed in bed this morning trying the Third Eye focus method. I find I'm having a hard time staying awake, I'm not sure why because I'm getting plenty of sleep! Anyway, what I'm finding is that, when I'm partially awake and focusing HARD on my third eye, I am seeing some visions of AMAZING clarity. They are increasing in duration, too. I've been thinking about getting a truck as my next vehicle, and I saw a vision of a yellow truck, and my vision went over every inch of this truck in such detail! I also saw a vision of a television with a football game on it, and I could see all the players moving around on the field so clearly! Interesting, eh? I'm going to keep doing this technique every chance I get!

Date: 4/25

I was looking on the internet last night, and someone had posted a method that he said worked for 90% of the people the first time. So, I thought I'd give it a try. The method involved heavily focusing on the third eye, just to the point of eye strain, and affirming "tonight I will successfully project" over and over, while drifting to sleep. I did this for at least 30 minutes before I drifted off. I then awoke at 2:00am vibrating, semi-cataleptic, and very hypnogogic! I continued focusing hard on my third eye, (almost to the point of pain) and it really increased the sensations. Also, I had two new sensations: a very intense tugging at the back of my head, and a very noticeable swaying motion! I had to check to make sure my husband wasn't moving the bed... nope, it was me! I argued with myself about whether I should move to the other room, but decided to stay where I was, under the magnets. Wrong choice! Between my husband and the dog, their moving around kept me from focusing. I continued in the hypnogogic state for about half an hour, but was too distracted to go further. So... tonight, I will place the magnets so that if I need to change rooms, I can take them with me without waking my husband! I was very impressed with this third-eye focusing method, and can't wait to try again tonight!

Date: 4/9

I think I got close again this morning! Darn, something always interrupts. I was having this awesome dream where I was test driving a truck and driving it down this treacherous mountain road. The truck was awesome, and seemed to glide effortlessly over any type of terrain. I was floating and gliding over huge boulders and through water. When I reached the bottom of the hill, I told the dealer I wanted to buy the truck. I started back up the mountain road, enjoying it just as much. Just then the phone rang and woke me up, partially. I didn't move, but was vibrating more intensely than ever! I visualized a rope (as suggested in Astral Dynamics), and it quickly became an entire scene where I was climbing out of a huge canyon, and as I crawled up over the edge of the canyon, I saw a beautiful scene of mountains, grass, streams, etc. in front of me! I felt a lot of motion as I started to rise above this scene. Just then, the dog started whining and pawing at the door.

Date: 4/3

I went to bed last night feeling slight vibrations and a loud ringing in my ears. I woke up at 1:30 am vibrating so hard! I was almost shocked because I could have sworn a bee was trying to fly into my left ear, then I remembered that happened to you (the insect sound). I was totally hypnogogic. I relaxed and went with it. I felt several short bursts of accelerated time, or stopped time, I'm not sure. Each time this happened, all sound and sensation disappeared entirely for about a second! I was vibrating so hard, I thought I must have been close to separating. I stayed in this state for an hour, then finally fell back to sleep. I really do think I must be getting close! Maybe I'll order more magnets...

Date: 3/24

I meditated last night with the magnets, mugwort and CD for about an hour. I felt lots of motion and had three more etheric projections up toward the magnets. This time they were slightly longer. I could maintain the feeling longer (only about a second or two each time though). At 2:30, I woke up from a dream (forgot it though). I did not move but was in the most intense vibrational state yet! I was totally numb. I tried not to get excited, but I thought "wow, I am really close!" I watched the colorful "light show" for about 30 minutes, with the twisting tunnels and perfect patterns and everything else. I think I may have been trying too hard though, instead of just letting it flow. Eventually I felt cramped between my husband and the dog, so I crawled into the other bed. The vibrations continued for about another hour, but they lost their intensity, I think because I was away from the magnets. I drifted back to sleep. Additionally, the ringing in my ears has gotten so much louder and higher in pitch! When I woke at 2:30 it was so loud and high-pitched I thought my head would explode! Those magnets really affected me!

Date: 3/23

Well, this afternoon (Thursday) I decided to get aggressive and put all four of my magnets together. I tried to do it gently, but they crashed together anyway and one of them chipped a bit (oops!). Now they're all together, and I put an eye-hook screw into the ceiling and hung them about two feet over my head. I took an Excedrin first and lay down to meditate. I really felt the magnets this time! My pulse shot up initially, but I managed to slow it down. I felt all kinds of energy and once again saw the colorful light show. I visualized myself being sucked out of the top of my head and sticking to the magnet. As I drifted toward sleep, I had a very strong (yet unfortunately brief) feeling of actually doing this! I could see the room as my consciousness flew up out of my head and toward the magnet! It was so brief though, darn. I may have caused it to be short because I kind of got excited...

Date: 3/19

Had a great hypnopompic session. Lots of vibration and feelings of motion, I think I even heard some more knocking. I had the headphones on, but I could swear I heard a woman's voice in my left ear, not screaming, but definitely trying to be heard.

Date: 3/14

Kristina's additional magnets have arrived (4 total). She has added "Mugwert" to her tests. This is an herb that supposedly aids in astral projection. She'll be sending me some as well, which I will add later this week to my testing process. At this point, we're ready to throw in the kitchen sink, if necessary.

Date: 3/10

Kristina was on vacation last week, will resume testing again.

Date: 2/26

"I read until 11:00 pm last night, and woke up at 4:30 am. I felt awake, so I laid there and concentrated on staying conscious while my body went back to sleep. The magnet was hanging about 4 feet over my head (attached to curtain). There was a slight ringing in my ears. Suddenly, I started tingling in a very intense way, and the ringing in my ears got louder and higher in pitch, as if someone slowly turned up the level on me. I was more tingling than vibrating, but I actually went paralyzed. It felt like being trapped in a strong electrical field. I reminded myself not to get excited, and I was able to keep my pulse in check. So, I said, "show me what's next!" I saw the most amazing color and light show before my closed eyes! Moving, flowing colors and patterns, colors I've never seen before. They were sort of translucent pastel. The patterns were so cool, very symmetrical, very fluid. It looked kind of like riding a computer-generated roller coaster as it twisted and turned. There was a tunnel made up of square-shaped rings extending off into the distance, I went through it briefly. Also, little flashes of things came to me; faces, places, a staircase, and other things. I enjoyed this show for a couple of minutes, then noticed my stomach was hurting BAD. I tried to ignore my stomach but it was just too painful. I willed myself awake (took a minute or so) and took some Mylanta. I laid back down, still felt tingly, but eventually fell back to sleep."

Date: 2/25

"Thursday afternoon, I decided to lay down and meditate, with my magnet. I started by reading for about 10 minutes first, and boy did I feel that magnet! I started tingling before I even closed my eyes! I felt the tugging in my chest area the most. I closed my eyes and got some really good vibrations, even a couple of "bed shakers." However, my pulse really shot up, and I got hot. I left the bedroom for about 10 minutes, recovered my pulse, and tried again but the same thing happened!"

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