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My Obe Experience on 2017-07-07

I am from India and I am 19, I have been practicing Meditation irregularly since 2 years and recently heard about Astral Projection, last year I used to have a lot of sleep paralysis almost every midnight, and most of the times I felt like someone is pulling my hands and legs it was so frightening e...

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Date: 2017-12-10
Oh, thank you very much for your comment, it made me happy, I will follow your advice, and do you really feel that I'll be a good astral traveler? Thank you very much for that I'm so glad to hear that.
Date: 2017-11-03
Thank you very much for your comment it helped me, and I've researched about my experience and I found out it was astral projection, and I'll gladly take your advice for love and compassion to eliminate my fear. And thank you so much for help! Namaste!
Oh, that was good experience, Hi, I'm also 19, and I had astral projection several times.
Here are the answers of your questions.
1. Did I really astral project?
Ans: Yes, it was astral projection where your soul/spirit/astral body left your physical body entering into 4th dimension.

2. Did I experience the darkness and go to a lower astral plain because of the fear she gave me?
Ans: Umm, I'm not sure about the darkness part, but if you were afraid you are much likely to be encountered by lower dimensional beings.

3. Now that I don't fear a lot, will I still go to lower astrals?
Ans: No, if you don't fear, you will not go to lower planes, you just need to keep your vibrations high by positive and beautiful or happy thoughts and try to avoid fear, if you fear, you will likely to be encountered by lower dimensional beings, but you don't have to be afraid of anything because they can't harm you, your fear is the only thing they will use to harm.

4. If I astral project now what's next after leaving the body and would I be in this dimension or would I instantly travel somewhere else and see demons.
Ans: Teleportation is possible by astral body so you can go anywhere you want, and do not be afraid of encountering demons, you can ask your spirit guides or God to ask protection and simply ask demons to leave and don't be afraid.

5. Why was my consciousness so low that I didn't know I wasn't awake?
Ans: Umm, Maybe because you didn't have that much knowledge what's happening that time, but now you know, so you will be aware next time you project. do I raise my level of consciousness?
Ans: You can practice meditation to raise the level of consciousnesses, just be aware of your existence, feel your whole body, feel the environment, and say in your mind that "I'm aware" while meditating or attempting to astral project.

7. How do you know if you're astral projecting instead of lucid dreaming?
Ans: You will feel your spirit/astral body/soul leaving your physical body, literally lifting and when you come back you will feel that it's returning, pay attention to that feeling because lucid dreaming doesn't have this...

I hope my answers will be somewhat helpful to you, thank you for posting your experience, God bless you, stay safe and positive.
Date: 2017-07-29
Yes, good luck for your journey, and be positive, feel free to share your future experiences on this website. God bless you.
Date: 2017-07-27
That was quite a good experience, as far as I know, it was not a dream, you did astral projection, sometimes it happens without you knowing it, just like you were describing that you were unable to move and felt weight, it sounds like you were in sleep paralysis and that time, astral projection took place, your soul came out of your body, and while you are out, your body is attached with a silver cord which cannot be broken while you are alive, and no one can jack our body no matter how long you stay outside, and there is nothing to worry about, you can again do it at your own will, there are a lot of techniques of astral projection and keep your vibrations high... There are some nasty entities in the astral world, but don't let them scare you they can't possibly harm you, you can simply ask them to leave or the best thing is that remember your God or guardian angel to ask for protection. You can freely explore anything and fly anywhere as you keep practicing it, you will be able to travel through times, dimensions and even planets, you can teleport and visit your friends too, and don't get scared, at first, it seems scary, I am also new in it, I did it 2 times I was scared both times as second time, I encountered an unknown entity I immediately came back to my body that time... But you don't have to be afraid, just remember your God for protection... Have a nice journey, good luck. Namaste.