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The Sound When Astral Visits Complete


Last night I had a very vivid, multi-sensory lucid dream. After a few minutes the visitor left. They dematerialised or whooshed away off my right hand side. With it came a sound I've heard before. It was a very quick but drawn out note or chord that seemed to become louder before disappearing. Previously I have had experiences when meditating, of a person's light body entering through the crown of my head, with a similar but lower and uncomfortable noise until they are in/ around me. They then proceeded to communicate through hand signals and images and gestures they made with my body. When they left there was a similar sound but much louder and I felt the being pulling away. It is almost as if a whole person is sucked in a vortex like manner down a plug hole. Once the last of the form disappears the noise ceases.

Last night, when the visitor appeared I said yes to it, in that I had a conversation, with the person We were face to face. It was therefore unlike the full body 'takeover' described above. It was a two way conversation and I could feel their physical body too. Then they left with a whoosh. Was I receiving an astral visitation from someone projecting directly to me? Does this low, quick, pulling noise sound familiar to anyone? If so, is this typical when being visited by someone performing astral projection?

Thank you in advance for your input, advice and guidance. I see these visitations (they are not infrequent but this is the most recent) as benign. I have no fear associated with them. I would just like to know what type of experience this is and whether the sound is somehow characteristic.


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AnneV (14 posts) mod
2 months ago (2017-01-19)
I find there are a huge array of "frequencies" while either starting/stopping a projection, meditating, and while in the etheric. They can range from music, hearing radio waves, voices, gun shot sounds, ringing and so on. Being that everything we are has to do with vibrations, including sound, rather makes sense of this. When we shift away from the physical our bandwidth exponentially increases and we're able to hear a much broader range of what's going on all around us.

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