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Scared To Astral Project And Lower Astral Plane?


My name is Jaylan and I am 19 years old. I've recently discovered that Pineal Gland (third eye) and astral projection is a thing. I don't believe everything I see on the internet but people are experiencing things similar to me so I know this is true.

I started having a lot of sleep paralysis in 8 grade, around that time I used to have a lot of fear in me. Me and my friends in school would always talk about the illuminati and devil and all that stuff and even though it scared me it was still interesting to me. My grandpa ex girlfriend that died would come in the house and I would sense her presence (I live with my mom and grandpa). When she came around I felt her negativity and I would get the chills, I talk to my mom about it and my mom don't sense or feel anything. In the day when school was over, as I step through my front door I would sense her to the point that I was scared to even come home after school. I was scared to close my eyes even to wash my face in the morning, whenever I close my eyes it's like I feel her more. I used to be scared of sleep paralysis because when I am in it I always think it's ghost all around me that I can't see and they are holding me down for what ever reason and I would remember what me and my friends talked about at school about the devil and then my mind start playing tricks on me, and one time I was in it I tried my hardest to move and I heard a loud heavy thunder and I jumped up and the sound just cut off then asked my mom if she heard anything and she said no.

BUT this one particular night I was fighting the sleep as usual (because I didn't want to close my eyes and sleep) but I got trapped in the sleep paralysis, at this time sleep paralysis is like nothing to me so in my head I said "no not this again" and was cursing and trying to move like "get me out" (I don't always do this normally I would just pray and try to move my fingers and toes) But as I was like "get me out!" I remember something I read online, it told me to get up and wash my face so I'm like yes I will go do that so it can keep me up. So I started trying as hard as I can to move my right hand and move move my feet to get off the bed and all of a sudden I was up and I was in the bathroom, it was dark so I tried to turn the lights on and it was like my fingers went though the light switch and as I tried to turn the water on it wasn't working and I looked in the mirror and it was dark so I couldn't see myself and I don't remember what happen after that.

(Now that I am older and know more about it, I think I teleported to the bathroom because my mind was set to go there and wash my face and when my finger went through the light switch, at the time it was like nothing to me, my first thought was "maybe the lights went out" but I don't know why that thought came in my head because the lights never went out here and I've been living here for 8 years).

That was middle school. Now I'm in college and I've learn a lot, my grandpa stopped his ex that died from coming in our home (I don't know how and I don't care I'm just glad) now a days I still get sleep paralysis but not as much, and when I'm in it a feel heavy vibrations and from what I read I know I'm close to leaving my body, but I always resist it and wake up. I'm scared to astral project because I don't know what's next after leaving the body and I don't want to experience that darkness again.


- did I really astral project?

- did I experience the darkness and go to a lower astral plain because of the fear she gave me?

- now that I don't fear a lot, will I still go to lower astrals?

- if I astral project now what's next after leaving the body and would I be in this dimension or would I instantly travel somewhere else and see demons.

- why was my consciousness so low that I didn't know I wasn't awake?

- how do I raise my level of consciousness?

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Jaylan (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-08-27)
One question I forgot. How do you know if you're astral projecting instead of lucid dreaming? 🤔

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