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Science and Astral Projection

Basic Physics

To understand these tests, we have to understand some basic physics. What is it we are testing? We are we trying to reveal? Read the below topics, and then we'll be ready to review the test results, when they are ready.


In electricity, the basic concept is charge. There are two kinds of charge; positive and negative. All matter is made of atoms, which are composed of negatively charged electrons, whirling around a nucleus of positively charged protons, and neutrons, which have no charge.

Electrons and protons have equal and opposite charge. Normal atoms have exactly enough electrons to balance the protons in the nucleus, making the atom overall neutral

Electrical force grows weaker with distance.

Electrons are elementary units of charge, and are easily transferred from one object to another. They may also be passed along an object (like a copper wire, for example). What we call electricity is just a flow of electrons.

A body serves as an electrical ground due to our reservoir of positive and negative charge.

Electric Fields

The earth exerts a force on the moon, a body thousands of miles away. Similarly, one electric charge exerts forces on other charges, which are separated from it in space. A charge fills space with an electric field. When another charge is in the electric field, electric forces act on it.

Magnetic Fields

Magnets have two poles; north and south. Unlike poles attract, while like poles repel. In 1820 it was discovered that magnetism and electricity were related. If the charge is not moving, there is no force, and there is no force if the charge is moving along a field line. Now, if the charge is moving "across" the field lines, it feels something. Magnetic fields produce forces on moving charged particles. The forces are perpendicular to both the velocity of the article and the direction of the magnetic field.

Magnets exert forces on moving particles, and moving charges also create magnetic fields.

There is the earth's magnetic field, and the electric and magnetic fields of radio waves that you can pick up with an antenna (again pointing to the fact that we can hear radio waves when in our etheric, showing that we are like an antenna-see Radio Frequencies article.) The electric field of radio waves moves the charges in the antenna. So where are the charges that create the magnetic field of an iron magnet? They are the electrons in the iron atoms themselves. An electron orbiting the atomic nucleus is like a small circular current, so it produces an orbital magnetic field. Also, the electron spins on its own axis, generating a spin magnetic field. Most electrons in atoms have their magnetic fields cancelled out by the magnetic fields of other electrons, but in magnetic materials, there are lone electrons that contribute a net magnetic field to each atom.

It is presumed that circulating electric fields in the earth's core causes the earth's magnetism. The exact mechanism remains a mystery. It's rather interesting that the first magnetic effects ever discovered are still not satisfactorily explained!

How strong are magnets?
Here is a list of how strong some magnetic fields can be:

Earth's magnetic field 0.00005 Tesla
Small bar magnet 0.01 Tesla
Small NIB magnet 0.2 Tesla
Strong lab magnet 10 Tesla
Surface of neutron star 100,000,000 Tesla

What is a Tesla? This corresponds to about 65,000 magnetic field lines per square inch.

If the earth's magnetic field of 0.00005 Teslas "slightly" affect our astral bodies, what would be the effect of 3-4 Teslas positioned near our bodies?

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic waves (including radio, microwaves, visible light, X-rays, and others) are created by the vibrations of electric charge. The vibrating charge creates an oscillating magnetic field, which in turn generates the electric field. These vibrations propagate outward in the form of two perpendicular, transverse waves, one electric and one magnetic, together called an electromagnetic wave.

Spin Echo

The key sentence that I gathered from a very advanced physics book (Electron Spin Resonance) was "The longer the time between the pulses the more the spins lose coherence and consequently the weaker the echo."

When I find myself "vibrating" I slow everything down (thus slowing the time between pulses) and focus on my third eye and think of nothing. It is the slowing of the pulse, brain wave activity and heart that enables these spin to reduce, therefore reducing the electric (and hence magnetic) pull from the physical body on the etheric. The physical body must be narrowly stimulated to reduce forces (because as we found out, moving charges also create magnetic fields). This is why people cannot project while active, whether physically or mentally. Too much energy circulating throughout the body. The only time that people astral project while under these conditions is usually after an accident when they are "thrown" out of their physical body.

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