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The Anatomy of a Projection

Is Low Blood Pressure Linked to Astral Projection Ability?

A "polar molecule movement theory" was recently submitted to me by Mario Fernandez, a reader of my web page, but I wanted to analyze it in more detail here. Mario's theory is posted below (and also under the Science page) with my comments following.


The following came to me in a sudden intuition, while attempting an astral projection in the afternoon.

I have read about Anne's conviction that projections are deeply related to magnetism. Admitting the magnetic field of the body pulls the etheric or astral body back, one should try to understand the source of that pull, in order to minimize it.

Now, not all molecules behave the same, in terms of their magnetic properties. Some molecules are like little magnets, while others do not show magnet-like properties. The magnet-like molecules are the so-called "polar" molecules, while the others are called "non-polar" molecules. It is easy to check the difference between both kinds of molecules with a simple experiment. Place a cup of lard and a separate cup of water in the microwave oven and microwave for, say, one minute. You will see the cup of water is boiling, while the cup of lard is lukewarm, at best. Now, the lard represents the fat inside your body (sorry about that), while the water represents mostly your bloodstream. The microwaves are nothing but rapid electromagnetic pulses that change the orientation of the tiny magnet-like polar molecules, many times per second. The more polar a molecule is, the more heat it will pick up in the microwave oven. Water is one of the most polar molecules in our body. Well, this shows that we should not care about our non-polar molecules, such as our fat, since they do not contribute to our magnetic pull. On the other hand, our polar molecules create a magnetic field around them as they vibrate or as they move around.

Why do they vibrate? They vibrate because of their temperature: as the temperature is higher, so are the vibrations. And why do they move around? They move around because the water molecules in your bloodstream travel all around within your body, pumped by your heart. This leads us to two conclusions. First, projections should be easiest at the time the body reaches its lowest temperature: maybe between 4 and 6 A.M. Second, projections should also be easiest at the time our pulse rate is at its minimum, and thus the bloodstream movement is slowest. Maybe we should think of some ways to lower our heart rate without risk. Or maybe another aid-device could be designed: one that would wake us once a selected heart rate has been achieved.

I think Mario's conclusion is excellent. When I was researching laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for its ability to cause spontaneous projections, they mentioned "lower blood pressure" as one of the side effects. I looked up low blood pressure and it is indeed lowest during sleep which is when we project naturally.

When we sleep (or meditate) the heart rate decreases prior to a decline in body temperature (which reduces energy and thus magnetism) and allows for separation. I repeatedly tell readers that if they are trying to project, to "reduce all thought and focus on the third eye." A projector should also focus on slowing down their heart rate via breath and mind control. Just thinking of lowering our heart rate will work just as thinking of something sour will make our mouths water. The goal is to "deaden" as much of the bodily activity as possible in an attempt to mimic sleep.

Starting immediately, I will gather statistics from readers who have naturally loose holds over their astral bodies. The people having naturally loose holds over their body that I've asked so far ALL have naturally low blood pressure. Even myself, when I had my physical several years ago was told that my blood pressure was rather low.

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