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Would Like Input On My Unintentional Obe


Not quite a week ago, my six-year-old son had just been released from the hospital with a large mass on his neck. I woke up early that morning and fed all my rescue animals and was sitting at my computer, sad and stressed because later that day we were going to see a specialist to determine if they thought the mass was malignant (it is not!). But that morning I sat there, staring at my computer, hardly able to keep my eyes open from exhaustion. The kids were still in bed asleep so I decided to go lie back down. I brought my favorite kitten with me who had been curled up on my lap (as always) while I was sitting at my computer. When I got to my bed, the sun was shining directly on it, and seeing as it was an uncharacteristically cold day in Southern California, the sun looked inviting and comfortable. So I laid down on my stomach, placing my fuzzy kitten close by my body, and immediately felt good - warm and peaceful from the morning sun bathing my legs and back. Almost immediately (or so it felt) I realized I was floating a good five feet above my bed. I never remember seeing my body in bed. In fact, in never occurred to me during this experience that my body was not part of me. When I realized what was going on, I remember feeling happy, and wondered to myself if I could go any further. I willed myself up and easily popped through the top of my ceiling, through my roof. It is very clear, the popping through, first my head, followed by the rest of me. I knew I wanted to go to the ocean. I have lived in my beach city my entire life (except for a year in Spain) and the beach has always been a therapeutic place for me. I willed myself to the ocean and flew there quickly. I flew over the sea just beyond my local beach, like a bird that skims close to the water and up a bit higher, and up and down continuously. The morning sun was sparkling on the water as it moved up and down (like in real life). It was pure bliss. I didn't think of my son, or even of my family at all. I was intensely present. I felt a very slight pull, and I knew I was being pulled back home. I considered resisting, but was in such a state of bliss I just let things flow. As I was being pulled back home through the air, over the few miles of city between the beach and my house, I was filled, pulsing, with an intense physical feeling of pleasure that electrified every cell of my body. I have never experienced any feeling like it before. I was distracted with that feeling when I distinctly knew I was laying back in my bed. My eyes were still closed, but I knew I was back. The sun was still shining on my body warming me like only the sun can do. My kitten still purred by my side. After that, I was no longer stressed. I was filled with bliss and didn't feel scared or the dread I had been experiencing earlier in the day. There was a peace in my stomach that was so elemental. I messaged a friend of mine about the ordeal and she told me I had an out of body experience. I hadn't even known what that was. I read a good amount about it, and was confused because it all talked about seeing your body and feeling out of it, and I never saw my body, and like I mentioned I felt that physical pleasure that I assume I would need my body for. I want to know exactly what it was that I experienced. I would like to know why it happened. And if I can recreate it. Thanks for any input! -Marcelina

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Anonymous (guest)
3 weeks ago (2017-12-29)
I have read your story with interest. It has similarities to my first out of body experience (OBE) at age 12 or 13. Here, at the outset, I will mention that I think this is a perfectly natural experience. I have taken the simplified view that we are not our bodies and our bodies are not us. We are, for a time, co-located. This has been helpful in grasping the how/why it is possible to leave your body.

My first OBE, and many others, happened right after going to bed. I simply found myself afloat in the air in wonderment. A bit of experimentation and I found how to control movement and direction. All of these early experiences were involuntary.

Later on, I found that relaxing after going to bed resulted in an OBE. Not to split hairs, I simply do not recall ever trying to have an OBE. I just discovered that deep relaxation resulted in an OBE.

OBEs were delightful fun, rich in a sense of exhilarating freedom. I also was drawn to the ocean but was very afraid to be over it at night. I finally crossed it after several attempts, drawn by some distant destination. Shore and ship's lights were visible but much of the ocean was completely black. I could also see other travelers in the OBE state.

I finally told my younger brother about my OBE experience. I was quite reluctant to do so, feeling the fool. He laughed at me in a stinging, rather condescending way, and I felt a confirmed fool. Then he told me OBE'd every night, and had been doing it for quite a while.

OBEs ended for me as abruptly as they began. For me they lasted no more than 3 or 4 months, then stopped. I have no idea why.

Later in life I had an OBE that I believe began while I was in a dream state during the night. This included remote viewing as I witnessed 2 men attacking and attempting to kill my brother. He was in Hawaii, I was in bed in Virginia. I met with local police in Hawaii who confirmed everything as I saw it.

Another OBE resulted in my leaving my body to enter the body of my girlfriend. You can find the details of that story published on this site.

A third event, a near death (like) experience, took me to an unknown destination to be confronted regarding my conduct.

I also have pre-birth memories that are quite clear.

OBE's are not my professional field, nor a subject of great personal interest. Once you experience one, however, an interest quickly develops.

As you have asked for input, I thought it would be appropriate to respond with the experiences I have had. I hope you find this helpful, and that you regard yourself as a normal young woman who has enjoyed a remarkable experience.
AnneV (31 posts) mod
3 weeks ago (2017-12-29)
I don't think it's a sign per se, more like opportune circumstances. You just happened to be in the right physical state. It then happened again because it is now on your mind. The significance will be what you make of it. Will you pursue this or leave it behind as an interesting but temporary experience? You can make this as life changing as you want it o be, or become frightened and shut it down completely.

There is always fear around astral projection because it is a total unknown and unusual things happen. Even if you watched the happiest movies and was of the most positive disposition, you'll still experience fear on occasion. I'll give you an example. You could be "dreaming" and then go fully conscious and start to spin your body in the dream (a technique I sometimes use). This can then trigger the separation vibrations which feels like a 8.0 earthquake. Trust me, you'll feel fear. Or you can hear loud noises that sound like gun shots, shouting, etc. This is all written about on this webpage which is why I encourage people to read it all. At least with knowledge you'll be in the 'know' as to what might happen. No one experiences the identical experience of another because we are all unique. However, similarities do exist which is helpful to know.

I spent years accumulating knowledge and writing this web page. Take advantage of that and read it as you have time. There is a lot of essential data here.

Good luck!
Marcelina (guest)
3 weeks ago (2017-12-28)
Hi Anne!

Thank you so much for your reply. I was a bit confused because of how I didn't see my body and never actually felt separated from it that I had an "out-of-body" experience.

I feel like a changed person. It's like being able to believe in Santa Claus again... Only better! Ha ha.

I had forgotten that as a young teenager I had been given a book on astral projection from a therapist I had been seeing and as soon as my mom (a devout Catholic) found the book it was taken from me and I never saw the therapist again... Your comment about people thinking it's a sin made me remember that.

But it's been a good 25 years... And I wonder why it would be considered a sin.

Two more questions... First: the other night I was in bed waiting for my husband to finish his shower so we could watch our TV show. I realized I was again floating but just around my bed. When he got out of the shower I woke up. After he fell asleep later that night, I wanted to try to get back, so I turned off the TV and started trying. I immediately felt scared. We had been watching a murder mystery (we are fans:) and I wanted to know does your state of mind matter as to what kind of an experience you have? I got scared that I would see scary things in the dark and I didn't want to.

Also, I understand your explanation of why it happened to me, as I am just a spirit within my body, but why now? What could the significance mean? Is it a sign? Have I reached some point psychologically or philosophically?

It just doesn't feel random to me.

Thank you again for your response, Anne. And thank you for moderating this venue. It's been wonderful to read others' experiences and mind blowing how different they all are.

Happy travels!:)
AnneV (31 posts) mod
3 weeks ago (2017-12-28)
The warm and relaxed state of being allowed a temporary separation (this is "how" it happened). I always say that you shouldn't even bother to try an OBE at night because you'll just fall deeply asleep, but sleeping in or a relaxing nap is great. As for "why" it happened, that's because you're a spirit inhabiting a physical shell and every so often when we set up the proper environment, the natural thing happened. It happened because it's normal. As a society, we are just closed down to that "normal" because of old dogmas.

Isn't it great to leave not only the body but the temporary dramas of our life? When I have gone to the higher astral planes and have come back, I feel that this physical plane is so dark and dense in comparison. You were given a wonderful glimpse into what is inherent to us all. We can all learn how to leave our bodies but most people either don't believe it, think it some sin or can't be bothered to put in the work.

If you want this to happen again, start doing your research. This webpage is full of free articles, including a Beginner's Guide. Start there.

Have a great day.

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