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The Anatomy of a Projection

Sleep and Inducing a Projection

I have stated that one of several ways to induce a projection is to "mimic sleep". However, this statement needs clarification. It isn't just sleep that needs to be mimicked, but the correct cycle of sleep.

Scientists divided non-REM sleep into four stages, accounting for about 75 percent of total sleep. In each stage, brain waves become progressively larger and slower, and sleep becomes deeper. After reaching stage 4, the deepest period, the pattern reverses, and sleep becomes progressively lighter until REM sleep, the most active period, occurs. This cycle typically occurs about once every 90 minutes in humans. The time which most conscious projections occur is during the REM cycle (or the hypnagogic/hypnopompic state). Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is an intense activity in the brain during which dreaming occurs and with practice, astral projection. During the REM sleep state, the brain functions in the alpha/theta brain wave state which can also be achieved in meditation.

I've often said that it's not advisable to practice at night because you're just too tired. Stages 1-4 indicate progressive degrees of sleep with stage 1 being the lightest (alpha) and stage 4 being very deep sleep (delta). Usually after about 90 minutes we have progressed through all 4 stages and then we enter REM sleep (theta). This is the stage of sleep when most people dream. Stage REM is usually very short early in the night but gradually increase as the night goes on. By the time morning rolls around, we are in REM almost all the time. 99% of my projections have been in the morning bouncing in and out of REM sleep and also why multiple published authors report projecting after "several sleep cycles" because they have transitioned out of sleep stages 1-4 and are in REM. I think many dreams are indeed disguised astral projections because people have shared the same unusual dream content, received information not normally accessible to them and visited people and were seen.

I also found references to companies on the net that use Rapid Eye Technology to simulate the REM sleep state in order to perform passive emotional healing. They do this by mimicking the REM state via eye movements (moving side to side and gradually moving up). I found this an interesting correlation because the astral utilizes the "emotional body" and by duplicating REM sleep, (the time we naturally project) to work on emotional wounds does make sense. Even doctors that don't utilize Rapid Eye Technology state that "dreams help people process emotional material".

In summary, the goal isn't to mimic sleep, but mimic REM sleep.

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