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Healing in the Astral

We leave our bodies every night to recharge ourselves. Those deprived of sleep too long can even die. Every night we restore energy, heal broken neural connections, and so on. I remember one night leaving my body and actually witnessing, in microscopic terms, the healing of neural paths in my brain that naturally break down. Whenever I'm feeling down or "drained", I just tell myself to hang in there because I know a good night's rest will "restore" myself and lift any deteriorated mood.

This is one type of healing. The other healing is life long and I would consider vastly more important; and that's healing our soul. Lives are crippled and growth delayed because people refuse to heal from the wrongs they felt were done to them by others. That wrong can be blamed on God, parents, employers, spouses, and self. What good is healing a broken bone or disease, if the soul remains broken? Let us focus on that before we focus on our physical shells. Long after we have left the physical plane of existence, our soul carries with it the scars incurred while here on earth.

It has recently been asked of me, "What is healing?" I feel that healing is the removal of obstacles that are blocking or slowing our spiritual growth. That obstacle is many things; fear, love lost, physical addictions, hate, and so on. The process of removing these from our life is healing. So how do you heal? I would think that first we have to see the obstacle. Acknowledge that our progress has been slowed down by this weight. Understand the obstacle. Why is it there? Why do I refuse to let go? Next is to learn the lesson. Why did this happen? Was it to learn to love, control ones self, being judgmental? Was it to learn that we are only here temporarily and the material things we deem important, aren't really so? Was it karma? This is an individual process, and can only be asked by each person. Once we see why and how the issue came about, then we can work on acceptance and a cure. Acceptance if it's unfixable (as in the past) and curable if it's an addiction, a current relationship or situation.

The wonderful thing about the astral and healing is that this process can happen in minutes, whereas it can take years (if at all) while in the physical. I have to share a particular example that William Buhlman included in his book, "Adventures Beyond The Body". Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park) described his OBE in his book Travels. On one occasion, he initiated his obe with his guide and friend, Gary. Basically, Michael leaves his body through his third chakra, moves into the astral plane and meets his father. He then says:

"I felt worried. I hadn't had an easy time with my father. Now he was showing up while I was vulnerable, in an altered state of consciousness. I wondered what he would do, what would happen. He approached me. My father looked the same, only translucent and misty, like everything else in this place. I didn't want to have a long conversation with him. I was quite nervous.

Suddenly he embraced me.

In the instant of that embrace, I saw and felt everything in my relationship with my father, all the feelings he had had and why he had found me difficult, all the feelings I had had and why I had misunderstood him, all the love that there was between us, and all the confusion and misunderstanding that had overpowered it. I saw all the things he had done for me and all the ways he had helped me. I saw every aspect of our relationship at once, the way you can take in at a glance something small you hold in your hand. it was an instant of compassionate acceptance and love.

I burst into tears."

Gary asked, "What is happening now?"

Michael replied, "He's hugging me."

And then it was over. He then proceeded to say that this whole experience happened in just a few seconds and that in those few seconds his relationship with his father had been resolved in a flash.

We all have wounds that need to be addressed and healed. This can usually be found where there is "blame" directed at someone or something. For example, if we say that our lives could have been better if our parents had put us through school, if God had blessed us more, if that guy at work wasn't such a jerk, etc, then we can probably find the blame and in turn find the wounds. The healing comes in acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and responsibility. Blaming others is easy and requires no self analysis. A hard concept for me to learn was that it is not what is said or done to us, but how we react. We can be as miserable, or as happy as we decide to be. The next time you are in the astral, ask to meet the higher self of the person you feel has done you wrong and then accept and forgive them. In the astral, that person will be stripped of all pretenses, walls, and blocks (actually, you both will) which is when real progress can be made. I believe that you will come back with a load lifted and a brighter outlook. What happens to us is not a punishment, but a lesson.

There is also the need for physical healing. You can heal yourself, or others, using several methods. One is to enter focus 12 (mind awake, body asleep, also known as the hypnagogic state) and use visualization. The way that you visualize is up to you. I'll provide you an example. A man was diagnosed with cancer. He would meditate every night and visualize little men taking miniature tools and chipping away at the cancer until it was gone. Over the next few months, his cancer was gone. You can imagine as you breath in, that healing energy is entering your ailing spot, and as you breath out, the disease, or ailment is leaving your body. You can imagine balls of energy rolling through your body, wiping out problems as it goes. The list is endless on how you can use visualization tools to heal yourself and others. The other way to heal is in the astral, and since we are so much more powerful in the astral, this is the more effective tool. Unfortunately, this requires knowledge and manipulation of the astral world and it seems difficult for most to achieve this. I read of a young girl who entered the astral and healed a sick relative. She would put her astral hands over the part of the body that was sick and send healing energy to that individual. You also may be able to ask the higher self of a sick person why they are sick. A lot of times sickness is caused from an emotional wound and can be addressed once it is established what the real problem is. Some people even get sick because they are avoiding something such as a job they detest or facing a person. A person may not be consciously aware of why they are sick, so you can use the astral to access their subconscious and get to the root of a thinking pattern that is leading to the problem.

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