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Bob's Report

Date: 4/27

After reading Kristina's most recent posting, I decided to give it a try yesterday. WOW ! ... I might have been a coincidence but I had my first lucent dream! (Thanks Kristina) I started by activating my hand and foot secondary chakras then the corresponding energy exchange ports. Once established, I continuously moved energy into the sub-navel storage. Note: I have been avoiding the major charkas and concentrating ONLY on the pathways to the sub-navel storage. I spent about 10 minutes sponging energy from the sub-navel into the brow chakra. Since my affirmations are similar to Kristina's, I "thought" them until asleep. At some point the dream began ... I knew I was dreaming but was able to move within it and control the events. I also had total recall when I woke up. I would swear it was a REAL experience (although a dream). Thanks again Kristina!!!

Last Sunday, I had one evening episode where the vibrations began as soon as I laid down in bed. That was definately a "first" . Additionally, my ears still continue to ring after an episode.

Date: 4/18

One thing both Kristina and I noticed is the ringing in the ears. Mine will fade out at 12 hours after a session. I had the opportunity (twice) to fall asleep on the couch away from the magnets. There is a difference. Getting to a trance state is about the same but when away from the magnets ALL sensations are not as extreme as when near the magnets. Speed of attainment is about the same but the experience is more subdued. I am noticing a real big change at the brow area. When I get near trance state my ears begin to ring (as ususal) but my forehead begins to move (1 inch?) above the brow. I believe that I feel the eye opening. I don't see anything in particular, but my closed eye vision gets darker and I imagine that I am seeing shapes moving. Not a spinning like before ... like a dark movie kind of feeling. Also, after the change in the brow area begins, for lack of a more exact explanation, I hear cracking and poping (expanasion) in the top of the nose cavity (sinus area?) What is that the eye opening ?? I breath much easier too.

Date: 4/10

This last week has been an interesting one. I really believe that the magnet makes a difference. Since I have been using it only one week, I can only compare it to my previous knowledge without the magnet. Here is what I have noticed so far.

While resting near the magnet, I initially seem to automatically 'change position' and home in on the field. If I intentionally move, I will again move towards a home position. It seems as though my third eye wants to be about 15-18 inches from the magnet (six magnets).

Ethereal separation is much more violent. Such that the back of my head vibrates/pulsates and it seems as though the more I focus on getting out ... the stronger the retaining force becomes. I am not experiencing any fear at this time. I might need some more instruction re proper protocol.

Sleep has deepened and I have not been able to reach the Astral level. I will have to rethink my protocol in order to achieve this level again. Anne has suggested going to bed earlier since the magnetic field enhances sleep.

I have also noticed that I can achieve initial connection to the ethereal plane with almost no effort at all. Also, I have noticed that during waking hours, I feel as though I can reach the Theta level spontaneouly. I may folow through the next time it happens and see if works.

Also too, I feel an extreme resistance to negativity during the day and that when I look at another person, my third eye also looks too. I do not see an Aura but I do see a small (1 inch) clear wavy area around their head.

I am working with Anne re an idea involving our magnets. Since we are using them "statically" so to speak, I wondered what effect would be observed if we interrupted the field at 10 - 18 cycles per second. A revolving piece of mu-metal rotated near the magnet would cause the field to waver (commutate). This scenario would create a more "dynamic" environment. Since we are dealing with vibrations, the commutated field may harmonize with our goal.

Date: 4/8

I have had 4 ethereal experences (this week) in which I was not able to separate. Two of them earlier in the week were typical in that I could feel myself separating but just couldn't do it. The third and fourth were very (extremely) intense. It felt as though I was physically vibrating (nothing audible except for high pitched ringing in ears). I felt as though I was rising and trying to split but the top of my spine, middle back and back side of my head were being hammered and pulsating. I did not have any fear at ANY point. I just could not get out. I think that I got a visual image today of my body trying to split but I need some more advice.

Date: 4/4

Received six magnets yesterday. Placed them about 15" from head and elevated approx. 6" on the headboard.

I can sense that they are "there" when laying down and relaxing. While relaxing, I would let my focus drift to my 3rd eye and I could feel a pulling of sorts. I didn't setup last night for an event since I just wanted to see if anything spontaneous would occur. At one point I did feel strong "throb/warp" or waver but it passed as I focused on my 3rd eye. The magnet does have an effect. Tonight I will prepare as normal and see if prep plus magnet causes a change.

Note: While opening the box, I had my parrot on my shoulder. When I opened the magnetic shield, the parrot's eyes started to flash. They do that when they are excited. The magnets were still in the paper and cardboard ... he didn't see them but he could feel them.

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