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Astral Society Chat, May 17th, 2004

I wanted the below transcript to be unedited which means at 90 wpm, with many people heralding questions at me, this is as good as it gets as far as spelling!

21:25 Anne and whomever said computers are our friends was insane

21:25 * Wolfie54 applauds

21:25 Netwire Hello, and welcome Anne.

21:26 * Wolfie54 applauds

21:26 Anne my god! First my satellite went down, then my modem, which is slower than a snail had to download a bunch of files.

21:26 Anne but regardless here I am!

21:26 KenshinHimura lol

21:26 Anne Thanks, hope everyone is well

21:26 KenshinHimura thats what i call dedication!!

21:26 *** KenshinHimura is now known as novice340

21:26 Netwire Thank you for coming Anne :)

21:26 Anne yeah! I believe in follow through and sticking with a comitment

21:26 Anne just pardon any blatant mispellings

21:27 Wolfie54 im the worst speller around here

21:27 Netwire We're all well adept to reading typo's :)

21:27 Anne oh good, so I have a close second behind me

21:27 Wolfie54 check out my journal lol

21:27 Therion And quite fond of them.

21:27 jim[beam] yes I worked with Netwire for years

21:27 Anne I like the company of bad spellers

21:27 Wolfie54 :-D

21:27 Netwire lol jim

21:27 Anne wow, this is something with multiple people. I'm so used to one ear

21:27 Anne or one set of eyes in chat (ahem)

21:28 Anne so how many of you know my site? or are you astralsociety visitors?

21:28 Jean :p

21:28 Anne or both!

21:28 Therion Well, both :P

21:28 Netwire Me, I do.

21:28 francois both here :)

21:28 Anne oh good, diversity of info is good

21:28 novice340 im on astral..ive never been to urs Anne

21:28 Anne my opinions are just that anyway (opinions!)

21:28 Anne oh ok, well free to probe the inner workings of this mind here

21:28 Anne all is yours

21:28 novice340 whats the address?

21:28 jim[beam] ur site is good

21:28 jim[beam] Anne

21:29 Anne

21:29 novice340 ok

21:29 jim[beam] different than astralpulse and AS

21:29 Anne any questions that spring to mind from anyone?

21:29 Wolfie54 i do

21:29 Wolfie54 pick me

21:29 Wolfie54 pick me

21:29 novice340 lol

21:29 Anne oh and jus so you know, my modem can be flakey too. If I suddenly drop off, know I'll try and reconnect

21:29 Anne hehe

21:29 novice340 lol

21:29 novice340 dedication...

21:29 Anne well whomever asks first, answers first

21:29 Anne :)

21:30 Wolfie54 when you leave ur body can u see ur astral self?

21:30 Anne so far, you've just had to endure the dribble of my technical woes

21:30 jim[beam] when is a person an advanced soul ?

21:30 koan and if her house is set on fire she'll call me and I'll tell you guys too :P

21:30 francois lol

21:30 Anne ahh let me start with the first question

21:30 Wolfie54 woot

21:30 Wolfie54 :-D

21:30 Anne if you are in the astral, yes you can see your astral form. Just like when you are in the physical you can hold up your hand and see your physical hand. It's the same thing.

21:31 Wolfie54 cool

21:31 Anne well we are all advanced souls. Our quest here is to remember how advanced we are.

21:31 Anne everyone of us is perfection. We just have this veil over our perfection because we enjoy the immense thrill of rediscovering that perfection

21:31 Therion A question on wolfys question, doesn't seeing yourself in the astral tend to lead to the wonderland effect?

21:32 jim[beam] hm u sound more spiritual than the other monroe people I have met

21:32 Wolfie54 therion are u asking me?

21:32 Anne well that depends on how developed you are at astral projection. When you project, your subconscious mind will immediately seek control. Only a skilled projector will know how to consciously take back control. It doesn't matter if you're looking at your hand or flying in the sky, you must constantly exorcise control.

21:33 Therion I see :)

21:33 Anne well I have had the benefit of seeing the planes at the point where karma is worked on, soul level choices are made, barriers don't exist so I have a slight advantage..

21:33 novice340 so..where are you most skilled, Anne? like..what should we be asking you

21:33 Anne but karma is worked on here, but we don't consciously chose how that is so. We do this at a higher level.

21:34 Anne oh well, hmm, I have been consciously doing AP for 10 plus years, and remote viewing for about 5 so...

21:34 Anne but I know both very well

21:34 novice340 ok

21:34 Anne so ask away. If I don't know something, I'll be sure to say so. My ego can do that ;)

21:35 novice340 ok lol

21:35 Anne if I miss a question, slap me please

21:35 Anne cause some of these fonts are colored and some are black like mine

21:35 Wolfie54 lol

21:35 *** Prime has joined #astralsociety

21:35 novice340 wheres a good place to start rv?

21:35 Netwire Anne, in your opinion which is easier to master - AP or RV?

21:36 Wolfie54 how do u travel between planes?

21:36 *** Prime has quit (Quit: Prime)

21:36 Anne meditation. It all starts with that. This is two fold. First, if you can't clear your mind you won't be able to open up to your higher self, second, RV deals with the third eye, which is used in meditation.

21:36 *** Prime_Mover has joined #astralsociety

21:36 Prime_Mover muahahahaha

21:36 Prime_Mover it is I

21:36 Netwire Hello Prime

21:36 Anne oh well RV is MUCH easier in my opinion. Consciously leaving the body can take forever!

21:36 novice340 meditation as in..keeping your mind clear for a period of time or..what

21:36 Prime_Mover what the topic today

21:36 Therion Ap/Rv

21:37 jim[beam] when u move from a place in the astral is it your perception becos you are so used to having a body or is it just the same?

21:37 novice340 Anne, is it meditation as in..keeping your mind clear for a period of time or..what

21:37 Netwire Prime we are having a guest chat with Anne from

21:37 Anne meditation is FOCUS

21:37 novice340 so focusing on a single goal/item?

21:37 Anne you can meditate and sculpt. You can meditate and sing. You can meditate and RV.

21:37 Anne it's the direct application of focus, clearing your mind, opening up

21:37 Anne well that

21:37 Netwire Oh, an my fave Anne.. meditate and eat ice cream :)

21:37 novice340 so its emptying your mind of all distractions and concentrating on one thing?

21:37 Anne is what RV is: picking a target, so yes, find a single thing you want to see

21:38 Prime_Mover how about concentrating on nothing

21:38 Anne hehe yes, lots of ice cream and please make it mint chocolate chip

21:38 Anne that' show I start (I clear the mind). Let the dail chatter pass by

21:38 Anne then

21:38 *** Mobius has joined #astralsociety

21:38 Wolfie54 lol

21:38 Netwire Welcome Mobius

21:38 Wolfie54 hi

21:39 jim[beam] hey mob my friend :))

21:39 Mobius heyas

21:39 Anne say to yourself what your target is. This is creating the focus through "intent". With this intent, you'll tell your higherself to provide information. Then just start to probe the higher self. You probe by one time asking, then waiting (with a clear mind). It's like a pulse action

21:39 Mobius full house

21:39 Anne like when I remote view a missing kid

21:40 Wolfie54 how do u remote view someone that u dont even know and dont even know what he/she looks ilke?

21:40 Anne First, I'll generally print out a picture of them. I start by clearning my mind fully. Then I'll say their name, hold an image of them in my mind and then release... Then I'll wait. I'll do this back and forth until photographic imagery starts to appear. And yes, this can take well over an hour.

21:40 Anne because your subconscious mind KNOWS ALL

21:40 Anne there is no such thing as not knowing someone!

21:40 Prime_Mover wow this is cool

21:40 Anne I don't even need their name or picture... That just makes it a degree easier.

21:40 Therion Interesting concept.

21:41 Anne In fact, before you even start, your subconscious mind has 100% target contact! You're just trying to make contact with your subconcious mind. Remember, there is no such thing as true separation. We are all one

21:41 Wolfie54 is it possible to travel between planes?

21:41 Wolfie54 when obe

21:41 Anne When, at the highest level, you can see that we exist in one sea of energy, you'll know that we are all part of the oneness. Therefore, nothing is outside of ourselves, making it all available for remote viewing

21:42 Anne oh sure.. that's about raising your vibration. You don't "go anywhere" you just shift your vibration.

21:42 Wolfie54 ???

21:42 Wolfie54 ok...

21:42 Anne In fact, sometimes when I project, I don't go "anywhere" just within. This is done be a mere shifting of energy.

21:42 Netwire Anne, could you tell us what you do in order to raise your vibrations?

21:42 Prime_Mover how do you shift

21:42 Anne Sure...

21:43 Anne Energy work consists of working with your chakras. I was shown a neat trick too that isn't widely written about

21:43 Anne I'll share it here

21:43 novice340 thx

21:43 Wolfie54 thnx

21:43 Kyloma Oh boy! ^.^

21:44 Anne A master on the astral plane showed me that if you lay down, put your body in the shape of a T (arms out straight at your side, palms up) you can amass great quantities of energy that way... and of course there is an even better way

21:44 Anne and that is by your thoughts. quite simply, negative thoughts lower your energy, loving, light thoughts raise your energy. Why do you think Christ was able to do such miracles (or other masters-- I preach all masters not just CHrist)

21:45 Prime_Mover that makes sense

21:45 Anne it was pure love. Pure love raising you to such a level of consciousness and ability that you can ascend to the highest levels of any plane... where you are just white light and infinite knowledge is yours.

21:45 novice340 sounds reasonable

21:45 Anne well try it!

21:45 Anne hehe

21:45 novice340 i will

21:45 Netwire I will be happy to try that out, thanks!

21:45 novice340 problem is i done know how to use it :P

21:45 Anne If you do it long enough, you'll even start to see astral energy in the air

21:46 Anne well the use will be made self evident

21:46 novice340 im reading this book by osbourne phillips..heard of him??

21:46 Wolfie54 o0o0o0o0o infinte knowledge

21:46 Anne yeah, I think I have his book.

21:46 novice340 on astral projection??

21:46 Anne well infinite knowledge is within... you have it

21:46 Wolfie54 better copy this all down

21:46 novice340 the Plain and Simple series

21:46 Prime_Mover im taking notes

21:47 francois so, why do we choose to forget?

21:47 Anne well these chats are archived too

21:47 Kyloma Did you already post that trick on your website?

21:47 Anne hehe good question!

21:47 Anne because you'd be bloody bored otherwise.

21:47 Wolfie54 yea... but its hard to find where exactely we were

21:47 Wolfie54 cause its a long list

21:47 Anne the human soul loves to remember. Now, think of God for a second...

21:47 Anne God knows it all...

21:47 Anne and we are a microcosm of God so we know it all, but if we are god and know it all then why create us?

21:48 Anne We are created so that God can experience itself through us! But if we had the memory of God, then God would be right back to where it started.

21:48 Anne It HAD To have us forget so the illusion would work

21:48 novice340 wow...i can tell what thoughts you meditate on :P very complex

21:48 Prime_Mover wow that is soo deep

21:48 Wolfie54 um...i dont mean to insult anyone but is there really a true god out there?

21:48 Anne So it created the illusion of separation, we forgot... so we could have the incredible process of remembering..

21:48 francois sound confusing ;)

21:48 novice340 wolfie..that is a matter of faith

21:48 Skye_Dragon I don't think there is

21:49 novice340 sadly, no proof

21:49 Prime_Mover im agnostic

21:49 Anne well if you think of God as a man in a beard in a heaven, separate from you, then no, that God does not exist

21:49 novice340 right

21:49 novice340 god is in no place at once

21:49 Kyloma God just "is"

21:49 Anne Ahhh, but alas, when you go to the higher planes... and you see what I've seen, then you know that God is You and you are god.

21:49 novice340 right, kyloma

21:49 Anne and you will kick and scream and hate life until you raise your vibrations enough that you will start to hear God, which is you

21:49 Prime_Mover so god is in all of us then

21:50 novice340 right

21:50 Anne and the truth will be so staggering that you will know, and no words will help others know this understanding which is why they have to walk their own path

21:50 Wolfie54 interesting

21:50 Kyloma Anne change your color please! It's confusing me. . .

21:50 Anne and I don't want to rob you of your "remembering" yours is perfect for you. You will unfold at the perfect moment

21:50 novice340 Anne, sry to draw you off the topic, but the it the Plain and Simple series?

21:50 Anne oh how do I do that?

21:50 Anne um lemme check

21:50 Anne hold on

21:51 koan thats a good idea Anne, if you can, choose a different color so people can detect your ligns easily...

21:51 Anne Ok well I see these colored blocks to the right, but when I click on them my font still looks black

21:51 Anne oh there!

21:51 Anne ha!

21:51 koan :D

21:51 novice340 ok

21:51 novice340 thx

21:51 Anne it just didn't show up until I hit enter

21:51 Anne is that better?

21:51 novice340 yes

21:51 Anne now that I'm a screaming blue

21:51 novice340 Anne, is it the same book?

21:52 Wolfie54 yes type in colour, it stands out

21:52 Anne anyways, I am not here to convert anyone. You walk your own path, have your own beliefs. That is how it works

21:52 jim[beam] when is your book out for release ?

21:52 Kyloma This is much easier to understand.

21:52 Anne um not sure... I have hundreds of books, would take a while to confirm that

21:52 novice340 sry im persistant..but i want to compare thoughts and methods on the book

21:52 Anne oh well I have the editor looking it over in the next few weeks.

21:52 Anne well you can write me privately at ****

21:53 novice340 such there an actual "visible" astral material

21:53 novice340 astral substance

21:53 Therion Do you think the M-theroy has any truth to it, and if the astral is one of the plains that exist at viberational stage we can't see on the physical? This seems to differ from many concepts of it, where the astral is seperate from the phyiscal plane, not another D.

21:53 novice340 and do u need aura (3rd eye) vision to see it?

21:53 Anne well remember, the astral is much like the physical. So many times it's so "concrete" I can't even believe I've projected. Remember, it's all about vibrations. It just vibrates more finely.

21:54 Prime_Mover I have a question what is m theory

21:54 Anne M Theory is on my website. Yes, there are other dimensions that if we had a particle accelerator, we could uncurl those strings

21:54 Kyloma And the "other D"

21:54 Anne M theory postulates that there are up to 13 other hidden dimensions, curled up into strings.

21:54 Anne ok for the third eye question...

21:54 Anne The third eye is a chakra

21:54 novice340 right

21:55 *** kimanna has joined #astralsociety

21:55 Wolfie54 whats the M-theory?

21:55 jim[beam] so ur into quantum theory then Anne ?

21:55 Anne your vision is separate. It just happens to be chAnneled through the third eye.

21:55 Wolfie54 k nvm

21:55 Anne that's like saying "Do I need a heart to feel?" No!

21:55 novice340 ok

21:55 novice340 into quantum theory too

21:55 novice340 :P

21:56 Anne oh I love physics. If I wasn't gawd awful at math I would have either been into physics or astronomy. But since my math is limited to toes and fingers, that went out the window.

21:56 novice340 anyone read "The Elegant Universe"?

21:56 Prime_Mover i attempted

21:56 Anne I think I have that book too...

21:56 novice340 cool

21:56 novice340 im 1/2 done

21:56 Wolfie54 what is all this astral thing called?

21:56 novice340 ive got the gist of it so far...

21:56 Anne Oh and on that "vision" thing, this is only through the astral plane. You dont' need vision in the mental and higher planes.

21:56 francois Anne, could you talk about entities we can meet in the higher plan?

21:57 *** Socrates has joined #astralsociety

21:57 Anne what do you mean, what is all this astral thing called? It's just another dimension that vibrates more finely than the physical.

21:57 *** jim[beam] sets mode +o on Socrates

21:57 Netwire Welcome Soc

21:57 novice340 hey soc

21:57 Wolfie54 i meant

21:57 Socrates :)

21:57 Wolfie54 like umm astology

21:57 Wolfie54 calculus

21:57 Anne Well entities are just like us. They have low vibrations and high vibrations. They too are bound by the planes they resonate with.

21:57 Wolfie54 hm...

21:58 novice340 these vibrations..are these as in the vibrations of the string theory??

21:58 jim[beam] Anne are u still a trainer with monroe ?

21:58 francois but why can we see someone that is actualy awake?

21:58 Anne Well Wolfie54, astral projection is just called astral projection. It's the study of the astral.

21:58 *** kimanna has quit (Ping timeout)

21:58 Wolfie54 o... study of astral

21:58 Prime_Mover are these entities appear like ghosts to us here on the physical level?

21:58 Anne String theory is about how to uncurl them. SO that's a bit different than saying this relates to entities. THey are "trapped" in their dimension just like your trapped here (until death of course)

21:59 Kyloma Are Wiccan beliefs justified, in that there is another plane with faeries and Dragons?

21:59 novice340 ok..thx

21:59 Anne No, I was never a trainer at the Monroe Institute though I wanted to be.... darned work got in the way

21:59 jim[beam] ahh

21:59 jim[beam] I thought it was you actually

21:59 jim[beam] probably mixed up with somebody else

21:59 Anne Well you don't always see someone that is awake! You see their astral counterpart

21:59 novice340 oh..but "trapped" is astral projection "escaping" this??

21:59 Wolfie54 um... when ur a different planes (or level of vibration i get confused) during an obe, can u roam around the planes?

22:00 Anne the ghost comment cracks me up. You can't tell ghost from someone who is alive!

22:00 Prime_Mover huh?

22:00 Wolfie54 LOL

22:00 novice340 ???

22:00 novice340 !!???!!!

22:00 Prime_Mover wha?

22:00 Wolfie54 LOL

22:00 Wolfie54 rofl

22:00 novice340 whoa

22:00 Anne OMG yes there are faeries and gnomes. A gnome helped me win the daily lottery. We must accept that there is much intelligent life in this universe.

22:01 novice340 lmao

22:01 Therion =)

22:01 Kyloma But how. . . where are they?

22:01 Netwire Hey, I could use a Gnome right about now to help me in the lotto.

22:01 novice340 lol

22:01 Kyloma on a different plane, right?

22:01 Wolfie54 so... can we actually roam around the planes?

22:01 jim[beam] Anne what happened to your mailinglist? i used to be a member of it i think

22:01 Anne No, astral projection is not escaping. A part of you is ALWAYS in the astral, just like your thoughts are ALWAYS in the mental. Your body is a FILTER for all of these planes.

22:01 Prime_Mover ah

22:01 novice340 so projection is shifting your conciousness?

22:02 Anne what is a gnome? what are you?

22:02 Anne same thing, different shape

22:02 Prime_Mover i get it

22:02 Prime_Mover finally

22:02 Wolfie54 i get it

22:02 Anne gosh, can't remember a mailing list

22:02 novice340 yay

22:02 novice340 sense making this is..sentences my not are

22:02 jim[beam] hm ok

22:03 Anne yes, projection is shifting your consciuosness. Deep in thought? You've just shifted to the mental plane. Feeling deeply in love? You're immersed in the emotional plane. Escstacy of unconditional love? You're tapping into the higher plane

22:03 Socrates i think he is talking about the yahoo group you used to have available through your website :)

22:03 Wolfie54 so... the coniousness of a bee is the same as...

22:03 novice340 in a diffrent complexity wolfie

22:03 Anne how novice340 sounds a bit like Yoda "making sense this is."

22:03 Wolfie54 ok...

22:03 novice340 lol...thats what i was trying for

22:03 novice340 to all other people..where do u access the chat logs??

22:03 Netwire That's a good analogy Anne.

22:04 novice340 im on mIRC

22:04 Therion I have another out-of-the-blue question, when i project, i seem to be to solid to go threw walls, or leave my room, and am pulled back in before i can do anything constuctive. anyway to resolve this?

22:04 Wolfie54

22:04 Anne well vibrations are all vibrating at different frequencies and have different states of evolution. Am I the bee? Well yes and no. I once travelled to the higher astral planes and was one with a garden. Do you think the air between you and I is empty of "it?" Of course not, so where do you end and I start?

22:05 jim[beam] as much as I'd like to stay I really gotta go

22:05 novice340 cya jim

22:05 Therion later.

22:05 Kyloma bye~

22:05 Jean bye ;)

22:05 francois later

22:05 novice340 where do i go to find the chat logs????

22:05 Anne you are too solid because of your mind set. I AP'd under water once and refused to breath. First, it was all in my head. You have to master your will power before you can overcome natural things like falling, flying, being under water, going through "solid" mass etc.

22:05 *** Mobius has quit (Quit: Quit AstralSociety Chat!!!)

22:05 Anne bye Jim!

22:05 jim[beam] bye Anne

22:05 Wolfie54

22:06 jim[beam] hope to see your book on the shelves soon :)

22:06 Anne I have no idea where to find chat logs. I'd email the admin of this site.

22:06 Socrates you go to the home page and click chat archived chats

22:06 Netwire Cya Jim

22:06 Therion Ah,understandable.

22:06 novice340 ok..thx

22:06 Anne oh me too! Someone please kick my butt

22:06 *** jim[beam] has quit (Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: ))

22:06 novice340 too simple..that was stupid

22:06 Anne Did I miss any questions?

22:06 *** Jean has left #astralsociety

22:06 Netwire I don't think so Anne. :)

22:06 Kyloma About the gnomes

22:06 Wolfie54 is it possible to map out the entire universe? cause thats like my goal

22:06 francois is there a lower plan under the physical?

22:06 Kyloma What and where are they?

22:07 Kyloma On a different plane, right?

22:07 Anne hehe map out the universe huh? I do have a day job.

22:07 Anne the universe is infinite

22:07 Therion Maybe ghost are from a lower plane then ours. :P

22:07 novice340 lol

22:07 Wolfie54 how about the planes?

22:07 Wolfie54 wait... the universe is theorized to be expanding

22:08 Socrates do you find .. integrating your day "job" and your personal interests in spiritual matters sometimes hard?

22:08 Anne well the plane you're speaking of is the etheric. It is actually one level up, but it holds ghosts etc. Now, this is not to be confused with a parellel universe.

22:08 francois What about one level down? :)

22:08 Wolfie54 HELL!

22:08 Wolfie54 jokes

22:08 Anne of course I find it hard. I have to go to a job and grind out structured query language, then come home and find something within to proof a new age book when all I want to do is sit on my back deck and stare at trees all day

22:08 Wolfie54 jokes

22:08 Netwire Anne, may I ask your thoughts on the use of a Ouija Board (as a tool) for communicating with your higher-self?

22:08 Anne I'm human folks

22:09 Anne well no, I think the physical is rock bottom (sorry)

22:09 koan reagrding the chat archive: I'll copy paste it into a web page that we may piblish on soon for your perusal..

22:09 Anne as soon as I detach, I'm in the etheric. This is where things grab you, you hear screams, ghosts are flitting about.

22:09 Prime_Mover that doesn't sound fun

22:09 Anne they are still vibrating too fine for the physical. Picture your own death... you shed your coarse physical shell and become invisible to the naked eye... you are still one level up

22:10 Wolfie54 but i heard that when u detach you can see ur physical self?

22:10 novice340 thx koan

22:10 Anne ah, well I wrote an article on the ouija board.. unfortunately these tap into the nexxt level up, which is NOT ideal for higher self exploring. I suggest meditation and introspection. Trust me, you don't need an oracle to find your higher self.

22:11 Anne oh thanks Koan for the archive note ;)

22:11 Netwire Ty Anne

22:11 Socrates well said Anne

22:11 novice340 thx

22:11 Anne yes, you can see your physical self, but as you move about 10 feet away you slip into the astral and the icky screams stop

22:11 Therion Is it possible to project into the mental, and study the vast amounts of knowledge there?

22:11 Anne yes, of course.

22:12 Anne the mental is an interesting place

22:12 Wolfie54 do they always scream?

22:12 Therion That sounds fun. =)

22:12 Anne when you shed the physical, etheric, and astral, you find yourself just "IS"

22:12 Anne BUT

22:12 Anne you need to go higher for universal knowledge. The mental plane is just your thoughts

22:12 Wolfie54 ic

22:12 Socrates are you familiar with john cahils idea of transcendant awareness

22:13 Anne if you want to get the higher knowledge you have to move even out of that. This is what Robert Mornoe called ROTES or thought balls

22:13 Kyloma Our thoughts

22:13 Therion Ah, i see. Thanks.

22:13 Anne no, I am not

22:13 Socrates :)

22:13 Anne but again on the higher planes

22:13 Kyloma How many planes are there?

22:13 Anne this isn't like sitting and reading a book, or having some chat, this info comes at you fast and wordsless. Read that again... wordless!

22:14 Anne you have to translate energy and quickly. As fast as it's coming, you can't keep up iwth it so you get snippets.

22:14 Anne Well there are supposedly seven but within those seven are sevel layers

22:14 Anne so the astral apparently has seven

22:14 novice340 how far have u been?

22:14 Anne but who has a "dimension ometer"

22:14 novice340 i know there not distinct tho

22:14 Anne there are no sighns here

22:14 Wolfie54 so...if you get stuck on some really hard math question can you find the answers somewhere?

22:14 Anne you just "shift" and things totally change.

22:14 novice340 ok

22:15 novice340 lol..wolfie is practical..nice

22:15 Socrates yes wolfie... in the back of the text book ;)

22:15 Wolfie54 LOL

22:15 Wolfie54 ROFL

22:15 novice340 lol

22:15 Anne yes, the greatest minds used the three "B's" for answers (bed, bath bus) that's because their minds went into light or deep theta and the answers would come

22:15 Prime_Mover how about seeing into the future?

22:15 Wolfie54 cool

22:15 Anne how far have I been?

22:15 Kyloma I don't wanna be annoying, but I'm still on the gnomes from earlier.

22:15 Wolfie54 o yea...

22:15 Skye_Dragon *giggles*

22:16 novice340 lol

22:16 novice340 those damn gnomes lol

22:16 Anne Well let's put it this way, I've seen my own purpose form at the highest level, I've seen the future too many times to count, I have direct conversations with "it" that no matter how I try and stump it I can't I've been one with all... now, how far is that? Who can say for sure.

22:16 Kyloma I'm serious!

22:16 Anne oh yeah, gnomes, what about them?

22:16 Anne they are earth creatures by the way

22:16 Kyloma Are they here then? under a hill in Ireland?

22:16 Anne hehe

22:16 Anne no

22:17 Prime_Mover hobbits...hehe

22:17 Skye_Dragon thats not what I was giggling about....I was giggling because Kyloma said "I don't want to be annoying.." and I've been sitting here watching the whole time..and he/she hasn't gotten annoying

22:17 Therion Lawn Gnomes = scary. :P

22:17 Anne But where do you think these stories come from? Just like "angels" or whatever. At some point someone has experience them, and tells a story about that encounter... and that's how legends start. Some are made up, some are not.

22:17 Wolfie54 i think i was the annoying one

22:17 Kyloma Or are they of another plane?

22:18 Skye_Dragon you aren't either Wolfie ;)

22:18 novice340 there in harvest moon

22:18 Anne well don't laugh (oh well go ahead) but that darned gnome didn't say "hey, I'm a gnome" I knew it was a gnome by its appearance and yes, it looks lke those awful lawn guys but those are based on principle.

22:18 *** Rahashacon has joined #astralsociety

22:18 novice340 :P

22:18 Kyloma Like Dragons! There are so many stories and tales of them. Are they hiding in the sky or something like that?

22:18 Skye_Dragon I love harvest moon

22:19 Netwire I love the Travelocity gnome Anne. :p

22:19 *** Rahashacon is now known as rahie

22:19 Anne well the whole "planes versus universes" is really tricky. I saw them during a deep theta expereince. So where was that?? You know?

22:19 *** ChanServ sets mode +a on rahie

22:19 *** ChanServ sets mode +o on rahie

22:19 Anne There are no labels there. It's anyone's guess as to technically where they are.

22:19 rahie hi everyone sorry I am late I had a emergency

22:19 Therion lol, i would prolly prolly terminate an experince if i saw a lawn gnome. :P

22:19 Netwire Welcome Rahie

22:19 novice340 go travelocity

22:19 Skye_Dragon I want to take a hammer and smash the Travelocity gnome

22:19 novice340 lol

22:19 Wolfie54 LOL

22:19 rahie how is the chat going?

22:19 Therion welcome rahie

22:19 Netwire It's going well Rahie.

22:19 Kyloma I only said that I didn't want to be annoying before because I asked about the gnomes a few times but nobody notices it.

22:19 Anne well there are many things that terminate an experience but they are not one of them generally

22:19 Wolfie54 awsome

22:19 Socrates great ian, welcome :)

22:20 Anne it's more the screaming rabid entity that is in your ear that shoots you back

22:20 Skye_Dragon Dragons are?

22:20 Anne any more gnome questoons?

22:20 Anne oops "questions"

22:20 Prime_Mover what about elves

22:20 Anne but one more thing on gnomes and faeries

22:20 Anne them too

22:20 rahie thanks for coming and being a guest on AS chat Anne

22:20 novice340 yea

22:20 Socrates Anne i know you've been answering all of our questions, is there anything that you wanted to talk about that you felt was important?

22:20 Kyloma I should thank you too!

22:21 Wolfie54 um... just another do i keep my mind focused and not falling into sleep?

22:21 Socrates sit up ;)

22:21 Kyloma Hold on. . . she's typing. . .

22:21 Wolfie54 k

22:21 Therion Do you think this otherkin, as in astral/higher lifeforms being brought to this plane in the form of humans? :P

22:21 Anne If you are interested, you are far more likely to make contact if you are in tune with nature. If you're asking, "What the heck does that mean?" It means, if you have an affinity to nature, they will pick up on that. Another atral travel I did was in another universe (damn that sounds nuts) and I was picking through other worldly tarot cards and I drew the nature goddess.

22:22 Anne but my affinity is so deep that I connect on every level with animals (sub world or otherwise)

22:22 novice340 it kinda does lol

22:22 novice340 cool

22:23 Anne well anything is possible so yes, any entity can become human. What is human!? I mean, we look and are this body but that is sooo temporary. When you die, you can go somewhere else, some other galaxy. You may look totally different

22:23 Wolfie54 why am i always at the bottom of the list?

22:23 novice340 lol

22:23 Anne We want to be the only life force because it makes us feel special, but we are one of trillions

22:23 novice340 ur not..she just hasnt gotten u yet

22:23 Kyloma The "W"

22:23 Skye_Dragon coz your name starts with a W

22:23 Anne haha!

22:23 Wolfie54 o darn it

22:23 Anne Yeah, WOLFIE

22:23 Socrates lol

22:23 Anne what was your question again?

22:23 novice340 lol

22:23 novice340 lmao!!

22:24 Wolfie54 crap memopry lapes

22:24 Skye_Dragon mmmmmmmmmmmm liquid Gold

22:24 Anne I missed the Wolfie questin (But cool name though!)

22:24 novice340 *sigh* poor wolfie

22:24 Therion lol /comfort wolf

22:24 Socrates well when you are done with his question i was wondering about your book

22:24 Anne yeah, had his moment and lost it hehe

22:24 Wolfie54 lol

22:24 Anne oh yes what about it?

22:24 novice340 about keeping focussed and not sleeping

22:24 novice340 right wolfie??

22:24 Skye_Dragon *sneezes*

22:24 Wolfie54 yea...

22:24 Wolfie54 bless u

22:24 novice340 yea

22:24 Socrates could you describe it alil better, when is it available.. where can i get it

22:24 Skye_Dragon thanks

22:25 *** rahie has quit (Quit: )

22:25 Socrates im sorry i missed the first part of the chat, not sure if you covered that already :)

22:25 *** rahie has joined #astralsociety

22:25 *** ChanServ sets mode +a on rahie

22:25 *** ChanServ sets mode +o on rahie

22:25 Anne mkay, it should be available (pardon my while I sputter through an answer cause I'm not totally sure) but if my editor has her way with it in June and I self publish in July then... August???

22:25 Anne and you can get it through my website or amazon

22:26 Socrates ok thx Anne :)

22:26 Therion Neat.

22:26 francois I can't w8 to read it :)

22:26 Anne as far as what it is, it is how to create your reality. To take conscious control of your life.

22:26 Netwire Sounds great Anne :)

22:26 Anne well I hope you like it

22:26 Anne it's a lifetime of experience

22:26 novice340 i'll look for it..whats the title..any idea??

22:26 Anne Alternate Voyage

22:26 Wolfie54 ok....

22:27 novice340 ok thx

22:27 Anne because we're all on a voyage, this one is just an alternative one

22:27 Socrates i've enjoyed all your other writing.. and it's always spot on with what i've experienced, should be great reading

22:27 novice340 nice inspiration

22:27 Anne well thanks!

22:27 Anne I have my moments ;)

22:27 Skye_Dragon hehehe

22:27 Socrates i most appreciate how you've broken away with some of the standard "accepted" things concerning with AP

22:27 Anne I'm like anyone else I think. I have my ups and downs which is why I can relate to everyone else. I'm just a human, trying to make it through this life without everyone really knowing how nuts I am hehe

22:28 Netwire I certainly plan to get the book first thing when it "hits the shelf"

22:28 novice340 yea..i agree w/ soc...very individual

22:28 Skye_Dragon sorry I'm just an on looker I don't have any questions

22:28 francois How do you deal with these up and down?

22:28 Anne I mean, who can say they are the true authority on AP? I find out things all the time that are shown to me JUST on the other side (not even in books). There are thousands of bits of info just waiting to be discovered.

22:29 Anne well Skye_Dragon you don't have to have questions and the onlookers learn just as much

22:29 Anne I just have a big mouth

22:29 Anne hehe

22:29 Anne compulsive

22:29 novice340 it helps the rest of us

22:29 Skye_Dragon yeah I know....(not about you having a big about the onlooker thing)

22:29 Kyloma You are one of the best ppeople concerning AP. Here you are, talking to anyone who will listen, and you even have your own website!

22:29 Anne but my dear sweet web developer is an onlooker so I get to see that really cool side of a human. Now, if I could only take lessons

22:29 novice340 at least your words have some intrest to them..not like some schoolteachers

22:30 Anne well life is a schoolteacher. I'm just sharing my lessons and maybe they will relate to your life.

22:30 Anne but no matter who the teacher, you'll never be robed of your lessons.

22:30 novice340 thx a lot

22:30 koan :)

22:30 Anne your higher self would not allow it

22:30 Anne you could be like Tom Hanks on that island, stranded, and that ball (WILSON) would still teach you something

22:30 Wolfie54 Anne exactely what do u do before seperating urself? like how do U leave your bady?

22:31 novice340 btw...does this sound like an went on in a normal dream pattern..but near the end i saw my body in third person...this wasnt controlled..i was like 8 yrs old...i just remember it well

22:31 Socrates she has very very detailed articles on her website :)

22:31 Anne well when I'm actually applying myself, I sleep in until I get really groggy. This is written about under "My Favorite Technique" I get totally groggy then I play dead :)

22:32 Anne When I say play dead, I deaden all my senses. The whole trick to AP is to mimic sleep. You have to trick the body into thinking it's really asleep. That means quieting all the chakras.

22:32 Wolfie54 ic....

22:32 Wolfie54 play dead *takes notes*

22:32 novice340 lol

22:32 Anne All your chakras are tied into thoughs, emotions etc. so you have to kill them all

22:32 novice340 i play dead so my parents dont make me do sat. chores :P

22:32 Wolfie54 LOL

22:32 Anne Do nothing! No thoughts. Breathe as if you were found out, you'd be in trouble, in fact, breath so low that no one could notice.

22:32 Kyloma I shouldn't really be here now. My homework is calling me. . . But I don't have the oportunity to talk about these things too often.

22:32 Anne heeh yeah that kind of dead.

22:32 novice340 Anne...

22:32 novice340 Anne...

22:33 novice340 i play dead so my parents dont make me do sat. chores :P

22:33 Anne yeah?

22:33 novice340 oops

22:33 novice340 1 min

22:33 novice340 btw...does this sound like an went on in a normal dream pattern..but near the end i saw my body in third person...this wasnt controlled..i was like 8 yrs old...i just remember it well

22:33 novice340 there

22:33 Therion Once you wrote you encountered your guide while Aping, i believe, how can you be sure that the entiy is your guide, or a product of yourself?

22:33 Anne mkay, all dreams are disguised projections

22:33 novice340 ok

22:33 Prime_Mover huh wow

22:33 Anne it's just a question of who is at the wheel (subconscious alice in wonderland mind) or your controlled conscious

22:33 Netwire Anne, we've asked a good bit of questions - is there anything you'd like to specifically talk about?

22:33 novice340 ok thx

22:34 Anne well I wrote an article on guides... A guide is always loving, non-judgmental

22:34 Anne YOU are your own guide

22:34 Anne which was the point of the article... read it if you can

22:34 Socrates ya, we cant keep her up all night

22:34 Therion lol.

22:34 novice340 lol

22:34 Anne good question Netwire

22:34 Skye_Dragon lol

22:35 Anne Yes, let me say this

22:35 novice340 does anyone here know how to store this chat from the mIRC program...not a website...

22:35 Therion copy and paste.

22:35 Kyloma I feel like I've been up all night. It's already 11:00 where I am. -.-

22:35 Socrates it'll be logged :)

22:35 novice340 where do i find it

22:35 novice340 besides the website

22:35 Wolfie54 10:35 here

22:36 Socrates you can find it here on this website at a later date.. and i do believe koan will be posting it on astralvoyage too

22:36 Kyloma Oh well, yeah. . .

22:36 Anne I don't know each of your reasons for seeking to consciously project, but know that if it's for enlightenment, you'll still find it. If it's for love, mystery, exploration, don't let that goal set you back. All those things are here, righ now. The freedom you seek can be gained here in the physical. Question... Explore here...

22:36 Kyloma I forgot my clock is fast. . .

22:36 novice340 its 10:37 here..gotta go soon...

22:36 Wolfie54 NICELY SAID

22:37 Anne thanks... I used to think it would make me this and that, but a good old sit down with myself often yielded the same thing. We are tied to the physical by our own choice. We are as free as we think we arel

22:37 Anne I have to remind myself of that daily. I took have a commute, a job, bills, etc. It gets so hard though... So I understand

22:37 Anne but just remember to sieze your day, and don't wait for the separation of night

22:38 Anne Anything else before we close?

22:38 Netwire Could you post your website, and relase date of your book for us once more?

22:38 Anne and Koan, AHEM can you clean up those typos before posting? hehe ;)

22:38 Socrates LOL

22:38 Anne sure, Let's say August of this year... Will post on my website

22:38 Socrates come on Anne... they just add to the flavor ;)

22:39 koan well if anyone has no objection, knowing Anne she will answer your questions all night long, so I think we may agree that tnoght's session was productive and be wise enough to end it? I'm sure there wil be other times..

22:39 Anne oh well then I'm loaded with flavor

22:39 Anne a real mexican meal

22:39 Netwire Thanks Anne

22:39 Anne areba!

22:39 Anne well thank you all

22:39 Netwire On behalf of the A.S. Community I would like to extend a warm thank you for coming to chat with us tonight.

22:39 novice340 very nice of you

22:39 Anne and Koan, I'll see you on line on our regular chat for some follow up

22:39 novice340 thank you for coming

22:39 francois Thanks Anne!

22:39 Socrates thank you very much for this opportunity :)

22:39 rahie yes thank you very much Anne

22:39 Wolfie54 THANKS!

22:39 Anne oh my pleasure! Love and light to you all!

22:39 Kyloma Thank you ! !

22:39 Prime_Mover thanks I learned much here

22:39 Therion Take care.

22:39 novice340 yes

22:40 novice340 we al have

22:40 Socrates g/night

22:40 Netwire Love and Light, Namaste

22:40 novice340 net..??

22:40 novice340 namaste?

22:40 Netwire Yes novice?

22:40 *** Anne has quit (Quit: Quit AstralSociety Chat!!!)

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