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The Higher Planes

A reader asked me today about the higher planes. A common answer to the question of "What are the higher planes like?" is "You wouldn't understand." But if I said that, this would be a really short and lame article. So I'm going to try and not only describe the higher planes, but tell you what they, and some of the mid planes, are for and a bit of their history. How can I do that? Well, I had been planning to write this article well before the reader asked the question because I've experienced the higher planes on enough occasions (and compared the experience to other documented experiences) that I feel I now have enough to share with you.

You can almost think of the higher plane as what existed prior to the Big Bang. What was before everything you see around you? Before man, planets, solar systems. and even light. was just conscious energy. It was formless, no boundaries, an incomprehensionable state of oneness. Here you have what we now call the higher plane. But then it wasn't the higher plane because there was no lower plane to give it the word "higher". It just was the Oneness of God. Then the Big Bang happens.. It did explode out, but it didn't just explode out physically, it exploded out in so many layers we haven't a clue. From this, we now have the mental plane, the etheric, the astral, parallel and holographic universes, and eventually the physical. This is the Creator's Divine Will now in action. So to go back to the "higher plane" is to go back to The Source. The Source before it created ego, separation, and all the experiences that appears to be outside of itself.

There are a lot of planes wedged in between The Source (relatively speaking as The Source is part of everything). A religions leader, guru, priest, or shaman may dream and enter one of the higher plane and declare this "heaven," but as long as heaven is described as anything relating to pearly gates, ego, and having seemingly physical properties and rewards, it is not heaven. The heaven used by many religions is meant to control the masses. How else can we get people to kill when specifically "Thou shalt not kill"? We reward them with harems in the afterlife, honorable placement next to God, riches and so forth. From there, we can get them to kill through hari-kari, Holy Wars, stoning, burnings, and the like. Burning at the cross sounds like ancient history, but "holy men" were doing this up until recently, and stoning is still commonplace in many countries.

Jesus was able to perform miracles. With all his powers, why did he not just kill his adversary? Sounds easy enough to me. A man who can miraculously heal also has the potential to kill. But he chose not to. He knew what I know, and that you may know. Killing doesn't get you back to The Source. It is no exaggeration when it was stated that to get to heaven (The Source) is as hard as shoving a camel through the eye of a needle.

And you know why the Source is never dangled as a carrot to the populace, like the other mid planes are? A real Master would have you set your sights higher than the astral plane or where you think the "pearly gates" are. The Source cannot be used as a carrot because the ego is left behind. This is the greatest fear to most people on earth. Feverish readers beg me to assure them that they would like to astral project (or ascend) as long as they don't lose their identity (ego). To most people, this is a punishment, not a reward. So you have to assure them that when they die, they will still be them and still enjoy things they enjoy here when times are optimal.

The Source is energy. When you experience the source, you are part of everything. You have no division, no separation, and no ego. You are size-less and without real description. You permeate all matter, on all planes. You then experience what was intended, Divine Will, at its source. There are no words, no vision, just pure conscious Divine energy. What do you do there? You do what Divine Will does: Create and experience. You then descend again into your creation and experience it. Over and over we create and experience our Divine Will.

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