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Hi, what you said about relativity is right, is about perception of time, not about literally travelling in time, which is what you are saying when you said you went to earth 500 million of years in the future, besides you are indirectly saying that you came back to the past, to this period, another time travel. This is not how the relativity theory works. I don't think you have literally been on the earth, maybe you have sensed a possible future or who knows.
I find there are a huge array of "frequencies" while either starting/stopping a projection, meditating, and while in the etheric. They can range from music, hearing radio waves, voices, gun shot sounds, ringing and so on. Being that everything we are has to do with vibrations, including sound, rather makes sense of this. When we shift away from the physical our bandwidth exponentially increases and we're able to hear a much broader range of what's going on all around us.
It's interesting you'd have pain around the third eye. In all my projections I've not had any pain at all. Maybe you have a block that was being worked on by the liquid light?

I remember one time out on one of my astral journeys on a different planet, suddenly and to my surprise, I sprouted wings! I did not feel human at all. It was like a past live was forming. So who knows, you may have a recent past or parallel life where wings were or are part of your dimensional self.

Thanks for sharing.
Ankit: May I have your email please. I am a beginner and I have a few questions.
a muslim is coming (guest) in My First Astral Travel
i will give it a try right now. Using the hearing sound technic for 3min I read by ann
Your experience sound like a textbook succes. Try to go far tonight and please tell us here. I will be watching you. You give me hope.
Jessicaqqqq - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my far future astral journey to Earth's End.

Astral travel as you probably know is controlled by focus and will. To time travel you must first concentrate on your goal and avoid distracted thoughts. Next, when traveling into the past fly downhill while counting down the days, then months, years, etc. Use 100% of your will to push through to your destination. You'll see scenery whizzing by in short trips. Long trips, however, will often induce a period of blackness and loss of consciousness. My theory is that your astral mind can't deal with the billions of images that a far future trip entails.

For example: In a 10, 000 year future trip I "awoke" on the ground. When I traveled 80 million years into the past I "came to" floating above a delta of an inland sea with giant crocodilians sunning themselves far below.

I'll be sending more time travel stories to this site soon.

I hope this helps! Good travels!
unicron1000 (guest) in Children In Spiritual Places
Great story! I wish they had a chance at life, it's not fair that many do not get to live life.
What a sad story. I wish all of them would've made it. This country is disgusting.
My first favorite story on here! Very well written. I still don't know how to time travel. I've been astral projecting for two years now but I can't figure it out. Any tips would be appreciated!

[at] lucid220, I'll go for about 4 months and be gone an hour.
Never heard about that (glittery blue astral forms) but there are an endless array of things and beings to see so who knows.
Guest15511271 (guest) in Almost Astral Projected
Literally just about the same exact thing happened to me yesterday. Except, I forgot to apply the rope method because I was pretty excited and just tried to get out of my body forcefully. I was able to get my arm out, but that was about it. Hopefully when I get this rare chance I won't ruin it this time. I hear the same noises as well
i like to project at night before bed, I will lay down and try to conciously stay awake as much as I can by closing my eyes, and imagine a rope coming from the sky. The first time I projected, it happened almost instantly, as I was borderline conscious and I happened to think of the rope. The second I thought of the rope as I was in that state I felt pressure on my head. I opened my eyes and the whole room started vibrating up and down, and then I heard a pop. Then I was getting sucked up by some mystical force and the rope that I visualized was right in front of me. Fully conscious with what seemed like fireworks all around me. I looked down and seen the cord that attached me to my body. I got sppoked cause I wasn't ready so I thought about going back to my body. Instantly I seen the back of my head and then came back into my body. Everything vibrated again and I was back. What a trip
Hi! I've been reading about astral projecting and I've always wanted to try it, but I've heard that you should be 18 or older? Is this true? Can it be dangerous to astral project? Could you get stuck out of your body?
This is a great story! I enjoyed reading it.
That's was close. If want success in astral projection then you should stay calm because, In the beginning, some people's be become exited which results in the breaking of concentration.
You have made a good start, by all accounts. The rope method is well known and does work for some people, but it is one of many visualisations. When I started projecting a good few years ago, I just floated upwards out of my body, all at once, gently, towards the ceiling. You need to be very, very relaxed and the exit should be calm and gentle - no struggling! Trying to force yourself out just won't work.

Concerning your dog: my beloved dog helped me to project! Please do not worry about your dog being present when you project. Dogs and cats are excellent astral projectors, so they can even help you. But I do recommend that the dog is not touching your body, as movements or sounds might distract you. But it is fine if your dog is lying a little distance from you.

Regarding breathing, it is important that this is slow and regular: breathe in slowly for five seconds, hold for five seconds, five seconds breathe out slowly, hold for five seconds... Repeat cycle, etc.

I wish you good fortune in your desire to project!
Ankitresearcher in My First Astral Travel
there are many guides available on net you can use any guide, according to me all are very good and help in one way or the other, thank you! Happy
I've been astral projecting for two years. I'm only 21 so I still have so much more to learn but the rope thing never worked for me. I'd always do it the way you are, except I'd picture myself slowly sitting up from my body. It works every time. I always look back and see myself laying there so I know it worked! Now it's to where I accidentally astral project without meaning to.
During my trip into the distant future I witnessed the sun rising and setting 92 times - like I had lived 3 months while only 11 minutes had passed here in the present.

It took me a few days to completely recover from such a disorienting trip. I had to thoroughly review my calendar of activities to remind myself what I had planned to accomplish in the next few days upon my return to the present.
Wow! Surprised How long did it feel like you were gone? I'm curious because I've been trying to astral project and was wondering.
Check out the book 'journeys out of the body ' by Robert a Monroe. I've also just began my spiritual journey and growing interest in astral projection. I just finished the book today and it's very interesting and personal! Defenitly a good read
If you can, go read the articles under the articles section. You have to realize that you already project at night when you sleep. What you're trying to do here is achieve it while you're conscious. This is not easy! The body still has to be asleep. It takes years to learn this so be easy on yourself.

The rushing of the heart is the activation of your chakras. It's natural but yes, it throws you out of your concentrated state.

Ask to meey your guides which is more easily done in your sleep.

As for your parents, I think it premature to worry about that. You could well be grown and out of the house before you get to any kind of serious level on this.

All of this is covered under the articles section.

Best of luck in your endeavors and thanks for sharing.
Ray (guest) in My First Astral Travel
I am interested in learning about the astral plane and projecting. Where can I learn how to do this? How, where do I start?
Jessicqqqq (guest) in My First Astral Travel
Usually when you get pulled back in, it means that there was something bad close enough. My body usually rejects me leaving, pulls me back in, or I get extremely weak when there's something bad around.
with God everything is possible hope they find their way through God felling emotional may the Good Lord give you strength I also think that mother's should speak open with they daughters about the damage that termination can cause
Ankitresearcher in My First Astral Travel
Austin - Definitely sir, you can email me, I will help you in all ways as I can, thank you sir!
It sounds very much like a fake story from anti-abortionist
I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I have a real problem with astral projection in that my body involuntarily does it. I can go months without this happening and then it will be every day or every other day for a few weeks. It happens when I sleep and has been happening since I was a teenager (that I can recall). I usually encounter demons with no face -dark/black silhouettes and the world is dark. The lights do not work and shadows try to engulf you turning the room or place blacker and blacker. There is this immediate feeling of terror and I say the name Jesus and those demons leave me alone. These range from gigantic 9-10foot silhouettes and also these pale grey child size minnions whonare equally strong. At rare times I have also seen beautiful colours in the outside world. Giants with human features and strange beasts seemingly living in a plane invisible to us. I didn't feel afraid but was in awe at the amazing colours of the sky.
I don't know why this happens or what I am supposed do, but it's becoming a concern. I sometimes see people there but it's dark and I'm mostly afraid. And I stumbled upon this thread looking for answers as I've just had an encounter with a Hispanic doctor named Noel -even though we did not speak. The point is, it's not a nice place. I feel the demons or whatever pulling me in when I am trying to fight sleep and when I'm there I just want to get the hell out!
I have no Idea how you guys can get so Far. My Version of A.P. Doesn't seem like yours. I lie down, remove control of my limbs, and breath. I do this until I get Sleep Paralysis, or at least a weak form of it. Then I continue waiting until I feel like my body is close, I don't get any real Vibrations, my whole body will feel warm from Paralysis and maybe a little tingly but no Vibrations. I also never see Images or hear anything. After a while I'll start doing the Rope Method, usually nothing, sometimes I get what I think is close, where my vision starts getting brighter in some areas, but fades away. It usually ends with my eyes opening automatically, and ruining the experience. How you people can walk up and away from your bodies or see your room or feel your limbs lifting up, I have no Idea. I wish I could have something like yours or understand how you do it like that. (guest) in Planting Subliminal Thoughts/actions
Was the dark figure robed and did it walk but levitate with a light (as if a garage light from the side of the garage) like the figure I saw walking through a neighbors backyard?
Chimi, you can experiences similar feelings if your body reaches a very relaxed state with no thoughts flowing through your head otherwise if it wasn't astral projection it could have been a number of things possibly a Chakra opening maybe kundalini awakening there are many different plans you can reach through your primary Chakras consciously it all connects.
P.s. Joseph you're tripping you can be attacked but if you have intentions to win then you will and also you have a light shield you can produce with the energy body to scare entities off and another thing you can't be killed unless the silver cord is cut and that only gets "cut" when the physical body dies.
I try astral projecting every few nights, but I can't seem to relax my muscles to focus enough. Also when I try... "Down there" kind of distracts me
austin foster (guest) in My First Astral Travel
Please try to astrally contact me, I need a teacher so thar I can acheive the levels possible for me, but one with experience and that can help me with experience
[at] Stewart I had the same problem before. I'm not sure why, but it only happens sometimes and then it stops. When this happens to me I just keep my eyes closed and continue with the process. No matter how badly the spinning gets DO Not Open Your Eyes. You can get through that. I don't know how to reach the Vibrational stage. I get totally relaxed. I'll lay there completely still, ignoring all of my itching senses for an hour at least. I'll either fall asleep or get tired and lose focus-> then fall asleep. I feel tingly and heavy on my arms and mostly throughout my body, but I just can't seem to enter the vibrational stage. I really need advice. If you know anything please text me (810) 373-9820Thank you!
My question is why would anyone want to be born on Earth in a physical body subject to old age disease and death. They seemed to be much more powerful and in a better place.
Sparkster Hubs (guest) in White Specks
From personal experience, white specks seem to be a very beautiful and positive thing - perhaps unconditional love. I've had them around me when I'm feeling in a positive, peaceful and pleasant mood and state of mind and when entering higher states of consciousness. I see and feel them sparkling on my skin, like tiny little white dots dancing around. I don't know if that's the same thing you're experiencing but if so, I would embrace it. It was a great experience which was followed by some of my desires manifesting. White light is usually divine.
Sparkster Hubs (guest) in Planting Subliminal Thoughts/actions
You are projecting biophotons/consciousness. Get on Youtube, watch The Source Field Investigations.
Every time I try to astral project, my head starts spinning while my eyes are still closed and it forces me to open my eyes because the spins turn really violent... Please help. Could this mean I'm not ready to astral project yet or...? I don't have any fear carrying me either and I do make it to the vibration state but the head spinning interrupts and I don't see any videos on head spinning's is a sign of entering the astral realm. Has anyone else experienced this? Another problem as well is having the need to swallow because my mouth gets dry from breathing in and out.
does the feeling of astral projection keep coming even when you are not lying down (totally awake)
Is the lower vibration level scary?
Even I am scared. Will someone in the astral world attack me to acquire my body.
world.citizen (guest) in Children In Spiritual Places
The vision of the singing angels I had also in a dream that I had two days before my father died. The dream occurred at 6:30 am, at 9:00 am he fell and broke his hip. Two days later he died on the operating table while they attempted to repair his hip.

The vision of the angels occurred like yours where the sky parted and the rank upon rank of singing angels appeared in the sky, more numerous than the stalks of wheat in a large field of grain. And the music was so very very beautiful, with its incredible harmonies, just like you describe, transporting me completely out of the human earthly experience. After seeing the vision in the dream I did not want to live, until my father came again in another dream about 6 weeks later.

Thank you so much for confirming my experience.

Heavenly Father! May the Blessed Beauty protect you and keep you close always, may the potential that these unborn souls see in you be fully realized. May the unwanted children find cherishing parents for ever and ever on this planet. Allah'u'Abha!
Ankitresearcher in My First Astral Travel
Thank you very much Sir MJ,
Probably I did very much of research (almost a month) on the topic and took all protections, so I had no fear at all that anything bad can happen.
This might me the reason I guess,
Well I had 100+ experiences now, I just love it!
Thank you very much sir!
Thanks for your post. It seems you're able to move past your fear and make some solid progress. Keep reading and educating yourself, which will help with this.

Best of luck!
I, too weep because there are so many of unborn children terminated like you said. I do hope they will find life on Earth, they sound really pure hearted and full of love.

Best wishes to you all.
poetryinmotion (guest) in Planting Subliminal Thoughts/actions
I like those categories, Indigo Wanderer. I've had experiences with a lot of them, and it's hard to really keep track of which goes where, you know? =) I just started coming back to the energy I guess I'd have to put it... Been very depressed for a long time. Agreed Anne, One spirit, many bodies...
Ugh, you mean that negative beings actually provoke negativity sometimes? That's a horrible thought.

Nice story, but a few things I picked up on. The kids who had their pregnancy terminated, they would have known that their lives would be cut short, and would not be complaining about this. And the bit about waiting for another chance of life is not right. There is such a huge demand for souls to enter the new born, they are even resorting to fitting souls of dead pets, such as dogs and cats, and even horses into new born humans.

Just to let you know.
Wow, you did better than I did on my first successful attempt. 20+ experiences later exploring the astral world and I still get jolted back into my body whenever I see it lying on bed, the shock pulls me right back in. On your part it shows low sense of fear which will benefit you greatly for future experiences.
AnneV in White Specks
It's very difficult to determine what the white specks are. They could be at number of things (dust, the light, reflection, etc). If you and your husband are close to God, feel spiritual, are connected, then it doesn't really matter what the white specks are. You two are together for a reason. Your destiny was to meet and play out life events. Sometimes we get hooked on looking for signs when the big sign is already there --you two are together.
Thanks so much for your post.
Neohrlox (guest) in Children In Spiritual Places
What a beautiful story, kchristopher. Very sad, tragic, and full of loss but also one of beauty. Who knows how many countless souls dwell in hidden places that were robbed of the opportunity to incarnate here on earth. I won't forget your beautiful story of the unborn souls. Thank you for taking the time to share this story with us.
paisleyparrot (guest) in Planting Subliminal Thoughts/actions
First off I would leave the relationship. Troubles at four months will probly get worse not better, sorry to say. All we can do is work on our health and who we bring to the relationship... We change no one really and when we care for ourselves and help ourselves that's the best way to help in a relationship - esp with troubles.

Second off I would certainly hone your skills. Like above, you seem to have abilities that will be wonderful to use in positive ways. Spiritual and emotional growth working with your natural abilities can bring much joy. The first basic one is listening to your gut - intuition. I am sorry you have sleepless nights, and hard times. Hopefully You find Joyous relationships of mutual giving and receiving.

I have telepathy with my sweetie pie as well. It's pretty awesome. We've also had to learn to communicate verbally well, because we feel the small details. Communication with telepathy is wonderous, yet sometimes hard to put into words... Time and practice.

I hope you work on positive relationships and leaving the drags. I spent too much time trying to fix what won't work, and if you learn some lessons, that's the only good thing from it. Relationships can be full of bliss... Especially the first few months and the first year. Then gotta work on keeping them full of excitement!

Best wishes.
Indigo Wanderer (guest) in Planting Subliminal Thoughts/actions
I've had experiences similar to these from both points of veiw and heard of experiences from some friends.
I've also done a few hallucinations for the experiences. (Which can resemble lucid dreamic and astral projection at the same time when you have an out of body experience [OBE]).
I also have done remote veiwing and practiced lucid dreaming.

Meditation can heighten your senses and you acctully have at least 7 sences we can control; not just a sixth which is extracensory perception (ESP) as it is to broad.

They are two differnt sences within one that are covered by claircentiance which are;

Telepathy and
Paranmal cognition (pre and retro cognitions)
(I personally sub catogorize into

Intuitive cognition and
Telepathic intuitive cognition [involving empathic abilities]);

And Empathetic abilities
(I personally sub categorize into

Physical telepathic empathy, Emotional telepathic empathy and Cognitive telepathic empathy).

Any of which anyone can train.

It would be cool if you wanted to talk about your experiences; I believe there is the potential to expand or master our current and/or hypothetically undiscovered perceptions...
well, of course, how silly of me! What a great suggestion, just started a dream/astral travel journal, as well. Thanks again and have a happy april first
The-Astral-Peace-Soldier in My First Astral Travel
Many people put together journals to revisit their past experiences. Some explorers I know of, such as Robert Monroe and Jurgen Ziewe, document all their experiences and over about 40 years+, they put together a picture showing the meaning of life, the meaning of their own life and the dynamics of multidimensional realities.

Authors like those mentioned above are an excellent source of information to dip into the fathoms of consciousness exploration.
I am a spiritual individual whom as always believed in higher plans, other levels of conciseness. I label myself as an intermediate in the practice of meditation and aware of all the positive and negative aspects of exploring Astral Projection. Through Meditation, I have learned to control my interaction within my dreams. This takes practice and conditioning of the mind to manipulate the experiences within the dream state or R.E.M.
Often, At times when I experience flying (Astral Projection) I have full control of my dream environment and other times I let the dream unfold as it happens.
The story I want to share was an amazing experience of Astral Projection I had few months ago.
I was flying around an unknown tropical beach when I suddenly saw my sister standing on that beach. I flew down and met her. I told her to grab an arm and hang on. She held on to my right arm and then I said "here we go, don't worry you'll be safe", and off we went. Skimming above the waves actually feeling the water spray of the waves on our face. I flew around a small Island once and gently touching down on the beach from where we started. She said,"That was awesome"! I said your welcome and flew off again leaving her on the beach.
I was excited to tell my story and posted what I had experienced on Facebook Timeline. Within a few hours my sister called me and was freaked out about my post. Her co-worker had read the post almost immediately that morning and couldn't wait to tell my sister when she arrived at work. When my sister arrived, the co-worker explained what she had seen in the post. Before reading the post (with all the details) my sister told her co-worker that she did have a dream that night and her brother flew her around an Island feeling the water spray in her face and touching a wave or two with her hand as we flew over them. After we went around an Island we gently and gracefully touched down on the beach feeling the sand between our toes. She called me from work immediately with details I had left out of the story which I didn't think was significant at the time, but was essential to validate her experience with me. We had a dream link! This was awesome to share with my sister and wonder if we all just open our minds to the possibility that we link more often then we know. If we share our dream experience with people we have in our dreams I wonder how many people will actually experience the same dream at the exact same time, to be in synch.
Ankitresearcher in My First Astral Travel
Also Anne ma'am what actually a journal is?
I mean what do we write in there?

Our experiences?
As I want to start
I like writing and compiling!
Bit first need to understand properly!
So can you please suggest?
Thank you!
I think any of the books listed under the books link would be good. I personally started my journey by reading Robert Monroe (still a favorite of mine). If this is a path you wish to pursue, I also recommend starting a journal. I have kept a journal for many years and am so amazed when I read back through them.

Ankitresearcher in My First Astral Travel
Welcome Anne
I hav read many astral guides
Surely will look up to yours
I hav downloaded your guide!
I hav tried astral travell many times and had been hardworking for it
So this time I succeed!
I was very happy after my first astral travel!
Anne, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! What a relief to hear you say that energies and spirits are all that there is to what's going on. I would love to know a bit more about this all, my knowledge and vocabulary about the relatively unseen aspect of the human experience (spirits, energy, etc.) is very limited, could you suggest any readings that would enlighten me and anyone else struggling through a similar experience? Do you know of any books that help with our understanding how our spirits are connected through energy, and how it's hard to choose who or what can tune into the frequency we give out, and, what to do if you attract negativity. Thanks again!
All thoughts from all humans are sent out in energy waves. We mostly tune them out (imagine the mental clutter if we didn't) but when two people have a connection and the energies are intense, they can break through to the consciousness of another. Be careful though with highly negative energy because it's not just your boyfriend who can pick them up. Any other negative being not only can pick up the frequency but can actually thrive off of them and become attached to you, which can open you up to other unpleasant experiences and even a deepening of your own negativity.

We are all spirit living out a physical life. We all can do these things if we open ourselves up to it and practice.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your relationship.
This is phenomenal good success for a first attempt. Most people chatter their thoughts away or just fall asleep. I wrote a beginner's guide which you may want to read, which will give you tips like getting away from the physical shell, having a goal, etc. You may also want to start a journal.

This was really terrific work!
Thanks for sharing.

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