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I have to say that I've been stuck in bed for 4 months and I could move because of a back problem, but after these dream I can move a little bit on my legs.

I felt elevated above the bed exactly when I wanted to sleep last night. I fell asleep quickly and woke up in a place with wide and tall windows, outside you could see the sky, the place was dark with many sick people standing on the rocks that served as beds. These were hot stones, initially colored in green, then you were moved by levitation on another rock that were colored in dark purple, through the same process I was passed myself.

When I was put on the green stone, I felt a relief of my pain, and during that time I saw a man dressed in trousers and shirt both black, he was looking at each patient and selecting who to kill with a knife, seemed to know who he wanted to choose and kill them with one shot. Then two people dressed in black robes, were talking in about two meters from me, they were about 60-70 years old, and one said to the other that it did not seem normal to sacrifice such many people and the other replied that this has been happening for a long time.

Then I was moved to the dark purple stone where I felt calm and relax. I spent some time on this stone, then I was raised from it, that woken me up instantly in my bed. The back pain has diminished, and my husband, in the morning when he had to massage me with an anti-inflammatory cream as usual, told me that I have traces of Nordic signs at the bottom of my back, and where the shoulders are I have drawings which seems to represent rays of light, with the sun is in the center of my back, and with other stars around it.

Have you ever heard of such a place?

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