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Energy Touching My Back (astral)


Tonight it is now 1:46AM. I've just astral projected twice but I need some anwsers. I was sleeping and dreaming about lighting incense with my boyfriend when all of a sudden my dream changed and I realize I've astraled again. My body froze and my third eye was opened. I looked around the room (in astral form) and the feeling was okay, then all of a sudden, I sensed a presence. Due to fear, I closed my astral eyes and open, yet closed them because I didn't want to see anything. I felt my body feel this strong energy. I opened my eyes, I think I saw someone above me but due to fear, I blurred it out. I closed my third eye and wiggle my toes. I mentally spoke, omg Alda? Hey how you been? Thinking if was my friend who passed away but I am sure she moved on, she wouldn't haunt me. I heard a faint "hello", female. But I don't think it's her. I kept wiggling toes and open my third eye or actual eye. Finally I got back, sometimes I can't tell if it's the real room. Astral world is the same as my apartment. I went back to sleep and this time, on my stomach facing down. My left hand up and my right laid next to me in my face. I astraled again, I can hear my boyfriend snores so I thought I was awake. I moved my right arm which I can see in front of me. I lifted it, shiat I said, I'm astraling again because it just laid there. All of a sudden the deep fear feeling came back. It was behind me and I felt energy touching my back trailing down on it. I closed my third eye and let it touch me. I wasn't scared and wiggle toes. I came back.

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Dane (guest)
6 months ago (2017-07-26)
Dear Realexperiencez,

The presence you fear and thus holding you in your room, are also projections, originating from the very same source as your projection.

Set intention and go out.
Confront it and accept it.
Generally it seeks reintergration with your being.
AnneV (31 posts) mod
12 months ago (2017-02-01)
At some point you're going to have to move past the fear or you'll get stuck just hanging around your room and body and that's very boring. If you can, read the articles on this website, especially the beginner's guide.
Thanks for sharing.

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