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Advanced Astral Projection

Here are the pre-requisites for advanced Astral Projection:

  1. Fundamental knowledge of the basics steps Beginner's Guide. All three articles must be understood.
  2. Core understanding of the fundamental truths of astral projection The Fundamental Truths to Astral Projection
  3. Have overcome a majority of fears associated with projection, such as startling noises, disturbing sights and odd sensations, or at least possess the ability to control most of these fears as they arise. This to me is a never ending struggle because there are an endless source of energies in the astral, each one bringing forth a different response from us (usually fear).
  4. Several projections achieved so that a person can practice what they've learned. Everyone knows you can read until you're blue in the face on how to do something, but until you've done it a few times, it just doesn't sink in (imagine a pilot flying for the first time with nothing but written theory under his belt). It is impossible for you to know what it feels like to consciously exist in astral form (and all the laws governing) until you've done it! People say, "Oh, I won't be afraid.... I won't get distracted..." but they do become afraid and distracted almost every time in the beginning because there is nothing to prepare you in the physical for this experience. Even reading about someone else's experiences won't prepare you sufficiently because each astral experience is unique.

Once you leave the proximity of the physical body, the key to an advanced projection is:

  • A Plan: Advanced projectors know that not having a plan will result in a huge waste of effort. And it wouldn't hurt to have a second and third goal for projection in case you are able to accomplish the first in one session. For example, after I went to the moon, my body had yet to pull me back and once my goal was accomplished I did a "now what!?" Even for advanced projector's, the ability to project is sporadic (unless they have a naturally loose hold over their astral body) and each excursion is to be relished. A plan might include any number of goals (meet a guide, see an event in history or future- like the building of the Pyramids, healing, visiting acquaintances, etc.) Have at least three!
  • Focus: Too many times a beginner will fall into the Alice in Wonderland trip and slip into the dream body. When projecting, focus is needed to keep your consciousness sharp on your goal. The strangest things (astral entities or astral counterparts to physical objects--regardless of their presence in current time) may show up in front of you and you can get sidetracked faster than anything! A case in point: I projected once and found a cute kitten on my stairs and let myself get distracted, and then was unnerved by a spider's web I saw a few moments later (both fear and lack of focus taking control of the experience resulting in a total waste towards my primary goal). Another very common distraction is the ever present astral entity desiring sexual contact. Many times people will find themselves in the embrace of a stranger. Morals are not the same in the astral for obvious reasons and unless this is one of your goals, beware. Also, when things start to get fuzzy from your consciousness slipping into unconsciousness, or the dream body, you can use excellent statements such as "Clarity Now!" to clear things up.
  • Use of Will: This can be used in conjunction with Focus. The Will is needed to get you where you want. When you become advanced, you WILL yourself to your destination. You no longer take familiar physical routes, but use intense desire/will to get you to your destination instantaneously. This is particularly helpful if you don't have a firm point in space/time for where you want to go (past, future, non-earth locations). An example of Will was when I won the daily lottery. It took me five attempts in one morning to succeed! My success was when I really WILLED for the numbers. It wasn't until I expelled a great amount of force that they popped up. Passive desire may not be enough (but sometimes it is). Dr. Douglas M. Baker states in his article, "The Techniques of Astral Projection" states that for advanced astral projection "the desire factor is present and strong but is overshadowed by the will. A powerful will is required to project the astral form over great distances."
  • Knowledge: Before you can do advanced things like healing, you need to further your field of study into chakras, energies, karma and how each one works. For example, someone may be suffering an ailment to learn a specific life lesson or because of a karmic tie. Before healing anyone, you should consult with their higher self and ask if you should even be doing it. You can't heal until you know what polluted energies look like (what color they are and why).

To be an advanced projector, one must really master the non-physical self.

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