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Your Astral Experiences

Here are our user submitted experiences. We currently have 27 published astral experiences!

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Recent Astral Experiences

Attempting Astral Projection by Kjbay

I've been interested in learning more about myself spiritually. I've been attempting Astral projection and each time I get near the vibrational part something goes wrong and I snap out of it. So I've been wanting to get a few books on projecting but I'm not sure how to tell my parents about it. ...

Astral Journey To The End Of The Earth by Morgoth37

Astral Journey to the End of the Earth This experience was a very profound one for me psychologically for many reasons. Due to the extreme distance into the future of the journey, I was "marooned" for a long time on a dying and dead planet. Due to the extreme time dilation effect*, that I hadn't...

Attempting My First Astral Projection by SnakeBuzz

So I've always been into this spiritual stuff right. Well a few months ago I was just minding my own business, trying to sleep as usual. When all of the sudden, my body goes into this vibrational state. Now during that first (as you may call it "sleep paralysis") experience I was scared out of my wi...

White Specks by Lyndsey Vasquez

My husband and I were at a rally a bike rally more I believe that God is helping us renew our relationship and bring us closer together because of things in our life that are happening. But only took the pictures they are the white specs were all over him mainly but they were also on me and no one e...

Children In Spiritual Places by kchristopher

In the late 1970s, when I was a young adult, I had one of the most unexpected but emotionally impactful encounters that I've ever had. I was alone in my house one day and was praying in my bedroom. Suddenly a misty dimensional opening appeared and within a few moments three small children walked out...

Planting Subliminal Thoughts/actions by fullmoon

This is really freaking me out and I'd like to know if anyone else here has had a similar experience and can explain to me what it going on. My boyfriend of 4 months and I have a very strange and very strong connection: at times it's as if we can pick up on each other's thoughts, and, often, he sa...

My First Astral Travel by Ankitresearcher

I am 18 year old now, I had my first astral travel around one year back when I was 17, that time I was new to astral world and Astral Travel many people told much about it so I decided to have a try. Now telling directly about the experience, I first lied down on my bed, then I closed my eyes and ...

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