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How Do I Start?

  1. Read the Beginner's Guide. This tells you what steps to work on. Pay particular attention to the Focus 10 portion, as this is commonly misunderstood.
  2. Read "My Favorite Technique" under the Weekly Commentary.
  3. Read "Top Astral Projection Mistakes". I say read this because no matter what technique you are trying, if you are making these mistakes, you will fail.
  4. Start saying affirmations before you go to bed such as, "Tonight I will astral project". Say this until you fall asleep (this could be 100 times!)
  5. Start reading books on it. This will saturate your subconscious, which is very powerful. Your subconscious mind will then start coming up with ways to bring this experience into your conscious reality.
  6. Start a dream/astral projection journal. The written word is as powerful as the spoken affirmation. Seeing yourself write down your experiences will also help trigger the subconscious into action.
  7. Review your personal habits and environment. Are you getting up early on Saturday and Sunday to go play with friends, work around the house, or are you setting aside 2-4 hours of "extra sleep" so you can induce the groggy state? Is your phone and beeper turned off? If you have kids then this may not even work for you, which means that you should be going to bed with the kids (yes, that could be as early as 7:00 p.m.!) so you wake up earlier than normal, and then can "sleep in" till the kids get up. Are you drinking or doing drugs which may be impairing your ability? Anything that disrupts your focus, is probably not good, whether that be television, disruptive relationships, caffeine, or drugs.
  8. If you are young and full of energy, are you letting your impatience play too much of a factor and giving up? Or refusing to sleep in because you're just a bundle of energy and want to get your day started? Remember that astral projection takes discipline and a ton of patience. This is difficult for young people because they want results NOW and that is not how to learn this difficult skill. You can't learn French NOW so have the same expectations with astral projection. Speaking of French, if you were to take a French class, how much homework would you have to do? How many language tapes would you have to listen to in order to pick up the nuance and vocabulary? If you wish to be fluent in astral projection, then plan on spending as much "study" time as you would an advanced calculus class. Perhaps maybe you are too young to take this up? This is an individual decision that I cannot make for you. You will get as much results out of astral projection in direct proportion to what you put in. If you only practice for half an hour a week, then your grade will be about an F+. I spend, as I would any difficult class, 4-10 hours a week on this. I constantly say affirmations, reduce distractions, keep a journal, go to bed early, sleep in late on the weekends... whatever it takes to make the grade.
  9. Review your goals. Why is it you want to do this? Just curious? Well, that may not be enough. Maybe you need to adjust your goals and "heighten" them to something that will motivate you. The reasons to motivate you don't necessarily have to be "lofty spiritual goals" either; there is no judge here telling you why you should be pursuing this. It could be to visit a lover who is on an extended leave, resolve issues with a deceased soul, healing a person you love, etc. As I put in the "Beginner's Guide" if you don't have the "Desire" you won't have the motivation to go the distance with astral projection.
  10. Just do it! Start today! There is enough here on this webpage to get you started. There are no road signs in life, you'll just have to learn some of the nuances along the way. That's what "experience" is all about.

Hope this helps my friend.

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