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The Anatomy of a Projection

Internal Ringing and Astral Projection

What is the link between initial separation and our ears/hearing? Typical sounds associated with separation have been labeled: roaring, screaming, buzzing, bees in ears, high pitched noises, etc. I am also able to hear a greater range of sound waves when I first leave my body (read my radio frequency article).

I and other projectors have told people to listen to the internal ringing in their ears to bring on a projection. Numerous people responded to success with this. Why? The conclusion I originally drew was that it was because this narrowed our thread of thought, which reduced the electrical input to the brain and less input reduces energy, thus magnetism.... This may be PART of the reason, but I think it also relates to the following:

Most internal ringing is normal. Why? Because the internal mechanism of the healthy ear creates sound vibrations, and your "ear sounds" or otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) can be recorded by a microphone probe fitted to your ear! In fact, OAEs are routinely used to test for normal hearing in newborn babies. This internal ringing is normal. However, excessive ringing is called tinnitus and is so annoying that it leads subjects to severe depression. Although excessive ringing in the ears is considered a disease, it has been documented that "in more than half of the cases, the exact cause of the tinnitus cannot be identified". Now, the American Tinnitus Association, using the brain imaging technique called PET (positron emission tomography) surprisingly discovered that when internal ringing was present, the hippocampus (viewed by some scientists as the seat of emotion in the brain) was stimulated. And where is the hippocampus? It is part of the temporal lobe along with the olfactory cortex and the..... amygdala! (see the amygdala link). Although each function separately, they are grouped together as "the limbic system". The vibration of one, stimulates the other.

I wrote about the amygdala based on information from Neil Slade's site and how this part of the brain, when properly triggered, helped achieve the out of body state. Neil Slade states repeatedly that listening to certain types of music flips the amygdala switch forward. He sites numerous examples of how certain music enhances learning, mental travel (OBEs) and remote viewing. Here is one of his quotes: "Just as in any other kind of music, our impressions and emotions while in our out-of-our-body experience leave and transmit the same impressions to the listener. Thus, this particular Out-Of Body Brain Travel Music will facilitate your own remote viewing and astral Brain Travel to this alien place."

Sound has been linked to OBEs for ages. My first mental projection while listening to classical music. The Monroe Institute and many other sites (including Neil Slade's site) sell "brain music" that help achieve altered states of consciousness and astral projection. Crystal bowls are used that supposedly resonate with different chakras and stimulate projection and awareness. However, it wasn't until this year (2001) that I realized that REM sleep, sound (hemi sync or otherwise) were related to OBEs via the frontal lobe.

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