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You have to start educating yourself. I specifically say not to bother at night. To project, you have to develop the ability to put the body to sleep, yet keep the mind from drifting into a dream. Read the Beginner's Guide on this site. Everything you need to know is on this site but you have to be committed enough to read through it.

The warm and relaxed state of being allowed a temporary separation (this is "how" it happened). I always say that you shouldn't even bother to try an OBE at night because you'll just fall deeply asleep, but sleeping in or a relaxing nap is great. As for "why" it happened, that's because you're a spirit inhabiting a physical shell and every so often when we set up the proper environment, the natural thing happened. It happened because it's normal. As a society, we are just closed down to that "normal" because of old dogmas.

Isn't it great to leave not only the body but the temporary dramas of our life? When I have gone to the higher astral planes and have come back, I feel that this physical plane is so dark and dense in comparison. You were given a wonderful glimpse into what is inherent to us all. We can all learn how to leave our bodies but most people either don't believe it, think it some sin or can't be bothered to put in the work.

If you want this to happen again, start doing your research. This webpage is full of free articles, including a Beginner's Guide. Start there.

Have a great day.
I'm sure it was the intense bond between you that allowed that merger. We are more than our physical bodies. We are souls that inhabit a shell for a short duration while here in the physical. It is not common to temporarily inhabit another body (the world would be a mess otherwise!), but as you found out, it can happen. This was a positive merger between two lovers but many a movie has been made from the opposite-- possession. Though it's unlikely this will ever happen again to you, you were given a rare glimpse into the spiritual world. You now can't say with honesty that you don't know the spirit can detach from the body or that two souls may perceive the same physical shell at the same time. There is so much more to our plane of existence than what meets the eye. You just but scratched the surface, and leave it to love to be the bridge. Wonderful gift you've been given.
Thanks for sharing.
Anne, Thank you for the kind words. I am always grateful to be able to share this experience.
Best regards,
I'd say the closest thing to that would be a past life. We all have past lives somewhere as someone and may feel an affinity towards that person/place. It would be fun for you to visit there some time.

What a profound experience! And how fortunate you got to experience that.
Thanks so much for sharing.
It's hard to say who the woman is (a woman from past lives wanting to be near you, a guide, who knows for sure).

I rarely eat when I astral travel. Smell is low too.

What's next is to do more research. This web site is full of free info. Start with the Beginner's Guide. That should help.

I think you were entering the astral, but the lower one and you had no control. Before we learn how to control our thoughts and environments in the astral, the subconscious pretty much controls the show. The cocktail of drugs you took helped getting 'out' but again, all it got you was in the mish mash of lower astral where thoughts and things are swirling around like a bad soup. But at least it's eye opening!
Thanks for sharing.
livia (guest) in Help With Astral Travel
I have tried astral projection for about 4 months, I have experienced very strong vibrations but I still don't have an OBE mainly because I have trouble with breathing when the vibrations start. My body just starts breathing really fast and I feel like I'm not getting enough air even if I try to relax, I always end up waking myself up with a big sigh. If anyone has had this problem or knows how to stop it please tell me
Linkinparkakash in My Obe Experience
Oh, thank you very much for your comment, it made me happy, I will follow your advice, and do you really feel that I'll be a good astral traveler? Thank you very much for that I'm so glad to hear that.
I have a friend who has described a similar figure she's sees, she said he looks like the slenderman also, very tall, very slim, but she's told me that he is her spirit guide, says that he is very respectful of her; she even asks him to leave her bedroom while she's sleeping and he respects her wishes.

My friend has told me she's been able to see sprits around her all her life, and when she was young, it used to terrify her, but she's gotten used to it as she gets older. As far as I know, she hasn't experienced any Astral travel or had an OBE, but she still see's the "man in black" or the "slenderman" figure, but describes him as her spirit guide and not a person to be afraid of.
Ankitresearcher in My Obe Experience
Trust yourself, have some shielding and protection and if possible increase the frequency of your meditation!

I feel you will be a good astral Traveller!
Thanks for sharing the experience!
Ankitresearcher in My First Obe
It was a very beautful experience that you shared!
I feel you are learning the skill step by step!
Its naturally coming to you!
Best of luck!
Protection is important too please have it and enjoy!
I can help you. This "spirit" is either a demon or satan himself. I had about same thing happen to me. How to make him go away? Simple. Recite prayers to God and have a cross in your house, perhaps in your living room. This is what worked for me
Usually the label for leaving the body while awake is bi-location. This relates to remote viewing and when you get full target contact you can bi-locate to the destination (person, place or thing) and even interact with the environment. But I think at this point labels are just that. Whether it was bi-location or an OBE, you still separated your consciousness from the physical shell. It's very rare but it does happen. It was probably caused by the shock of seeing the boy. But a very cool experience and I think it's awesome how it opened up your paradigm about what "reality" is.
Rich S. (guest) in Cold Ceiling
I had the same experience as a child. I would take naps on the couch and gaze at the tiled ceiling above me. My eyes would cross, creating an optical illusion of the tiles doubling up. Soon I would be bumping against the ceiling.
These experiences stopped around age 12 and I thought nothing of them at the time. However in later years as I became interested in the OBE, I realized these experiences for what they actually were.
Linkinparkakash in My Obe Experience
Thank you very much for your comment it helped me, and I've researched about my experience and I found out it was astral projection, and I'll gladly take your advice for love and compassion to eliminate my fear. And thank you so much for help! Namaste!
Chaski (guest) in My Obe Experience
Trust yourself! It seems there is something to be learned from this. And your OBE seems like astral projecting to me! Read about other people's astral experiences and compare what you relate to. Meditation on the person you saw may help you. Even though it is scary, the you can overcome the fear if you approach the situation with love and compassion.
Dreams can mean any number of things but they are unique to all of us so you really can't interpret another person's dream because it could be affected by your (not mine or anyone else's) past life, karma, future, life history, subconscious, etc. I recommend you keep a dream journal because trends to develop that can help you figure out what this means. I can't count how many dreams I forget and how many come true and if I did not have years of journals to reflect on, I'd be missing out on huge chunks of data.
Thanks for sharing.
Mandy (guest) in Cold Ceiling
That sure sounds like astral projection. It's very similar to what others experience.
Ashley (guest) in A Parallel Universe
Very interested story, Scott! I had a dream about a year ago where I was in a huge soccer field in my hometown, so many people were there as well, almost the whole town it seemed. We were all looking at the helicopters and planes in the sky, then suddenly one of them dropped a bomb behind us, so the whole town was running away. That's when the dream become crazily vivid. I remember staring down at my feet watching them move, running, panicking, fearing for my life. Then SWOOSH! I started floating upwards. I could see the whole town running then I appeared in a dark void for God knows how long. Then a voice came to me. It wasn't exactly a voice but more like a telepathic feeling speaking to me, from another soul. It said "you have just passed. I'm sorry, it will all be okay now. You will go into another life." I panicked & cried for about 5 minutes only it seemed. I was only upset because I never got to tell anyone bye... But then I quickly (somehow) got over it. Right when I accepted the fact that I was dead, I woke up in bed. The dream was so lucid, I thought I was having a joke played on me when I woke up alive, in bed.
Hello. You just touched the surface of the astral. There are many levels to it, but that's no different than humanity in the physical. You have low vibrating humans, mid and high vibrating humans. None of that changes when you die (shed your physical shell). You migrate to the plane that corresponds with your frequencies. That's the whole point of most religions; be good so you go to a higher place, regardless of what you call that "higher place". If you hang out in lower levels, of course you'll attract what is there. You have to work on raising your own vibrations so that you can simply move beyond that to the miraculous higher levels that are mind boggling beautiful. Prayers of protection are great but your overall spiritual essence should be high. "As above, so below", "like attracts like" and all that.

We are here on this earth for but a blink. It behooves us to spend time doing what we can to be of the purest, good self. No money, career, political or religious affiliations necessarily takes us to the next level. But love, kindness, tolerance and forgiveness does. Nothing new here.

No matter the path you took in this life, it taught you something, if even where not to go. Your mind is open and I think if you endeavored, you'd find some very rewarding experiences await you.

Thanks for sharing.
Oh, that was good experience, Hi, I'm also 19, and I had astral projection several times.
Here are the answers of your questions.
1. Did I really astral project?
Ans: Yes, it was astral projection where your soul/spirit/astral body left your physical body entering into 4th dimension.

2. Did I experience the darkness and go to a lower astral plain because of the fear she gave me?
Ans: Umm, I'm not sure about the darkness part, but if you were afraid you are much likely to be encountered by lower dimensional beings.

3. Now that I don't fear a lot, will I still go to lower astrals?
Ans: No, if you don't fear, you will not go to lower planes, you just need to keep your vibrations high by positive and beautiful or happy thoughts and try to avoid fear, if you fear, you will likely to be encountered by lower dimensional beings, but you don't have to be afraid of anything because they can't harm you, your fear is the only thing they will use to harm.

4. If I astral project now what's next after leaving the body and would I be in this dimension or would I instantly travel somewhere else and see demons.
Ans: Teleportation is possible by astral body so you can go anywhere you want, and do not be afraid of encountering demons, you can ask your spirit guides or God to ask protection and simply ask demons to leave and don't be afraid.

5. Why was my consciousness so low that I didn't know I wasn't awake?
Ans: Umm, Maybe because you didn't have that much knowledge what's happening that time, but now you know, so you will be aware next time you project. do I raise my level of consciousness?
Ans: You can practice meditation to raise the level of consciousnesses, just be aware of your existence, feel your whole body, feel the environment, and say in your mind that "I'm aware" while meditating or attempting to astral project.

7. How do you know if you're astral projecting instead of lucid dreaming?
Ans: You will feel your spirit/astral body/soul leaving your physical body, literally lifting and when you come back you will feel that it's returning, pay attention to that feeling because lucid dreaming doesn't have this...

I hope my answers will be somewhat helpful to you, thank you for posting your experience, God bless you, stay safe and positive.
reabrah (guest) in Lower Vibrational Parasites
did that thing made any sort of physical contact with you, I mean just being practical cause I have heard these kind of things is it true?
Prateek (guest) in Lower Vibrational Parasites
Come to india Practise meditation on the very Beautiful Kasol Hill The Energy Here Is so Pure And Good That You Might Be able to Beat these Lower Vibrational Beings
You may have narcolepsy. Look into it. I still feel like it's a good thing spiritually but meds help me manage in the real world so I can get deep sleep
Giselle (guest) in Help With Astral Travel
I have been projecting for years now (20 +) first started unintentionally now I can do it whenever. It is different for everyone, but for me laying in a room that is not your bedroom (I am always able to in my living room) I lay flat on my back, arms on my chest with fingers locked, my legs crossed at the bottom and the TV on low. Low enough to hear the noise, but not high enough to hear what is being said. For me this creates white noise for my mind to concentrate on and nothing else. Then usually will go into AP.
MOZR505 in Receiving Voices
Thanks Anne for reading! I read the filter factor, but it seems to be about just radio frequency. I'm hearing other people as well. However this is a great starting point for me in my experience. You've been a big help...thanx!
One question I forgot. How do you know if you're astral projecting instead of lucid dreaming? 🤔
Read the Beginner's Guide. The first thing I tell people is to get as far away from their body as possible. Being anywhere near it will pull you back. You are also at your lowest vibrational frequency which is why you experience those low level beings. Again, get out of the house and let your natural vibrations ascend you to a higher plane. I'd forget about the boyfriend contact as that nearly always results in a non event. Have a plan! Floating around is no plan. Know exactly where you want to go in advance. This is all in the Beginner's Guide.
Have you read my article on radio waves?

I'd also read the Filter Factor one.
Thanks for sharing!
Apparently I forgot to sign in when I submitted this but I'm the author of this post.

Voyages - I've never heard of this Law of One but I plan to now look into it. I did a quick search after reading your comment, and I'm guessing it's the Ra series or something I'm seeing on my searches. And Yes, deep down I feel like it was either a parallel dimension or a separate timeline I happened to just appear in. The feeling was very alien to me, and I've yet to forget how it seemed. Never since have I experienced it again, and I've even tried though have made no progress. One day maybe I'll get to see that other world again.

Xariah- I'm glad you enjoyed it. As I said I've been trying to figure out a way to replicate what had happened but my wife recently had an odd one I might share some time soon
Voyager (guest) in A Parallel Universe
Thank you very much for sharing Scott. If you know much about the Law of One material, everything you experience is predetermined and does have a meaning to it. So I would start by looking for a deeper meaning to one of the stars saying "you should not be here" because you are permitted everywhere at all times. This could be something your Higher Self wanted to you to experience. If you deep down believe you were viewing another dimension that could be a possibility but it could also be a viewing of a past life (and some hints as to why you experience daily what you experience and how you can get over it) but I wouldn't cling too tightly onto any of your perceptions as much as I would suggest to keep an open mind. Last piece of advice I can share is the 9 stars seem very symbolic of the Council of Nine that is constantly referenced in the Law of One.
I know that a lot of people have seen a similar "man in a suit". But the mote common name for him is 'the man with the hat'. Did the man you saw while you were paralized had a hat by any chance? You can also read more information about him on the internet. Hope it helps!:D
Mary the astralnoob (guest) in Three Monks And A Man In The Black Suit
Today I tried to astral project for the first time, I didn't read much about it only the info about how to do it, but let me explain how it started, I woke up this morning and I realized that I had a lucid dream, actually few of them, I would dream then wake up then dream an etc. I tried to fall asleep so I could continue my lucid dream but I couldn't so somehow I remembered watching shane dawson's video about astral projection and sleep paralysis and I wanted to find out what it is and how to do it. I firat tried in my bedroom but my mom was on my computer so she made a lot of noise, I couldn't concetrate. I went to my parent's room and I laid on my back. I relaxed every muscle of my body and I started feeling my leg go numb, I also felt needles going into my skin, they were not painful and I wasn't scared even tho needles are my biggest fear. Next thing I see even though my eyes are closed I see a invisible ish blue ish figure coming out of me really fast but I could only see my head. I looked to my right and I saw a black figure like a slenderman but black standing near my bed. I "woke up" scared but then I saw my curtain where the man was standing so I was like oh its just my curtain even tho I remember a figure like I could see its headand everything but now I even remember something creepier, I'm shaking so sorry for my grammar. I saw a light where the man was, at first I thought it was from the window but just now I remember I had my eyes fully closed. And just now I realiz that I saw everything perfectly clear even though my eyes were closed, I'm kind of freaked out.
Xariah (guest) in A Parallel Universe
Amazing experience... Glad you remembered it
Thank you for sharing
Linkinparkakash in My First Obe
Yes, good luck for your journey, and be positive, feel free to share your future experiences on this website. God bless you.
Aalisha_02 in My First Obe
Maybe that's what really happened to me!
Thanks for your help... I would start practising in the future.
Linkinparkakash in My First Obe
That was quite a good experience, as far as I know, it was not a dream, you did astral projection, sometimes it happens without you knowing it, just like you were describing that you were unable to move and felt weight, it sounds like you were in sleep paralysis and that time, astral projection took place, your soul came out of your body, and while you are out, your body is attached with a silver cord which cannot be broken while you are alive, and no one can jack our body no matter how long you stay outside, and there is nothing to worry about, you can again do it at your own will, there are a lot of techniques of astral projection and keep your vibrations high... There are some nasty entities in the astral world, but don't let them scare you they can't possibly harm you, you can simply ask them to leave or the best thing is that remember your God or guardian angel to ask for protection. You can freely explore anything and fly anywhere as you keep practicing it, you will be able to travel through times, dimensions and even planets, you can teleport and visit your friends too, and don't get scared, at first, it seems scary, I am also new in it, I did it 2 times I was scared both times as second time, I encountered an unknown entity I immediately came back to my body that time... But you don't have to be afraid, just remember your God for protection... Have a nice journey, good luck. Namaste.
Dear Realexperiencez,

The presence you fear and thus holding you in your room, are also projections, originating from the very same source as your projection.

Set intention and go out.
Confront it and accept it.
Generally it seeks reintergration with your being.
I concur with Nein, the monks probably have been there to help you resist this suited man.

I also would like to point out that, a BLACK suit is ONLY properly worn at a funeral.
(atleast in western cultures, I don't know if it also goes for other cultures out there)
A business suit is often Grey or dark blue, or such hue's, but never black.

This could link to your NDE.
Do keep in mind its symbolism.
Created by your mind, intended for you:).
I have no idea what the monks and suit guy are about but I think it might have been that the monks were protecting u from the suit guy.
Well you were in church... Maybe the light orb was an angel protecting you from the devil trying to turn you into a falling angel. Maybe your spirit self has fallen from the glory of God and He was trying to show you that you need to change or else you'll go through unbearable pain that only He can deliver you from. Just a thought.
This sounds almost exactly like sleep paralysis to me.

herman taylor 808 (guest) in Help With Astral Travel
Hello, l just ask you, please what is the goal of doing astral projection?
I got a lots of documents and some videos, l will do it but l.m still learning deeply especially d rules to follow, so please sir answer me what is THE GOAL OR ADVANTAGES OF DOING IT. Can l heal myself through it? THANK Y.
Hi Shanti! You asked specific questions which would be speculative to answer... But... It seems as though you asked in order to make sense out of this in. Sme way. My ipad has a mind of its own forgive the typos... Annoying! Hehe ok, well... Having had my share of experiences in the astral, it is nothing to seek or encourage. I mean it. I have had many a seemingless innocent encounter be anything but. This is not to instill fear, but prudence. 1. Note that initially the contact was uncomfortable. See your para 1. This discomfort is year natural inherent awareness telling you something is not quite right. 2. The entity energies always are convincing us that they are harmless -- that is their specialty. 3. Never agree to anything... I have gotten a very in depth teaching about deception in agreement. The human being is under the impression that they have agreed to one thing, but in Reality, they will be manipulated through astral chords into believing that other agreements had been made or into making further agreements. This is legally speaking, Fraud in the Inducement. The spiritual laws are tough on this... I recommend you say no and see what happens next. Find out about what an energy's motivations are by denying it what it seeks. Do not assume it is innocuous even if it leaves -- if it shows up again after you said no, think about it: if someone came in plain clothes to your house and entered after you said no, you would be upset, right? It would be disrespectful... Even unlawful... If this person were not already known to you. Apply common sense rules to all matters astral! Also... Meditators are prime bait. Next, totally I recommend you disavow any promises or contracts and eject all energies. Humans are complete energetically... There is no need for any extra energy... And the rule generally is... Love energies only come in by solicitation. All others come in opportunistically-- they want to take. They dress up beautifully at first... Pay very close attention... Never assume anything positive... Be very circumspect. You have a right to unmolested existence. The siphoning vortex feeling is removal of your energy. Been there. Done it. More times than I can count. Sorry for this reply... But really hoping to save you a lot of work undoing these effects down the road.
Oh my gosh... I've been listening to Binuaral Beats and subliminals lately while sleeping. All of a sudden 30 minutes ago while lying on my stomach in my sleep, I feel this pulling sensation. It was like I was being lifted from a flat air mattress but I was stuck to it. That's the best way I could explain it. At first, it felt calming and inviting, and for a moment I urged myself to release and let go, but something in the back of my mind told me no. I called on God in a soft voice, but no one answered and I felt kind of relaxed. Being a girl, it was almost as if the spirit of a woman or motherly figure was attempting to pick me up. The aura and the overall feeling in this odd precedent of dreaming felt rosy and soft. Upon the third pull, the loving aura had faded and the pulling became rough and more forceful the higher I went. Flashes of what I knew about bad spirits and astral projection flashed through my mind, and upon hearing loud ringing, I woke up heaving a breath. For some reason I wasn't scared. It was as if someone had allowed me to see those things to provoke my waking. I'm just really curious about this happening. I'm 14 and I've never had an experience like that. My mom seemingly has had plenty out of body experiences, but I've never asked her about it. It's really weird because I woke up feeling... Relaxed? If it is OBE, I'm really not looking forward to it again. I want to know how I can prevent it. So here I am, waiting for answers... Since this has happened to you before, would you mind giving me insight on this... Experience?
When this happens call out 'JESUS'! Continuously, even if the words don't come out. This totally worked for me.
senitha (guest) in Children In Spiritual Places
This is a great evidence to prove birth after death.
I believe this story.
Ankitresearcher in My First Astral Travel
PB: you can see my email id in my profile now.
A muslim is coming: thank you sir!, I do it everyday actually I am skilled in it as for now!
First and foremost, know that your husband is perfectly well!:)

When you accept the offer to go, you cannot return to your existing physical life. I know because I was told as much when the offer was extended to me.

One of my experiences were very similar to what you described. A conscious alert state without the ability to move a muscle. And screaming loudly cannot be heard by anyone but yourself.

Nonetheless, in the future, relax! Just let things take its course and refrain from trying to physically interact! What you're seeing is not through your eyes so relax and pay attention!:)

Nothing is wrong:)
Ive never heard such total rubbish in all my life, meant to be TRUE experiences not mushy nonsense
I'd say first, stop paying attention to it. Second, practice things that make you feel happy and positive. Like attracts like so the higher your own frequencies, the less likely they can attach to you.
Thanks for sharing.
Start by reading the Beginner's Guide on this site. That will answer most of your questions.
Monique (guest) in Children In Spiritual Places
Honestly, this seems a bit fake and forced from an anti-abortionist. Fetuses don't develop a conciousness until after the allowed abortion time. Besides, they would be the size of a blueberry or smaller.
This account does not ring true AT ALL. I agree with Alex that there are countless opportunities to incarnate and it is my understanding that like every life, a pre birth plan is made INCLUDING terminations of pregnancy, which like all experience on earth, serves to teach us something. When a story feels wrong, that means it is.
I'm very sorry for your loss.

You can see your husband in your dreams. We are in the astral when we dream. The whole point of sites like this is for people to develop "conscious" astral projection but that's not necessary to see and talk to your husband. He already can see you and hear your thoughts but to see and hear his, just ask to see him (do this before going to bed) and it will happen.
As for your experience, it's all classic out of body symptoms. You can read about it under the Articles section (in the Beginner's Guide and other articles).
Thanks for sharing.
This is all astral projection related. The best thing you can do is educate yourself. I wrote a ton of articles under the Article section. Start with the Beginner's Guide. There are also a lot of good books you can pick up (free at any library). The way to skill and reducing fear is through knowledge. Thanks for sharing!
At some point you're going to have to move past the fear or you'll get stuck just hanging around your room and body and that's very boring. If you can, read the articles on this website, especially the beginner's guide.
Thanks for sharing.
I think you may be able to help deepen everything. I don't know what I've been experiencing lately, either manifestation or psychic manipulation but maybe you can help me. I made a post about an experience recently and id like you to take a look once it is reviewed and published. Unfortunately its on psychic experiences and not this one, I will post a link if allowed when it is available. My name profile name is the same I'm using now to message, have a good one.
I don't know if this is similar but this is the closest thread I found related to my situation. So, about a year ago I got involved with marijuana with my closest friends and every time we would be in a "session" (smoking) I guess I could say I feel different mentally. I'm going to skip around because I don't know how to word everything but I want everyone to know where I'm at mentally with this. Alright, so when I smoke I have this feeling I don't know how to explain so I always say "vibing". These moments where I vibe the most is what's giving me signs. People become affected by my presences and I would say that in my state I could control situations. I don't really go out much so I haven't been able to test much but when I am capable to do so I try a little experiments here and there but don't want to get too crazy. If none o f this is making sense I feel this part will. I "vibe" to the thought of Psychopaths and also the show Lucifer, I guess the charisma of both things attract me I'm not sure, I hope this helps tune into where I'm at and I would love to talk to someone about this. I actually had something happen this weekend that made me want to search into this, I want this to be real and I want to make it stronger and more controllable, thanks any comments are welcome.
I do this too and am not in any way in control of it but, in my case, it's my voice which is projected. It's very bizarre. I will record something and catch my own voice on it saying something I had recently been thinking. My first experience with it was in 2011, when my television suddenly shut off on it's own. I said, outloud, to myself, "That's weird, the t.v. Turned itself off". Immediately afterward, my words were repeated in a similar voice but really cocky manner. This was captured on a recording (which had, believe it or not, started on it's own). Obviously, a demonic entity was responsible for this particular incident but, ever since, I will occasionally discover my own voice on recordings singing or talking when I had not actually sang or spoke those lyrics/words at the time they were captured. Sounds crazy, I know! It is the honest to God's truth though. I really don't understand it at all; how something like this can actually occur. It is said that energy can transform, imprint, and travel. I just am amazed I can do such things with mine without any conscious effort.
Hi, what you said about relativity is right, is about perception of time, not about literally travelling in time, which is what you are saying when you said you went to earth 500 million of years in the future, besides you are indirectly saying that you came back to the past, to this period, another time travel. This is not how the relativity theory works. I don't think you have literally been on the earth, maybe you have sensed a possible future or who knows.
I find there are a huge array of "frequencies" while either starting/stopping a projection, meditating, and while in the etheric. They can range from music, hearing radio waves, voices, gun shot sounds, ringing and so on. Being that everything we are has to do with vibrations, including sound, rather makes sense of this. When we shift away from the physical our bandwidth exponentially increases and we're able to hear a much broader range of what's going on all around us.
It's interesting you'd have pain around the third eye. In all my projections I've not had any pain at all. Maybe you have a block that was being worked on by the liquid light?

I remember one time out on one of my astral journeys on a different planet, suddenly and to my surprise, I sprouted wings! I did not feel human at all. It was like a past live was forming. So who knows, you may have a recent past or parallel life where wings were or are part of your dimensional self.

Thanks for sharing.
Ankit: May I have your email please. I am a beginner and I have a few questions.
a muslim is coming (guest) in My First Astral Travel
i will give it a try right now. Using the hearing sound technic for 3min I read by ann
Your experience sound like a textbook succes. Try to go far tonight and please tell us here. I will be watching you. You give me hope.
Jessicaqqqq - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my far future astral journey to Earth's End.

Astral travel as you probably know is controlled by focus and will. To time travel you must first concentrate on your goal and avoid distracted thoughts. Next, when traveling into the past fly downhill while counting down the days, then months, years, etc. Use 100% of your will to push through to your destination. You'll see scenery whizzing by in short trips. Long trips, however, will often induce a period of blackness and loss of consciousness. My theory is that your astral mind can't deal with the billions of images that a far future trip entails.

For example: In a 10, 000 year future trip I "awoke" on the ground. When I traveled 80 million years into the past I "came to" floating above a delta of an inland sea with giant crocodilians sunning themselves far below.

I'll be sending more time travel stories to this site soon.

I hope this helps! Good travels!
unicron1000 (guest) in Children In Spiritual Places
Great story! I wish they had a chance at life, it's not fair that many do not get to live life.
What a sad story. I wish all of them would've made it. This country is disgusting.
My first favorite story on here! Very well written. I still don't know how to time travel. I've been astral projecting for two years now but I can't figure it out. Any tips would be appreciated!

[at] lucid220, I'll go for about 4 months and be gone an hour.
Never heard about that (glittery blue astral forms) but there are an endless array of things and beings to see so who knows.
Guest15511271 (guest) in Almost Astral Projected
Literally just about the same exact thing happened to me yesterday. Except, I forgot to apply the rope method because I was pretty excited and just tried to get out of my body forcefully. I was able to get my arm out, but that was about it. Hopefully when I get this rare chance I won't ruin it this time. I hear the same noises as well
i like to project at night before bed, I will lay down and try to conciously stay awake as much as I can by closing my eyes, and imagine a rope coming from the sky. The first time I projected, it happened almost instantly, as I was borderline conscious and I happened to think of the rope. The second I thought of the rope as I was in that state I felt pressure on my head. I opened my eyes and the whole room started vibrating up and down, and then I heard a pop. Then I was getting sucked up by some mystical force and the rope that I visualized was right in front of me. Fully conscious with what seemed like fireworks all around me. I looked down and seen the cord that attached me to my body. I got sppoked cause I wasn't ready so I thought about going back to my body. Instantly I seen the back of my head and then came back into my body. Everything vibrated again and I was back. What a trip
Hi! I've been reading about astral projecting and I've always wanted to try it, but I've heard that you should be 18 or older? Is this true? Can it be dangerous to astral project? Could you get stuck out of your body?
This is a great story! I enjoyed reading it.
That's was close. If want success in astral projection then you should stay calm because, In the beginning, some people's be become exited which results in the breaking of concentration.
You have made a good start, by all accounts. The rope method is well known and does work for some people, but it is one of many visualisations. When I started projecting a good few years ago, I just floated upwards out of my body, all at once, gently, towards the ceiling. You need to be very, very relaxed and the exit should be calm and gentle - no struggling! Trying to force yourself out just won't work.

Concerning your dog: my beloved dog helped me to project! Please do not worry about your dog being present when you project. Dogs and cats are excellent astral projectors, so they can even help you. But I do recommend that the dog is not touching your body, as movements or sounds might distract you. But it is fine if your dog is lying a little distance from you.

Regarding breathing, it is important that this is slow and regular: breathe in slowly for five seconds, hold for five seconds, five seconds breathe out slowly, hold for five seconds... Repeat cycle, etc.

I wish you good fortune in your desire to project!
Ankitresearcher in My First Astral Travel
there are many guides available on net you can use any guide, according to me all are very good and help in one way or the other, thank you! 😁
I've been astral projecting for two years. I'm only 21 so I still have so much more to learn but the rope thing never worked for me. I'd always do it the way you are, except I'd picture myself slowly sitting up from my body. It works every time. I always look back and see myself laying there so I know it worked! Now it's to where I accidentally astral project without meaning to.
During my trip into the distant future I witnessed the sun rising and setting 92 times - like I had lived 3 months while only 11 minutes had passed here in the present.

It took me a few days to completely recover from such a disorienting trip. I had to thoroughly review my calendar of activities to remind myself what I had planned to accomplish in the next few days upon my return to the present.
Wow! 😲 How long did it feel like you were gone? I'm curious because I've been trying to astral project and was wondering.
Check out the book 'journeys out of the body ' by Robert a Monroe. I've also just began my spiritual journey and growing interest in astral projection. I just finished the book today and it's very interesting and personal! Defenitly a good read
If you can, go read the articles under the articles section. You have to realize that you already project at night when you sleep. What you're trying to do here is achieve it while you're conscious. This is not easy! The body still has to be asleep. It takes years to learn this so be easy on yourself.

The rushing of the heart is the activation of your chakras. It's natural but yes, it throws you out of your concentrated state.

Ask to meey your guides which is more easily done in your sleep.

As for your parents, I think it premature to worry about that. You could well be grown and out of the house before you get to any kind of serious level on this.

All of this is covered under the articles section.

Best of luck in your endeavors and thanks for sharing.
Ray (guest) in My First Astral Travel
I am interested in learning about the astral plane and projecting. Where can I learn how to do this? How, where do I start?
Jessicqqqq (guest) in My First Astral Travel
Usually when you get pulled back in, it means that there was something bad close enough. My body usually rejects me leaving, pulls me back in, or I get extremely weak when there's something bad around.
with God everything is possible hope they find their way through God felling emotional may the Good Lord give you strength I also think that mother's should speak open with they daughters about the damage that termination can cause
Ankitresearcher in My First Astral Travel
Austin - Definitely sir, you can email me, I will help you in all ways as I can, thank you sir!
It sounds very much like a fake story from anti-abortionist
I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I have a real problem with astral projection in that my body involuntarily does it. I can go months without this happening and then it will be every day or every other day for a few weeks. It happens when I sleep and has been happening since I was a teenager (that I can recall). I usually encounter demons with no face -dark/black silhouettes and the world is dark. The lights do not work and shadows try to engulf you turning the room or place blacker and blacker. There is this immediate feeling of terror and I say the name Jesus and those demons leave me alone. These range from gigantic 9-10foot silhouettes and also these pale grey child size minnions whonare equally strong. At rare times I have also seen beautiful colours in the outside world. Giants with human features and strange beasts seemingly living in a plane invisible to us. I didn't feel afraid but was in awe at the amazing colours of the sky.
I don't know why this happens or what I am supposed do, but it's becoming a concern. I sometimes see people there but it's dark and I'm mostly afraid. And I stumbled upon this thread looking for answers as I've just had an encounter with a Hispanic doctor named Noel -even though we did not speak. The point is, it's not a nice place. I feel the demons or whatever pulling me in when I am trying to fight sleep and when I'm there I just want to get the hell out!
I have no Idea how you guys can get so Far. My Version of A.P. Doesn't seem like yours. I lie down, remove control of my limbs, and breath. I do this until I get Sleep Paralysis, or at least a weak form of it. Then I continue waiting until I feel like my body is close, I don't get any real Vibrations, my whole body will feel warm from Paralysis and maybe a little tingly but no Vibrations. I also never see Images or hear anything. After a while I'll start doing the Rope Method, usually nothing, sometimes I get what I think is close, where my vision starts getting brighter in some areas, but fades away. It usually ends with my eyes opening automatically, and ruining the experience. How you people can walk up and away from your bodies or see your room or feel your limbs lifting up, I have no Idea. I wish I could have something like yours or understand how you do it like that. (guest) in Planting Subliminal Thoughts/actions
Was the dark figure robed and did it walk but levitate with a light (as if a garage light from the side of the garage) like the figure I saw walking through a neighbors backyard?
Chimi, you can experiences similar feelings if your body reaches a very relaxed state with no thoughts flowing through your head otherwise if it wasn't astral projection it could have been a number of things possibly a Chakra opening maybe kundalini awakening there are many different plans you can reach through your primary Chakras consciously it all connects.
P.s. Joseph you're tripping you can be attacked but if you have intentions to win then you will and also you have a light shield you can produce with the energy body to scare entities off and another thing you can't be killed unless the silver cord is cut and that only gets "cut" when the physical body dies.
I try astral projecting every few nights, but I can't seem to relax my muscles to focus enough. Also when I try... "Down there" kind of distracts me
austin foster (guest) in My First Astral Travel
Please try to astrally contact me, I need a teacher so thar I can acheive the levels possible for me, but one with experience and that can help me with experience
[at] Stewart I had the same problem before. I'm not sure why, but it only happens sometimes and then it stops. When this happens to me I just keep my eyes closed and continue with the process. No matter how badly the spinning gets DO Not Open Your Eyes. You can get through that. I don't know how to reach the Vibrational stage. I get totally relaxed. I'll lay there completely still, ignoring all of my itching senses for an hour at least. I'll either fall asleep or get tired and lose focus-> then fall asleep. I feel tingly and heavy on my arms and mostly throughout my body, but I just can't seem to enter the vibrational stage. I really need advice. If you know anything please text me (810) 373-9820Thank you!
My question is why would anyone want to be born on Earth in a physical body subject to old age disease and death. They seemed to be much more powerful and in a better place.
Sparkster Hubs (guest) in White Specks
From personal experience, white specks seem to be a very beautiful and positive thing - perhaps unconditional love. I've had them around me when I'm feeling in a positive, peaceful and pleasant mood and state of mind and when entering higher states of consciousness. I see and feel them sparkling on my skin, like tiny little white dots dancing around. I don't know if that's the same thing you're experiencing but if so, I would embrace it. It was a great experience which was followed by some of my desires manifesting. White light is usually divine.
Sparkster Hubs (guest) in Planting Subliminal Thoughts/actions
You are projecting biophotons/consciousness. Get on Youtube, watch The Source Field Investigations.
Every time I try to astral project, my head starts spinning while my eyes are still closed and it forces me to open my eyes because the spins turn really violent... Please help. Could this mean I'm not ready to astral project yet or...? I don't have any fear carrying me either and I do make it to the vibration state but the head spinning interrupts and I don't see any videos on head spinning's is a sign of entering the astral realm. Has anyone else experienced this? Another problem as well is having the need to swallow because my mouth gets dry from breathing in and out.
does the feeling of astral projection keep coming even when you are not lying down (totally awake)

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