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String Theory

This theory is not a metaphysical theory, but a scientific theory supported by great physicists such as Stephen Hawking and is taught at universities throughout the world. I placed this here because it points to a theory of multiple dimensions.

String theory is an attempt to create a "Theory of Everything" - a theory that unifies the gravitational, electromagnetic, weak, and strong forces. Originally there were five separate string theories, each one of them working in different situations. The basis of the string theory is that all matter is composed of strings. The strings themselves are the smallest possible particles. Strings can be open or closed. Closed strings have the shape of a circle or oval, and open strings have ends. A string occupies one single point in space-time at any one time. Its path through time can be shown in a space vs time graph, and is called a worldsheet. The superstring theory can describe the three forces (electroweak, strong nuclear, and gravitational).

In 1994, the various string theories were unified into a single "M-theory". M-theory states that there are eleven dimensions (not just the 4 that we currently are aware of!)

It is suggested by the Kaluza-Klein Theory that each dimension could be "curled" up into an extremely tiny ball, which we could obviously not detect. In string theory, this is what has happened to the other seven dimensions. It is theorized that they curled up just after the Big Bang. It is possible that if some variables in the Big Bang were different to what they turned out to be, some or all of these extra dimensions would have expanded.

Could it not be possible then, that worlds such as the astral and mental, currently undetectable to modern scientific tools, exist in these other theorized dimensions? I also read that these strings are vibrational in nature. Anyone who has ever consciously detached themselves from the physical shell feels incredible vibrations, crackling and popping. It is the raising of our astral vibrations that allows us to access these higher worlds. Are we in reality "uncurling" these strings and entering the lower of these 7 dimensions?

String theory also states that the electroweak and strong forces have the same strength as an energy of 1016GeV, and that gravity as well will have the same strength at 1019GeV. If all the forces have the same strength, an equation can be written to describe them. (At least, that's the theory.) At this stage, no one knows what will happen if a particle accelerator could produce the required energies. Unfortunately, per documentation on the web, the US Congress has blocked moves to build an accelerator powerful enough to accomplish this. However, this governmental blocking isn't stopping other companies from conducting high-energy collisions at increasingly powerful particle accelerators (such as the yet-to-be-built Large Hadron Collider at CERN on the Franco-Swiss border). Such collisions could yield the telltale signs of higher dimensions...

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