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Astral Projection Aids

I have come to the conclusion that the success of each aid depends on what kind of sleeper you are (light or deep).

Here's a summary of each aid listed accordingly:

The Dream Mask: The flashing and/or beeping cues will wake up a light sleeper rather quickly. Rarely am I deep enough that when I see these flashes behind my closed eyelids that I don't fully wake up.

The Calea Herb: This herb makes deep sleep difficult to attain. I do use this herb, but only a minor quantity as I'm a light sleeper (1 gel capsule). I tried 2, but I never got beyond a light doze. If you are a deep sleeper, and can't remember your dreams, this will help.

Tapes. These put most everyone to sleep but are effective for both sleep types.

Part of achieving a projection is based on the ability of keeping the body asleep, yet the mind awake OR to sleep light enough that you bounce in and out of the hypnagogic state often enough to "catch" yourself and induce the vibrations. This can be done with these astral projection aids if you use the right one for your sleep type. My other tester Kristina, who is a DEEP sleeper, gets really good use out of the mask, whereas I sleep very lightly, and even on the lowest setting, am typically jarred awake. Dr. Douglas M. Baker in his article, "The Techniques of Astral Projection" discusses the importance of light sleeping. He states, "It is quite useless to think of astral projection and activity in the inner worlds if you sleep heavily, without memory being brought through of your dreams and astral life."

If you can, alternate your aids as the subconscious mind bores of them rather easily and they stop working. Regardless of the aid I'm using, I switch after a week. Ideally, you would have four aids and use one a week.

Hemi Sync Tapes

Because I get a lot of questions about the hemi-sync tapes, I decided to put some information about them on my webpage.

I have NO affiliation with the Monroe Institute, nor do I get any profit from referring people to their site, but years ago, after reading Robert Monroe's books, I decided to buy the Gateway Tapes (36 total). I started experiencing regular astral exteriorizations 30 days after listening to the tapes. Unlike the mental projection when I was 14, these involved the typical astral side effects of astral blindness, hearing radio frequencies, the magnetic pull, etc.

Because these are expensive, I looked through their catalog and found one that would probably work well and is only $14.95, whereas the Gateway Tapes are hundreds of dollars. I've provided the link below, if you are interested, and a description of what hemi-sync is (taken directly from the Monroe Institute's Website). Or, as a reader suggested, you can get a copy off Napster for free (type in Hemi-sync under title search).

If you want to plunk down a few more dollars, you can get 6 cassette tapes (a "series" and there are six series total) for $72 per series. I looked over their different series, and I recommend the "Wave III - Freedom". Click on the below link and then go to "Gateway Experience".

HEMI-SYNC: "Hemi-Sync is a trademarked, state-of-the-art audio technology based on the natural functioning of the brain that encourages coherent brainwave activity. Our brains produce waves or patterns of electrical activity. Different patterns indicate different mental states, such as rest (occipital Alpha), deep sleep (central Delta), meditation (central and frontal Theta), physical activity (wide-spread Beta). Hemi-Sync's audio binaural beats influence these brainwave patterns and in concert with other components of the Hemi-Sync process provide experiences in focused states of consciousness."

To order the cd:
Then go to "Single Tapes and CDs" and "Transcendence" is near the bottom. Or if you want a series, go to "Gateway Experience" instead of "Single Tapes and CDs".

Here is the name of the tape and a description:
Transcendence: Transcendence has verbal guidance on Side 1 to lead you in exploring three discrete states of consciousness. When you have become skilled in achieving these states by following the guidance, venture into these profound, meditative states on your own with Side 2. The Hemi-Sync sound patterns are the same as on Side 1, and the experience is yours to create. #TP024U Cassette (Verbal) Price: $14.95

Meditational Tapes

Brainwave Mind Voyages
I just picked up some meditational tapes from a company called Brainwave Mind Voyages. These "perceptual tools" use binaural beats to help you achieve the alpha, theta and delta levels of awareness. I personally recommended Theta as the level for remote viewing, but these various states of awareness can also be used for astral projection. I've only had them a short while, but they are effective in achieving these states of consciousness. They are also considerably cheaper than the Gateway tapes offered by the Monroe Institute.

Here Is their link:
- Brainwave Mind Voyages

Chakra Music
Here's a site that's done a lot of cool research on sound vibration and its effectS on our chakras. I'm ordering their cd as well ($17.00)
- Primasounds

Lucid Dreaming Mask

Here's a little background on the LD mask per the webpage:

The NovaDreamer® is a product of over a decade of research by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., world-renowned authority on lucid dreaming, bringing the lucid dream state within reach of everyone. The NovaDreamer detects when you're in REM sleep, then gives you a cue (flashing lights or sounds) to remind you to recognize you're dreaming. Cues enter your dream, becoming incorporated just like an alarm or radio will sometimes work its way into a dream. The workbook provided helps you prepare your mind to recognize the NovaDreamer's cue and become lucid.

INCLUDED: The NovaDreamer® lucid dream induction mask, a course In Lucid Dreaming, a detailed step-by-step workbook of exercises, Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. and Howard Rheingold (text for the Course), Trance Induction Of Lucid Dreams audio cassette tape, NovaDreamer Manual and two AAA-size batteries

If you're interested in seeing what the mask looks like, or just want more information, there are several options: NovaDreamer or Johnson Smith Company

As usual, I have no association with this company (or any company that I use for my astral projection projects). If you're interested in a mask yourself, there are several places you can order them ( or for example). I used because they were cheaper, but the product is the same for either one.

Untested Astral Projection Aids

If you're feeling experimental and want to try some new aids or tips, I've come up with a few more that I'm personally looking into. The testing of these aids has not yet begun, but if you have any results from these, please send them to me and I'll post.


More and more I'm encountering material on the importance of breath. Westerners are criticized in general for their lack of breathing savvy, and that we fail to see the importance of breath. It's related to energy (chi), and even astral projection. A friend of mine just went to a meditation seminar and they practiced a technique called Rebirthing. This is where you lie down and for the next 45 minutes, breath deeply and rapidly (about one breath per second). All participants entered an altered state of consciousness and Kristina said that if she had not had the presence of strangers, projection would have been possible. In another article I read, Bellow Breathing (used by Yogis) is used to enter the vibrational state. Dr. Baker recommends in his article "The Techniques of Astral Projection" that you should "draw air in sharply through the nostrils with such intensity, that they become flared. This is done several times at the rate of about once per second. Do not worry about exhalation. The natural elasticity of the thoracic cage and the lungs will expel the air before the next gasp." I tried this a bit last night but was too tired to do anything beyond 5 minutes. Of course, don't do this while standing as you may pass out!

Sound Vibrations

I had a vivid dream over the weekend that could relate to an additional tip. In my dream, I met a man who told me to readdress my efforts with "vibrations". But he said that my emphasis should be on sound. He then said, "do you remember this dream you had about sound vibrations?" and I was then shown a dream I had long forgotten where I was standing by a big jet and the noise from the engine was making me really vibrate. Ironically, my first mental projection was while listening to classical music. Something about some sounds can trigger a spontaneous projection. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to make a tape that has some sort of vibrational sound to it (like the OMMM sound, or something similar that causes low reverberations) and tape it over and over until a 60 minute tape is filled. Then, I'm going to connect my sub_woofer* up to my tape player and play this sound while in Focus 10 and see what happens.

Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

Another area I'm thinking of pursuing is electromagnetic wave therapy. This company states that the human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field and that the use of pulsed electromagnetic waves can induce such side effects as physical vibrations and pulsing. But I think they only ship to the UK so I'll have to have it shipped there to an acquaintance I know, and then have them ship it back here to the U.S.

I don't think the key lies in any one aid, but a culmination of aids. For example, the sound vibration in addition to bellow breathing, or the earth magnets used with the electromagnetic wave therapy...

*Sub-woofers are large speakers, specifically designed to produce deep, precise bass. A large driver and enclosure are needed to move the high volume of air required to reproduce these frequencies accurately. The upper frequency limit is usually around 140Hz, and depending on design, can extend to reproduce frequencies below 20Hz, the theoretical limit of human hearing. Because hearing sensitivity varies across the spectrum, and we are not particularly good at hearing low frequencies compared to those in the mid-range, a higher sound pressure level (SPL) is needed to reproduce convincing bass (this is compensated for by loudness circuits in some pre-amplifiers which increase low and high frequencies at low listening levels to compensate for our non-linear hearing).

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