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Astral Projection Of My Ex Boyfriend


I was really raging for like months so I decided to mediate before bed somehow I ended up in his parents house undetected and I could see her the girl he's with and him but she couldn't see me but she did so I went to his back porch and he followed me I asked is she hurting you? And he said yes and that he's planning on breaking up with her because of it then tonight I saw him for a split second in the doorway area of my house and he called me by my nickname I told him to get out of my head and he just vanished I told his astral projection just because I'm an empath doesn't give you the right to haunt me go away and he vanished just like that then over the last weekend he told me he was dreaming about coming into a house that he couldn't recognize her described it, and it matched my house to a tee I don't know how to control this because I can't handle him being in my life in any form cuz he'll never break up with her I'm in sheer agony and I'm plagued with dreams of him I just want it to stop! Someone please comment I need help because its consuming my life, I know he doesn't want her it's just he doesn't know how to approach dumping her and getting back with me without her abuse as a consequence, I definitely don't want to see him get hurt so again I have no idea what to do at this point so I'd appreciate some advice on how to communicate with him via astral projection because, I've heard horror stories about people stuck in a coma when astral projecting so I'm scared I don't want that to happen to me

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