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Parallel Universes 2

I wanted to write here about parallel universes as I think it relates to astral projection. Some physicists have been flirting with this since the 50's in an attempt to make concrete and rational some of the bizarre findings of quantum physics and general relativity. In essence, parallel universe theory suggests the existence of worlds within our technologically-extended senses, that must connect or relate with our own.

It crossed my mind when I was doing my research on the electromagnetic spectrum. Imagine this: here I'm standing in the astral and I'm right next to my bed looking at a red ball that doesn't exist in the physical. Red is red and falls within the physical electromagnetic spectrum range that should be seen regardless of who's looking at it. Know what I mean? If it vibrated outside of the color spectrum then it wouldn't be a color! It would be an x-ray or radio wave or some other form of radiation. There is no way I could see color in the astral and not see the object in the physical unless it was "somewhere else". If the astral was in a parallel universe right next to this one, it would have its own rules that don't necessarily follow ours (gravity for example-- I can fly and do whatever I want). Most everyone who has gone to the astral also reports that an earth hour can be many hours, if not days, in the astral. I remember living a portion of a different life as another person in one night! For those that have written they were someone else or knew people very intimately that they forgot upon waking, this also explains that. I have reoccurring dreams of people and places that I know like the back of my hand, but as soon as I wake, the memory vanishes. I even go to these places over and over and "remember" my life there. Parallel universes would have their own people, things, laws of physics, etc. Robert Monroe and other travelers also spoke of their own "soul gathering". They said our souls were sometimes split and we co-existed here and other places. We capture fleeting bits of this when we sleep or travel. The person who posted that he's from somewhere else very well may have a soul fragment in another universe. Going "home" may have more meaning than we realize! I projected once and traveled off into what I thought was this universe and hovered over a planet that caused a great yearning in me. What the heck was that!?

I think there are many subtle planes or universes to consider and each level has a corresponding vehicle and unique properties. The physical has the earth body with it's own laws of gravity, electromagnetic spectrum, etc. The etheric has the etheric body with its laws and the astral has the astral body, etc. There is some sort of portal from one plane to the next when the right resonance is met. I think the portal from the physical to the etheric is through the pineal gland. Once in the etheric, you can then increase the vibrations to the astral thus transferring consciousness to the next universe.

I think the etheric (including the magnetic body range) exists within or very near to the physical Electromagnetic Spectrum. I think this because of the magnetic properties and because it has been photographed via Kirlian photography (theorized bio-plasma --a stream of sub-atomic particles that move in and out of living tissue) and as a reader told me, it possesses an electrostatic shell which can be detected. It is a level that I would say is the "aura of the physical" which is also where remote viewing happens. You see things very close to the physical (same colors for example) and react to similar effects such as electricity and gravity. When in the etheric, you struggle to fly and can even get a bump from hitting something, much to people's surprise.

I now think the astral doesn't even exist in the physical body. We say we are separating the astral body, but I think it's the etheric body that we are separating. The etheric is what is attached to the physical body and deals with chakras and life force (chi, prana, kundalini, etc). Our consciousness may exist (in part) within the etheric and just switch over to the astral when it resonates at the right quantum resonance. Over our life span the etheric deteriorates and dies and our consciousness is then fully in the astral or any other realm that we resonate with.

I'm not going to go into the technical theories of parallel universes as this is all on the net and would take a volume to discuss.

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