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I have been consciously astral projecting since infancy. I studied at the Monroe Institute, and have taught classes and individual students to astral project through time and space.
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Astral Journey To The End Of The Earth on 2016-11-13

Astral Journey to the End of the Earth This experience was a very profound one for me psychologically for many reasons. Due to the extreme distance into the future of the journey, I was "marooned" for a long time on a dying and dead planet. Due to the extreme time dilation effect*, that I hadn't...

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Jessicaqqqq - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my far future astral journey to Earth's End.

Astral travel as you probably know is controlled by focus and will. To time travel you must first concentrate on your goal and avoid distracted thoughts. Next, when traveling into the past fly downhill while counting down the days, then months, years, etc. Use 100% of your will to push through to your destination. You'll see scenery whizzing by in short trips. Long trips, however, will often induce a period of blackness and loss of consciousness. My theory is that your astral mind can't deal with the billions of images that a far future trip entails.

For example: In a 10, 000 year future trip I "awoke" on the ground. When I traveled 80 million years into the past I "came to" floating above a delta of an inland sea with giant crocodilians sunning themselves far below.

I'll be sending more time travel stories to this site soon.

I hope this helps! Good travels!
During my trip into the distant future I witnessed the sun rising and setting 92 times - like I had lived 3 months while only 11 minutes had passed here in the present.

It took me a few days to completely recover from such a disorienting trip. I had to thoroughly review my calendar of activities to remind myself what I had planned to accomplish in the next few days upon my return to the present.