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Astral Projection Thought Experiments And Astrophysics


For as long as I can recall, music has been a big aspect in my life as far as my emotional state. It has this way of invoking emotion in a way quite like nothing else can compare to. One thing I always wanted to learn was the piano which up until recently, I haven't been able to play as well as I wanted to. I guess it was this aspect of how much you want something versus how much you imagine it that lead me to the current situation. I'd often imagine myself playing some musical instrument while listening to some song in my memory, that eventually and accidentally, starts to project itself to the point that I can hear it in the friggin sky.:S As much as I try to focus on somehow keeping it in my own mind, it just so happens to manifest outward into the real world.

I apologize if anyone has heard music in this sense as it may be my fault and I'm still working on containing said abilities. It's to the point now where anything I imagine sometimes projects outward which I'm not sure if it's normal or not.

One of my favorite things to imagine / project, are thought experiments involving my favorite topic, astrophysics. I can picture exactly how the universe works and have written a formula on how time itself theoretically works which solves Einstein's theory of relativity. It's an ongoing thing which I've developed over time with the first part of it as I recall happened in the 6th grade. I was explaining to my teacher that you could go from point A to point B, being any distance apart, and that the only thing that was a factor was velocity. He said that there was a problem, you'd break every bone in your body under acceleration and said he'd love to read a book about it someday.

Time Volume Theory - Basically time itself is a whole separate thing when spoken in relation to the universe. Time, from my perspective, is more of a volume than a numerical scale which moves one way. Einstein's theory needed space time to be infinite but due to the tools he had available, was unable to prove it definitively. Mine proposed that time is finite as it has to have a start and an end otherwise there's no way to tell how much time has elapsed.

"Time which is finite, over the universe which is infinite, by space which is just a container, equals Relativity of 3 parts, your observational time span, over time variables which are Mass Density, Mass Velocity, and Gravitational Field, over an observed object's time span."

A big aspect of today's current astrophysics view on the cosmos says that space is expanding which doesn't take a few things into account, primarily, distances measured using redshift techniques. It measures via a star's luminosity but in a way that proposes light travels in a straight line. When you factor in that light has to go through dark matter and the warping of space around mass, that it's trajectory path is curved, it would cancel out the aspect of space expanding and most likely would show that space is static with dynamic objects that move within it's environment.

A lot of what I've learned over the years as a result of my passion for astrophysics has come from Isaac Asimaav books, encyclopedias, and documentaries such as "The Universe" on History Channel. The rest has come from pure thought experiments in my head where I can imagine a set of conditions within a specific environment and simply imagine the outcome of the situation due to my scientific, electrical, and mechanical aptitudes.

A few years back when I first started to learn about my psychic ability, the first thing I did was explore deeper into this realm of my imagination which lead me to some amazing discoveries, in addition to many theories on how life and the universe worked, in theory of course. I definitely look forward to future experiences as I hone my abilities and push myself to explore new horizons with the only limitation being those I impose on myself.

"Some people look inward for inspiration, I prefer to look upward." - BD/SB

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Perfuro (guest)
12 months ago (2017-01-30)
I think you may be able to help deepen everything. I don't know what I've been experiencing lately, either manifestation or psychic manipulation but maybe you can help me. I made a post about an experience recently and id like you to take a look once it is reviewed and published. Unfortunately its on psychic experiences and not this one, I will post a link if allowed when it is available. My name profile name is the same I'm using now to message, have a good one.
ANSTrip7 (guest)
12 months ago (2017-01-29)
I do this too and am not in any way in control of it but, in my case, it's my voice which is projected. It's very bizarre. I will record something and catch my own voice on it saying something I had recently been thinking. My first experience with it was in 2011, when my television suddenly shut off on it's own. I said, outloud, to myself, "That's weird, the t.v. Turned itself off". Immediately afterward, my words were repeated in a similar voice but really cocky manner. This was captured on a recording (which had, believe it or not, started on it's own). Obviously, a demonic entity was responsible for this particular incident but, ever since, I will occasionally discover my own voice on recordings singing or talking when I had not actually sang or spoke those lyrics/words at the time they were captured. Sounds crazy, I know! It is the honest to God's truth though. I really don't understand it at all; how something like this can actually occur. It is said that energy can transform, imprint, and travel. I just am amazed I can do such things with mine without any conscious effort.

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