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General Summary

There have been some basic principals exposed with these magnets, experienced by all:

  • Another unexpected benefit seems to be our health. I had a friend over this weekend who was sneezing and itching her watery eyes and complaining of her allergies, and I suddenly realized that my allergies (usually bad in spring as well) had completely vanished! Michael said that when he placed the smaller magnet on his forehead, his sinuses were amazingly clear the next day (in fact the most clear of his memory). David reported feeling younger, that his arthritis was gone, and that he also felt 'energetic'. I can only assume that since the etheric seems to be the body most affected by the magnets (and that since the etheric is our "vitality" body) that it is working harder to restore the physical. This could be good for general healing as well.
  • It has recently been discovered (as of 3/22/00) that hypnagogic images greatly increase. As per my glossary, "This is the border state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. This state has been found to be accompanied by a distinct physiological characteristic, relaxation, decreased EEG tracings showing theta waves production, slow eye movements (SEM's), less activity of the frontalis (muscle of the forehead)." The imagery comes on during meditation while laying by the magnets. These intense images include vivid light shows, intense symmetrical patterns, the sudden appearance of brilliant crystals (I saw a wonderful amethyst crystal ball that was brilliant). These are in perfect color and clarity.
  • The etheric body is electromagnetic and these magnets increase the energy in the room which results in etheric anomalies such as the catatonic state, hearing people's thoughts and seeing through closed eye lids. While these magnets don't increase "astral projection" per se, they do increase etheric activity, which is a very good lead into astral projection (read "Our Five Bodies" and "The Catatonic State"). The sensing of "communication" is almost nightly for me now. There has even been several instances of precognition (the present perception of future events).
  • Sleep gets heavier for all of us, which is why I'm going to bed earlier than ever to combat this. Kristina's schedule has been too erratic with travel and home improvements so she has been unable to compensate for the "hard" sleep. David slept heavier starting the first night (I did not tell him that we too slept heavier).
  • You get used to them, must increase as appropriate. We started David on 4 because we knew one was too little.
  • General increase in both frequency and pitch of the pre projection noises (a high pitched tone).
  • There is a lot of "interior" moving. When lying in my bed, I feel my astral face moving underneath my skin. Sort of annoying at times, because it wouldn't stop. The rest of my body only felt this way if I was on top of the covers. Kristina also reported pulling and tingling sensations as soon as she laid down with the magnets.
  • Initial headaches (seems to be with the women only). The body is not used to this kind of magnetic influence and the first week is associated with headaches. These disappear when you get used to the magnets. When Kristina increased hers from one to four, she noticed the return of the headaches. However, when I increased my magnet quantity from two to six, I noticed no return of the headaches. Neither David nor Michael had headaches.

Magnet Quantity: Anne (24), Kristina (8), Michael (6) Bob (6)

Neodymium Earth Magnet Information

If you are interested in conducting your own neodymium earth magnet tests, below is some information to help you.


Item #: The ones used in the test are Item #1, under their Order link.

Cost: These are only $6.01 each! These magnets can run up to $100.00 a piece elsewhere so this is by far the best pricing out there!

Quantity: Depends on how brave you're feeling .... I currently have 25.

Size: Item #1 is 1" diameter, .25" thick disc

If you do try these experiments and want to share your results, please do!

WARNING These are not toys and have already caused two injuries. If you have children, keep these out of their reach at all costs. These magnets are the strongest in the world and will fly together and pinch or tear anything in their way (especially fingers). THESE ARE NOT TOYS.

Using these magnets are at your own risk.

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