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Anne's Report

Date: 5/7

Here are the results from my frequencies question to Tim Clark, "Yes, you are correct, the higher frequencies are harder to receive, at least in radio receivers. Between 54 and 88 Mhz are TV broadcast channels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Between 88 and 108 Mhz is the FM broadcast band. From 174 to 216 Mhz are TV broadcast channels 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. I think 216 Mhz is at the top of channel 13 VHF TV. 14 starts about 470 Mhz, channel 15 is 6 Mhz higher, up to channel 69 around 800 Mhz.

Date: 5/4

I had several interesting things happen last night. I moved my magnets away from my crown area (seems helpfull to periodically move the magnets) and moved them about 2 1/2 feet, dangling from my loft ceiling, so they are basically now hanging over my navel region. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night with the most pleasant vibrations! They weren't strong enough to separate, but they were very soothing. Then, I had a VERY interesting experience where I woke up and heard a movie playing! It was one of the ones I own like Emma (I think that's what it was). This is something entirely new. I've heard (for sure) radio waves, but a movie? I must have picked up on the TV frequencies. I sent a mail this morning to my friend Tim, who's into Radios and asked him the following: If TV waves are between 216 and 800 Mhz (UHF TV broadcast channels) and if radio waves (estimating FM) are around 88 and 108 Mhz, doesn't the higher frequency mean "harder to hear" which may mean that my internal vibrations are changing, thus allowing me to hear higher frequencies?

Date: 4/19

There was an interesting event that happened last night. I was in my office at home last night typing return mails and then I went down stairs to do something when Chris snuck up to the office to grab some cigarettes, when suddenly a little girl's voice said to him, "What are you doing?!" He at first thought it was me being "playful" and turned around and looked around the office, but I had just left. He ran down stairs and told me about it. I then told him about the little girl who had materialized in my dreams a week or so back and wondered if that was her again. I felt she had probably been in the office with me and was still there when Chris had snuck in to get his hidden cigarettes a minute later.

Date: 4/18

I'm using this new "Light" visualization technique to raise my vibrations. I did this for several hours next to my magnets. Probably not related, but I had a strange dream last night where I was in Australia with my soul friend and there was this noise. I looked up into the sky and saw that a large comet or asteroid was plummeting to earth. I knew we would die, but I also knew we only die physically, so I had no fear whatsoever. We embraced each other and just watched as the comet hit the earth. The shock wave only took less than one second to hit us. We died instantly. My physical body (in real life, not in my dream) violently shook with vibrations and my consciousness was in a white void. I didn't know if I really died or not at that point. It took about a full minute for the roaring vibrations to quell and for my consciousness to return to my physical body and realize I had not died. Even after the vibrations quieted down, my body "hummed" at a low vibrational rate for about half an hour afterwards. I've never had something like that happen to that degree. I guess I now know what it feels like to die...

Yesterday afternoon, I also took my foot off the gas pedal when I was driving (I speed a lot!) and said to myself, "Oh! A cop must be around the corner." and there was one.

Date: 04/09

My overall psychic sensitivity is greatly increasing. I knew a woman's name that I had never met before, I did my first 'soul' readings and was very accurate based simply off holding a persons hand and looking into their eyes.

Monday morning I woke up around 6:00 a.m. and was just looking around when I heard a man's voice say, "Anne!!"

Date: 04/02

Had an amazing astral projection experience, however, it was not of the usual kind. I was lying in bed, basically in a dream state, when the sudden pulling of my astral body commenced (6:45 a.m. Sunday). It was literally a tug of war. I don't know if it was my 12 magnets or a person. My whole head was grabbed and yanked so hard that I was forcibly thrown from my body! (This has never happened before!) There were no vibrations because it wasn't me at the "controls". In other words, I hadn't caught myself coming out of sleep or anything and induced the vibrations (by focusing on my third eye), this was simply a forced ejection! After being thrown out, I just lay there on my bed (now out of body) in a daze wondering what was going on and who or what had helped me. Another difference from a "voluntary" projection was the missing element of the etheric (no magnetic pull to my body, radio noises, etc.) I was definitely in the astral. If there was a person helping me, why didn't I see the person pulling me out if they too were in the astral? Another point that maybe it was the magnets. I decided since I was out that I wanted to see my friend Mike in Australia. I started to move down my stairs and with each step I went further into an unreal astral world that did nothing but spellbind and distract me! First, I saw a small black kitten and I of course had to stop and pet the little darling (distraction #1). Then I was confused where I was (distraction #2). Then as I moved through my lovely woods outside of my house, I kept thinking about if spiders were going to be spinning their webs between the trees that I was maneuvering through (distraction #3). Then I just sort of lost it and snapped back to my body. Lesson! Keep focused and keep saying those affirmations like "clarity now!" This is my first weekend with the 12 magnets.

Date: 03/29

Well, something rather odd has happened since writing the below (6:30 p.m.) I went and took a bath. And as I was lying there (7:00 p.m.), the shower curtain lifted back a foot like someone was stepping into the bath with me! I couldn't believe it. I thought maybe there was a breeze, but the door was shut. After it laid back down, I tried blowing on it, but I couldn't get it to move near the amount it did. It was like a hand had moved it back and away as if to "peer" in. I've only had my additional magnets now for 24 hours and I wonder if this is yet another etheric anomaly! On another note, the feeling in the bathroom was very positive. I tried to detect if there were any negative feelings at all, but I could detect nothing of the sort.

I placed 6 of my new magnets on the right side of my head, and the other 6 on my left. Both are hanging from stockings from the ceiling, about 15" from my head. All effects have doubled! The etheric swaying is immediate, my arms and legs go numb within 15 minutes, and it takes a lot of concentration to keep my chakras from getting stimulated. Last night was the strongest vibrations yet. I came very close to separation, however, I got excited and my pulse went up. I was trying to keep my thoughts to a minimum (just focusing on my third eye) in order to decrease the chakra activity, yet keep the etheric stimulated.

Date: 03/28

I went to bed extra early last night and it's amazing how quickly the etheric and chakras respond to the magnets. I can get my crown and third eye chakra swirling so much that I feel like there's a spinning top on my head. I got deep enough where my face felt like a 20-pound water bag was on it. My astral feet started changing directions from my physical ones (I think trying to point up at the magnets) so there are just so many really weird feeling. My body gets to swirling and twisting and it's hard on the concentration. It's like being on a boat in a rocky sea. I feel like I should be studying chakra work more since I could be missing something important here.

I also think I know why the head is the last to detach when astral projecting. I think that it is because most of our primary chakras are in the head region and chakras are energy centers (and where there is energy, there is magnetism). When I project, the first thing to raise are my hands, and hands don't have a primary chakra. So if these magnets are stimulating the chakras as well, there could be competition between the chakras and the magnets over the etheric body (which would explain all the tumultuous swaying). More magnets?

I just received my additional six magnets (12 total). That's over 14 teslas affecting these bodies. We shall see...

Date: 03/24

The nutty professor (me) has ordered 6 more magnets (making 12 total). Should have these by Tuesday. Hopefully I won't go cross eyed ;) When I was at the dentist this week, strangely enough I kept getting shocked when the dentist's instruments touched my teeth. She said it was due to my unusually high "electro" count. hmmm. I'm surprised I haven't heard radio frequencies in my teeth yet.

Date: 03/19

Received a tip from a reader (thanks!) that I should try working one of my chakras while near the magnet. So I went to bed early (unfortunately with a tense neck!). I started working my crown chakra and immediately heard "tones" and felt small vibrations and again that 'movement under the skin' feeling. The tones lasted for quite a while, but when my mind wandered, they faded, but as soon as I returned my attention to my crown chakra, they returned and remained constant. I think I'll try this again tonight, but take some aspirin before I lie down.

Date: 03/11

Took my magnets to my sisters house as I was spending the night and didn't want to miss any opportunities! I put all six together and placed them 1 foot from my head. Woke up in the catatonic state (See my Weekly Commentary article called The Catatonic State for more info). I sensed an entity in the room, but refused to be frightened. I released my fear and "welcomed" it. Well, I wasn't disappointed. An intimate interlude happened and it was very nice. Not sure who it was, but it was pleasant.

Date: 03/09

Did some affirmations before I went to bed that I wanted to exchange energy with a friend of mine. Did this for about 20 minutes before I fell asleep. Became aware in the middle of the night and felt waves of energy coursing between us and the magnets. It was all non-verbal and very hard to explain. I wasn't really in my body (probably in the etheric), and felt more like I was on/in a "wave" of energy. The only words I could form were "wow" and "it worked."

Date: 03/08

Adding 4 more magnets, for a total of six.

Date: 03/06

I woke up last night and my whole body was vibrating intensely. For some reason, my pulse shot up which prevented separation. I tried to lift my astral arm, but I think the vibrations weren't strong enough due to the pulse rate. The vibrations also went on for the longest duration that they ever have. I also had to fight an inkling of fear that I would be disturbed in this state. Overall, I let myself get too distracted.

Date: 03/03

Had my third thought reading. When someone that I'm close to writes me (all so far have been in a different time zone, like Australia), I can see their mail. I try and read it, but it's fuzzy. I get up the next morning and I have a mail from this person. One of these thought readings included a person that mentally asked me to log in, which I tried to do in the astral, not realizing I wasn't in the physical.

Date: 03/02

I again moved my magnets (they are now stuck to each other) to be behind my head on the wall, due north. I can now feel the tingling on the crown area of my head. I want to keep moving my magnets until I discover the best location.

Date: 02/25

Bought another matching magnet. Placed one on each end at the bottom of my bed posts. Had two projections that night. One was an etheric projection. I was lying down, almost asleep, when I could see my bookcase to my left in perfect clarity through my closed eyelids. I got excited and opened my physical eyes. Later that night I had a mental projection and was suddenly on our country road. Again, I popped right back. I am now going to move the magnets again. I am placing the repelling or "pushing" side of the magnet behind my head, and the attracting, or "pulling" side of the magnet 3 feet over my head, at a 100% degree angle. I'm hoping this will create a projectory course towards the dangling magnet.

Date: 02/19

I received my neodymium earth magnet and placed it 6 feet east of the bed. Chris is not a projector, but I'm monitoring him as he well, since he will be affected.

I noticed an energy current in the room throughout the night which made me a little uneasy for some reason (not used to it?)

I woke up in the catatonic state at 3:00 a.m. and mentally felt a presence approach me, which made me distinctly uncomfortable. Then this person/entity put a hold on my left hand. I tried to shake it free, but I was catatonic and could not move. It then massaged (felt like more than one hand) my left thigh. I was very agitated and wished to be released from this state, of which I successfully pulled myself out of. This was not a welcomed contact, and has not happened before in this room. Who it was, I have no idea. It was not a "bad" contact, just not welcome and was unfamiliar. This was also one particular night where Chris and I switched sides, so it might have been him trying to get back to his side of the bed. At the same time, Chris had three false awakenings and each time he saw the clock as 3:15. On the fourth, he physically woke up, and it was 3:15. This was just after I had pulled myself out of the catatonic state with the "unknown person". He then expressed his desire to switch sides which we did. It may have been Chris in the astral, but it had a decidedly "stranger" feel to it and its approach path was not from my side of the bed, but somewhere in the room.

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