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I am from India and I am 19, I have been practicing Meditation irregularly since 2 years and recently heard about Astral Projection, last year I used to have a lot of sleep paralysis almost every midnight, and most of the times I felt like someone is pulling my hands and legs it was so frightening experience and I always resist to them, one day I had sleep paralysis, I didn't know about astral projection that time, I just imagined myself floating, I don't know it just came into my mind and I thought about flying and I actually felt I am floating over my bed and I did that for like 4-5 seconds and then I came back, it felt so real, and I recently heard about astral projection, so thought it might be really I was out of my body, so I have been regularly practicing the astral projection for some weeks, and this morning I have experienced something like that, I practice astral projection everyday, and it was the time about 04:00-05:00 A.M., I woke up and I was feeling almost I am in sleep paralysis, and I just thought why not give it a try now, and I imagined myself lifting out of the body and it happened, I was again floating in my room, the curtain of my room was drawn to sides and I could the hall someone sitting in my couch, it was so dark, but that person was looking at me I couldn't see who was it, it was so dark all I know was someone sitting there, I got scared and closed my eyes and I automatically felt like I am returning to my body, it felt real, and when I woke up, I saw the curtain was closed... I don't know whether it was really astral projection or my hallucination, because when I felt like OBE, the curtain was drawn to sides but when I came back to my body the curtain was closed and couldn't see outside the room... I don't know what happened, I want to know whether it was really astral projection? Or just a mind game?

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