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Alternate Voyages

What are Alternate Voyages? These are my journeys into the subtle realm. They can be messages from the higher self during meditation, an astral journey, or a profound dream.

There comes a point in a person's development where they can learn as much from their altered state of consciousness as their waking state. The lucidity of the mind becomes seamless from sleep to wakefulness.

Being able to share my experiences here also shows the importance of keeping a journal, for without one, many of these experiences would be consciously forgotten. I am including what I think may be interesting experiences and have excluded ones that hold no relevance to the public such as my company layoff dreams (which indeed happened shortly after), etc.

Some of my "dreams" can possibly be taken as a prophecy. Many of my prophesy dreams come true (about 75%). However, there are many things that effect a prophecy such as picking up on people's fears, seeing "plans" that may never come to fruitation such as a thwarted terrorist attack, a person's belief system, seeing events that happen in movies only (I saw many comets hitting earth right before the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact were released). So these dreams are to be considered with those points in mind.

One final note here is that I wondered if other people are being pressed so heavily for change. In the last year, my subconscious mind is working feverishly to help me overcome ego, fear and illusion. Why so much now? Is this related to the earth changes that I see happening? Is there little time to lose?

Mount Rainier - A Threat?

Whenever I have reoccurring dreams, I take note because the subconscious mind is generally trying to tell a person something.

I have a reoccurring dream of what I think is Mount Rainier erupting in this lifetime. I see the eruption, lava flowing, and the fleeing of residents from nearby towns. I've had this dream at least half a dozen times in the last few years.

Interestingly enough, I came across an article today on called "Mount Rainier Called a Threat." This made me take note enough to post an article. Not that there is anything anyone can do if a volcano decides to erupt, but being prepared doesn't hurt either! A fair amount of my dreams come true as well, and this may be one of them.

Here is the article:

Earth-Bound Asteroid

I never post articles with the intention of promoting fear, but this is an experience I just had and wanted to share, as I find it interesting.

Before bed, I listened to a tape on retaining conscious recollection of astral projection experiences (of which I fell asleep shortly into, but it all gets stored in the subconscious mind regardless). I became aware, half way through the night, of flying at incredible speeds up towards the earth's upper stratosphere. I remember the first time I flew outer orbit, and how it had scared the hell out of me in terms of isolation, the feeling of vulnerability, and the sheer height. Seeing the curvature of the earth is something most of us will never see in this lifetime, as well as the fascinating transition from the light that reflects while in earth's atmosphere to the darkness of the stars when you leave that very atmosphere.

After I left the atmosphere and things grew dark, I was mentally told about an earth bound asteroid. Not only was it heading towards earth but it was known about, although not publicly disclosed (due to obvious hysteria problems). After being told of the asteroid, I mentally traveled to it and saw a large brownish/black rock being hurled through space. Here is a photo of 433 Eros which is a almost identical to what I saw (rather like a big potato!).

If and when it would really hit, I don't know (could have been picking up on an event that wouldn't happen for a hundred years or so). But the government was thinking about ways to destroy it, such as a nuclear missile (which relates to the reference below where a top scientist states that nuclear intervention might be the best bet).

Oddly enough (and perhaps even related) I keep seeing huge tidal waves in my travels. It was rather weird to read that fragments from a comet or asteroid crashing into the ocean would cause tidal waves of unbelievable, if not "almighty", proportions.

Regardless if and when it would hit, we would be the last to know (that's probably a good thing) so just focus on your here and now.

** Although scientists constantly attempt to assuage our worries that a near earth asteroid impact is an unlikely event, it was only a month ago that a near-earth asteroid was detected AFTER it flew by earth by less than two lunar distances! The fact is, we only detect a small portion of objects in our orbit.

Soul Rescue

I did my first soul rescue last night (2/14/02).

There exists in the subtle planes souls that do not know they have died. Some of these souls continue living their lives, whether good or bad. Robert Monroe would find these souls and try to bring their awareness around so that they could move on with their existence in a more conscious fashion. Sometimes he was able to and then sometimes he was not. There are various reasons for this entrapment. Some souls are trapped in the cycle of sex, others in the cycle of religious fear and control, while others are trapped because of emotional ties to their once physical existence.

The soul I met was living in a self-created virtual hell. She had been murdered on the physical plane and was recreating this scenario over and over and over. She could not see anyone because that was not part of her self-inflicted reality. She would run, in panic, oblivious to what was happening around her until she was again murdered and the cycle would start over again. She was trapped in this energy that she mistook for reality.

I could not reach her through normal means of communication. She could not see me because I was not part of her accepted reality. I had to instead manifest a huge energy within myself to "bust" through her illusion. Within my solar plexus I generated a ball so powerful that when it hit her she was thrown off her feet to the ground. She sat shocked at what had happened to her. In that moment she looked around and could then see me. I went to her and held her and she started sobbing uncontrollably. All her time of grief and terror was spilling out. I helped her heal in those moments and know that she was now free to move beyond this hell.


Phone, words, and e-mail are archaic forms of communication in my opinion.

90% of my personal communication between friends now comes when I'm in the astral. Not only do I know what's happening to all my friends but they can share with me personal information that they are not consciously comfortable sharing. This means that I know what's happening to them at a very real level. The normal veil that we put up to conceal our feelings is totally removed. I can go into the detail of these experiences, but basically I meet their astral self and just start conversing. All facts are later confirmed.

The Daily Lottery

I know time can be transcended because I have done so on many occasions. But where is the proof? I wanted to prove, if not just to myself, that astral projection was authentic. In order to do this, I decided that winning some form of a lottery, which would be undeniable proof to me, would be in order.

My projections basically happen on the weekends when I can sleep in and induce the groggy state. From this state, my attachment to my body is weakened and I can bring on the vibrations more easily when focusing on the third eye.

It was snowing and I decided not to go to work. I decided that day that I would try and win the lottery instead (sounds crazy, I know!) I induced the vibrations somewhat easily and left my body. I then asked to go to the future and "see" the lottery numbers. I started looking for news papers so I could read them as this sounded like the intelligent thing to do. I mean, where else would I find them?

I finally found a newspaper and was bending down to look at the numbers for the six million dollar lottery when I was abruptly brought back to my body by an interruption. This did not stop me. Because my body's attachment was very lose that morning, I decided to keep trying. I was brought back by various noises and disturbances until my fifth departure. At this point, I was pretty well fed up with the obstacles and didn't even bother for a newspaper. I simply WILLED myself to see the numbers (as I tell people, will power is of paramount importance). I demanded that I see the numbers! Up popped three very clear balls and I thanked my higher self and forced myself awake before I forgot them.

Of course, I played them and won. They were the correct numbers, in the correct order on the correct day.

This has been pretty much all the proof I have needed that time can be transcended.

Death and Back

I left my body and entered a door and knew I had died. The place I entered was of supreme restoration. I was sitting in a rocking chair looking through a large window at a beautiful beach. All my worries, cares, problems, attachments were now gone. I could feel the incredible pressure of physical life being lifted from my soul. I think Robert Monroe called this Focus 27, or beyond. It is where the soul goes after death to replenish itself, rest, and then decide what it is that it desires to do.

But then, I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder and I heard a woman say, "You must go back for you are not ready." I was then gently brought back through the doorway back into my body. It took me a solid week before the inner peace of a few moments in this place left my psyche. I lost the fear of death that day forward.

Full Chakra Activation

I found myself out of body and decided I would activate all of my chakras, including those outside of my etheric that extended to the higher self. I sent the message of will out (my desire) and when this happened, I experienced a shock so hard that I thought I would explode (literally). Energy coursed through me that was mind boggling. These were nothing like the vibrations of separation of which I thought were powerful. These were darn right out of this world, like a million volts of electricity. I seldom let fear overcome me, so I let them run their course despite my alarm. It's amazing how much more powerful we are in the subtle realms. Since this activation, my psychic sensitivity has been greatly improved.

These energies are not for the faint of heart.

A Higher Plane

There is a plane of consciousness that is just white light. It is all encompassing and fills all space. You are in and of the white light. You are formless except for the overwhelming brilliance of it. It shocks the consciousness because it is so white that it is hard to mentally digest. In this whiteness is all knowing. The information is pure and instantaneous. When I entered this light, I knew things that no one else knew (but later confirmed) such as the moment of my step-mother's death. You do not think here, you KNOW here.

Higher Orbit Flight Training

I am often teaching in the astral, but I had a neat experience once with my best friend. Her name was Trina and I was teaching her to deal with outer orbit flight and the fears associated with that. When I greeted her I told her what we were going to do then I held her hands and started to ascend upwards. She grew frightened because there was no vehicle surrounding us, just open space. We lifted through the clouds and rose to the height where we could see the curvature of the earth, but she became overwhelmed and we descended again.

Teaching this is important as there are many barriers to overcome if you want to do space travel. Knowing there is nothing around you like a ship, dealing with extreme and initially terrifying heights, the thought you've left all that you know and love behind which fills you with isolation, and more.

Saying Goodbye (or See You Later)

There was a part of me that was sad that I hadn't the chance to physically say goodbye to my grandmother before she died. Recently, (but years after she had passed) I saw her in the astral and I was overcome with joy. Through my tears, I told her how much I loved her and missed her. She said she knew all this and also wanted to tell me that she was very proud of me and loved me. I finally was able to close this chapter in my life. I also realized how close our departed friends and relatives are to us. Love is what binds us and they are as close to us as our own thoughts. I no longer think of "goodbye" in the same way, but instead I now see our separations as a "see you later."

The Higher Astral Plane

I left my body and shot out the front door. I then stated that I would like to be taken to a place of beauty. I suddenly materialized in a shimmering astral plane of unprecedented beauty and light. I was all alone which was too bad as I would have loved to have shared this with someone. I stared in wonder at a place that made me weep with ecstasy. It was a shimmering scene of rivers, trees, sky and colors. The air and water sparkled like diamonds and no human debris existed of any kind. I wanted to stay in this place forever. To come back to the physical body was one of the most sour experiences I have ever faced. We simply do not know how dull our world is in comparison.

Trip to the Moon

From the earliest times of my astral projection investigations, I wanted to make one of my destinations the moon. I read over and over in books how people would go to their friend's house or some such thing, but all I could think of was "how boring!" Maybe it was my natural love of space that created this desire, but all I knew was that I would not give up until my goal of seeing Earth from the surface of the moon had been met.

First let me outline my astral endeavor to the moon. I did my hemi-sync tape before bed, and sometime during the night I became lucid while vibrating heavily. I was able to separate my astral arms and pull myself out. I went outside and searched the night sky for the moon, of which I was able to locate. Then, I started to fly towards it, but this was taking an agonizingly long time so I decided to see if I could simply "will" myself to it. Before I could finish that thought, I was on the dark side of the moon. I couldn't see earth so I skimmed the surface until I could see earth shimmering in front of me. The colors are more intense in the astral so it was a wondrous vision for me. At last!

Now, here's where it got interesting. After I admired the Earth for a while, I was approached by a man who said almost nothing to me, but instead led me below the loamy gray surface of the moon to a compound. I've attempted to describe this before, and I've used the terms "military" or "research facility". It had the feel of being primarily inhabited by men (versus perhaps a family feel to it). We didn't do much except look around for a while. I saw an area similar to a "mess hall" with things like cigarette butts and trash. The rest was rather boring and sterile in detail.

Well, the link that was recently sent to me included a reference to a book written by Ingo Swann. In his new book, "Penetration" it states that the book "Reveals a long-held secret series of experiences with a 'deep black' agency whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon..." There was also mention of military involvement and an underground structure.

Most people in the astral projection/remote viewing community are familiar with Ingo Swann. Here's a copy of his bio found on the net: "Ingo Swann, parapsychology researcher, author, and artist, is the originator of the Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols. He has an MA and a Doctorate in Humanities with a concentration in parapsychology, and another honorary Doctorate degree. He worked at the United nations for 12 years. He is now retired and living in Manhattan where he continues his personal research into the vast possible potentials of the human mind."

While this is hardly evidence that what I saw was real (A military type underground compound) it was interesting non-the-less. A seemingly outlandish claim (for both of us), but most would say that anyways about astral projection.

Additionally, here is a related excerpt from "The Energy Grid" by Bruce L. Cathie. "During my many years of research I have uncovered a considerable body of evidence pointing to the existence of projects being carried out on a world -wide basis which have direct connections with UFOs. From this evidence the logical conclusion is that top scientists and electronic engineers have direct contact and communication with UFOs. I also believe it is most probable that a Moon-base has already been established by our own scientists. The advanced technology would give them this capability. When the rocket program was wound down years ago, it was probably because it was obsolete."

I'd be interested in hearing from other projectors, if they have seen this as well.

Why Am I Here?

I was meditating last night in bed. With all that I see heading towards civilization in the near future, I wondered to myself, "Why did I come here?" I was then shown the most pleasurable scenes of the joy and love I have given to people over my life. It was as if I had died and was going through the rumored NDE life review. I then heard a voice say to me, "Would you not come here again for all of this?" I smiled and said, "Yes." The last words I heard were, "Love is all there is."

Meeting a Master

I met an Asian master in my travels who was teaching people how to move objects with their mind. I stood by and watched a student move two metal objects closer using only his mind energy. Here was the conversation between the master and myself as we watched the student.

Anne: "How do they know how to do this?"
Master: "They know how to do this because they are realized to the God within."
Anne: "So the difference is that we are not aware of our Godliness?"
Master: "No."
Anne: "Oh, so we are just not consciously aware of this!"
Master: "You are wise."

A Gift

One could say that I've been given a most remarkable glimpse at the higher self. I witnessed, during sleep, the actual composition of dreams by the higher self. The "dream" was intended as a nightmare, however the material wasn't really nightmarish, but was created for the sole purpose in that it would be reacted to in this way. The creation of our dreams is the same as our creation of our life. Both are constructed by our higher self to teach us what we need to know or learn in that moment. No one can escape the content of life or dreams because our dreams and life are chosen by ourselves at the highest level.


These dreams are ongoing. To sum it up: war on American land. Not just terrorist attacks, but I see objects entering our air space (one e-group board that I post to suggested that these "objects" were comets of which I've also seen in dreams, however, I attributed the comet dreams to thought energies from the comet movies).

Anger Turned to Love

I found myself without a car in my dream and was forced to take "an alternate path" to my destination. I was walking along peacefully and came across a woman in her garden. She started to yell profanity and say very hurtful things to me. My first reaction was to get upset, but instead of getting angry and exchanging harsh words, I instead said, "I love you!" In that moment, the whole scene and mood changed and she softened completely. She then welcomed me into her garden and we began to speak as friends...

Over and over I have these dreams where I am put in the position of chosing love over anger. This year has shown an unprescedented amount of situation that require me to overcome these issues.

The Next Step

I went to bed thinking of flying (which can induce lucidity in a dream) and sure enough, I later went lucid. I shot up towards the sky and the vibrations filled my subtle body. As these huge waves of energy coursed through me I said, "I am ready for the next step." I felt as if I was being prepared for a new level in my travels. I was then floating in a sea of black energy and mass. Stars (or pinpoints of light--not sure which) were shining all around me. These lights were blue, violet white and yellow. With the energy and lights I remember thinking, "Should I be afraid?" But I then suddenly said, "love... peace..." and no fear was present. I also put a protective shield around me. I then suddenly returned to my body which was vibrating immensely. This time though, something new happened. I couldn't stop vibrating while in the etheric! Normally, they dissipate upon my return and getting them back takes extra effort. I started to speak in the etheric and my voice was resonating with the vibrations. The vibrations/tone in my left ear then grew so loud that it became unbearable and I threw my body to the end of my bed and wailed in pain. Because I grew desperate to end this vibrational oddity, I instinctivly clawed at my ear and pulled out two black blobs at which point the vibrations subsided. However, I instinctively new that my powers of thought and environmental control had increased...

Body of Christ

I follow no set religion but instead follow Truths, which are interspersed with many religions. However, I agree with a concept called "Christ Consciousness" which is unconditional love (I dislike labels, but there you have it). This is no different than what many masters teach. Okay, with that being said, I will share an astral experience I had on 8/9/01.

I became lucid while in the etheric. I then said (somewhat to my surprise), "I will allow the body of Christ to enter me as it has entered me before." I then felt a "body" merge into my body. When this happened, I felt as if I had done this before. The effects, if any, I cannot determine. I also do not know why this experience happened, but I thought it was interesting enough to share.


This is another on-going dream I have. I live in a place that has beautiful Grecian type temples, art galleries and culture. Everything is lovely and in-tune, however, this always ends with the sea overtaking us. Some people survive but most drown. Other people I know have dreams similar to this one and hypothesize it was an Atlantis memory.

I think I was an artist. Over and over I see my gorgeous works of art displayed in galleries (one in particular is an octagon shaped building right on the water). Consciously I cannot fathom me producing this level of work (it's really quite stunning), but then suddenly a canvas will appear and within seconds, the most glorious painting is produced by my mind alone. I instinctively know and say, "art is created by the soul, not the hands." Whether I'm conscious of it or not, I am able to produce magnificence. However, this is not limited to a craft. We could produce this now if we would open ourselves up to it. We are creators at every level. It is our natural soul right.

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